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Sbi notification be out within few months

the speed of boat A is2 km/h less than the speed ofthe boat B. the time taken by boat A to travel a distance of 20 km downstream is 30 min more than time taken by B to travel the same distance downstream. If the speed of the current is 1/3rd of the speed ofthe boat A, what is the speed ofboat B?

A person sold a Tubelight at Rs.85.25 in such a way that his percentage profit is the same as the cost price of the Tubelight. If he sells it at twice the percentage profit of his previous percentage of the profit then the new selling price willbe

An amount of RS. 9800 is lent at a certain rate of interest. After 66 months, an additional amount of RS. 5700 is lent at a rate 3.5 times higher than the former. At the end of nine years RS. 11061.75 is earned as interest on both the loans. What was the original rate of interest?

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Banking Awareness-current ● Who is the governor of the Reserve Bank of India?  →  Raghuram Rajan ● Where is the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund  →  Washington ● Who controls on foreign exchange in India  → RBI ● The World Bank's headquarters is located  →  Washington D. C. ● Which was absolutely the first Indian bank? →  Punjab National Bank, the Asian Development Bank's headquarters is based ●  →  Manila ● signed currency notes of Rs 50 in India  are  →  Governor, RBI ● primarily housing loans that the bank is concerned  →  HDFC ● Lala Lajpat Rai initiatives launched by the bank  → PNB ● 'Pygmy deposit scheme' which bank  is the prevailing plan?  →  Syndicate Bank ● India's largest bank branches  →  SBI ● working in India's largest private sector bank  →  ICICI the bank is the old name of SBI ●  →  Imperial Bank of India received a new identity to Indian rupees ●  → 15 in July 2010. in terms of investment ● a, AA and AAA means  →  credit rating ● the banking sector belongs, he  →  Services ● India's first ISO The bank's certificate  →  Canara Bank , State Bank of India at the current time ●  president  →  Arundhati Bhattacharya ● banks is used to process checks  →  MICR of the World Bank's headquarters are located ●  →  Washington ● short-term government Pratibhuti- the letter called on  the  →  Treasury bills ● which bank in China, its first  branch opened?  →  SBI

 The product of ages of Sonali and Sonam is 500 years and the ratio of their present ages is 4:5. Find their present ages.

Mains scorecard for SBI PO

Prelims rough scorecard

ASIDE - assistance to state for infrastructure development of exports


Notification is out for clerk.. But what hack by customer support and sales ??

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It is Target based job or normal govt job

Is the time  limited for each section in mains? they allocated time mentioned in notification....they mentioning small sentence Each Test having separate timing as mentioned in the above

I think that.....Sbi is not going to release po vacancy. This time sbi JA replace the recruitment of sbi po..And sbi clerk notification will come in April or may...that's why sbi is conducting exam of junior Associate so quickly (in may nd june) to recruit the clerk in july nd aug....