Let us do our bit for Trichy !!

Hi Friends or Puys … It has been close to two years since I started my career in Trichy and I have realised one thing which lacks in Trichy - a strong Network . Trichy is a contemporary city - it retains the classical 90s way of living …

Hi Friends or Puys ....

It has been close to two years since I started my career in Trichy and I have realised one thing which lacks in Trichy - a strong Network . Trichy is a contemporary city - it retains the classical 90s way of living ... In my two years here ,I wanted to find avenues in which I can spend my time outside my job in a meaningful way...I have found quite a few of them -thanks to the power of Google !!
Some of them are the International Animal Rescue in Trichy , the Trichy Trekkers club , The Village School Initiative of the Trekkers club ,the gramalaya .I have been doing my bit for the first three ,like for eg., whenever I find a stray pup ,i take to the IAR for them to take care.,I have recently been trying to make the Village school Initiative of the Trekkers club more meaningful..
I have been doing these with the help of a few of my close friends...But i realise that , Trichy ,which is slowly transforming itself into a hub ,should be having more souls interested in giving back to the society...

I have started this thread to form a network among the interested minds ...This thread is for all the puys based in and around Trichy ...We shall post and share related issues , activities going on ...We can plan and meet ,form a group and help the needy in every possible way ...many of us might already be doing related activites ...But by sharing knowledge about them ,would gather a wider audience which should transform to a handful of participants..:)

Also Puys ,who have initiated various activities in their own localities/who have meaningful events ,can chip in and share their ideas / experiences !!!

Just as i expected , the following for this thread is meager .Will be great if i get at least two or three interested souls in here .

BTW , myself and a few of my friends have planned to visit the village school to assess possible ways in which we could help .

Date :July 02,2012 Monday
Location of school from Trichy central busstand : approx 8-10 kms...
We will be starting by evening 5:30 pm and we plan to reach there by 06:15 PM

We welcome interested Puys to chip in....The ride would be through narrow village roads ,which will make the evening drive enjoyable

Hey.. I am also from trichy.. Born and brought up here.. But did not find any avenues to spend useful times.

Kudos to you..

Will try to join you and confirm through PM. Can you PM your mobile no.

Hello Buddy

Great to see a soul here ...Have PMed you ....
Get in Touch ...........
You are always welcome to join us :

Happened to visit the Village school initiative of the trekkers club . It happened to be a evening education facility for students who go to govt school sin the morning . It was akin to tuition center , except that it was free and four teachers got paid monthly .

Personally , am a bit confused - but still a nice initiative on the part of the trekkers club.Will post more follow ups on this .

@[288583:viswes] get back on your views regarding this .

Went to the Village school last week !! Happened to visit the students and it was great !! It was essentially an evening education center (tuition) for the govt school students except that it was done for free .

A nice initiative on the part of Trichy Trekkers !! Will post more about the experience soon !!

@[288583:viswes] Hi bro !! Ur views ,if any ?

Hey man... its great that trichy trekkers is doing such great thing..

What I personally feel is let those who do the tution thing can do the same.. what we, the new joinees can do is do some career counselling kinda stuff and help them prepare for entrance exams... atleast we can let them know what are all the opportunities avaiable.

I think they surely will be deprived of this.. Wat say?

Hi I am from Trichy, doing engg, aspiring for mba @ iim .
Lets form a network fot 3chy puys. because we lack exposure.

Good initiatives from the rockfortians....!!

m not from trichy but still wen i found this thread cudnt prevent myself from writing...

@shriraaam nice thread starting just to bring changes out to a city....but what i mean is why do you search for avenues where you can get life....instead people can always hang around together,bring out the humour and get the life.....might b since m not from trichy i cant understand ur situtation...

Posting after a long time here !! Was in pursuit of something mg

Ok Here is the deal !! Trichy Puys !!

Have got a small test project to be floated and am looking for people who can join with me !!
All that you can take back is some worthy experience and nice memories 🍻

I need you to be located in Trichy 😃
PM me if anybody is interested .
Well ,I am working on Warmode mg since I have only a few more weeks left before which I shift base to Mumbai , I would love to find people who can work along with my partner in crime ( one guy mg ) !!

Is this group still active?

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