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Hi, I am the students coordinator of Phoenix Intl. Business School.This institute resides in the city of lakes and palaces, Udaipur.The most important thing i like about this college is its focus on realism and individual personality development…

I am the students coordinator of Phoenix Intl. Business School.This institute resides in the city of lakes and palaces, Udaipur.The most important thing i like about this college is its focus on realism and individual personality development which helps students to get industry ready.In this thread i would be sharing my experiences of PIBS. If you want any information or have any queries,ask me
Palak Baxi

Hello Friends,
My first experience with Phoenix was, on one hand knowledgeable and on the other, very exciting and awesome. During our first month of joining we were given a project to design and sell customized T-shirt to institutes and individuals. We were divided in teams and had to design T-shirts with minimum expenditure. The first problem my team faced was to find a vendor who would provide us the material. Having constrained resources we decided to go to Surat to get good quality material at low price. After designing we started to market them. We also took our whole catalogue of codes, visiting cards, letter heads.This whole new exciting project went on for one month. In the end we reached the break even point as well as earned profit.

Hi Everybody,
My experience with a project at Phoenix was , we did a consulting project for development of eco -tourism at Sajjangarh sanctuary. We started our work with market research and customer survey. After analyzing data we found tremendous opportunity of eco - tourism there. Our first task was to ensure some guide there. For that we started a guide training program there. After that we started marketing of our product (eco - tourism). First we went to near by schools and gave presentation to the management of schools. they appreciated the new concept of learning environment through eco - tourism. These initial costumers helped our guide to improve his confidence. We also approached to schools out side of our city and state. Few school groups came from U.P. state. We completed this consulting project in 6 - 8 months and provided a sustainable venture to Department of Forest. Through this project i learned lot of things and management functions such as market research, survey, training, costumer handling, marketing, promotion, cost management, pricing, team work, leadership, etc. I also did a job of Guide during the project to get a new experience.
This was all about my experience with a single project... we have done many other projects also, will keep posting you.......

Competition is not a good word anymore.

Thanks to the dogfight that most business canines keep displaying, and thanks to all the predatory tactics that they keep stooping to, this word has taken quite a bad reputation nowadays. Why can't people fight gracefully anymore? What happened to the word dignity?

There used to be something called appreciating sportsmanship.
It feels 'Yikes' sometimes to remind myself that this is the bad-bad cut-throat game world that I have to eventually dive into.

Why do we have to fight for slices when we can do better- make the pizza better, tastier, bigger.
But everyone just wants to grab, snatch, or rip a slice just for the sake of it.
And that's why it was a surprise to see some aspiring to-be corpocrats doing just the opposite.

There was this sight I saw yesterday at some contests during our 3 day annual event SwissKnife. Debates, business papers or road theatre shows, one common pleasant thread which I just loved was that no matter which college one came from, students gave more weightage to the real stuff than petty one-upmanship.
The argument, the idea and the knowledge issues mattered more than who was putting it forth.

People were still fighting, heated sparring was still going on but not for who takes the trophy. It was all about who stretches oneself intellectually, objectively and honestly.

It was not a fight of B-Schools but a fight among business minds, real students.
Am happy that the same rare spirit was visible across teams from Noida, Trichy, Mumbai, Jaipur, Bhopal or Gandhinagar.

Hope the real world does not adulterate this honest appetite for substance.
I already love SwissKnife's sharp cuts into the stale world around. Can't wait for more.
Will keep bringing more action as it happens here.


MBA kids open companies before finishing college
We have been hearing nonstop about the apparent disconnect between education and corporate life. Well, not anymore because finally some of the young turks, pursuing MBA from Phoenix International Business School(PIBS) decided to take initiative and have started their own companies. These students are in their final year and they started the company as a part of their curriculum at PIBS, which says every student needs to run a company from 2nd Semester. Then they are free to take the company forward or move on with the placements.
These students have opened their own firm by the name of Green Dharaa. Their mission is to promote organic farming and greenery. They started their firm with a sum of Rs Ten Thousand and now they have a turnover of Rs Five Lakhs in just a matter of ten months.
The students Anjali Kathuria, Charchil Jain, Gopal Singh, Prity Soni and Suresh Suthar, have a single minded determination to decrease the pollution and to control the use of chemical fertilizers which are depleting the soil. The company encourages the farmers to use vermicompost fertilizers which is a multi step closely monitored process. The kids are all for promoting their business for home gardens as well.
Raising The Funds: Initially funds were a problem but then under the mentorship of Mr. Shabbir Husain, Director, Phoenix International business School and Mr Manish Jain of Shikshanter, an NGO, things became achievable. When faced with financial doldrums the company had the astuteness and willingness to launch an IPO, the shares were bought instantly by the supporting faculty and students.
The First Assignment: The first tender they received is from municipality of Deogarh. The task is to develop their garden. The contract is of Rs five lakhs. Suresh and Gopal handle Deogarh and Charchil, Anjali and Prity handle Udaipur district. They have developed quiet a number of roof top gardens, orchards etc. now that the company has found its place the contracts are easier to come.
One thing is clear from their exercises that they are not looking for jobs anymore because they have employed themselves and are earning a good living as well as experience from it. It is heartening to see colleges aligning real world with academic world and bridging the long existing gap. The projects of the students dont just end when they complete MBA, there are periodical presentations and analysis of the work done. Guidance is given form all the faculty members and mentors. The presentation is always followed by the theories of management that have been applied in the companies so the learning is not just in textbooks but out there from the world and that exactly is the purpose of education.