Let the heart speak - Unleash yourself to this jiva

Words flow straight from your heart…whatever you feel , let your soul free… Yes, it’s you who can drive it, it’s me who can feel it…it’s you who can change it, it’s me who can connect it… Hope this forum brings the soul into picture …beca…

Words flow straight from your heart..whatever you feel , let your soul free.. Yes, it's you who can drive it, it's me who can feel it..it's you who can change it, it's me who can connect it..... Hope this forum brings the soul into picture ...because when you put your thoughts into words, it gives immense relief from stress..... Just write what ever you feel....

I am lost, lost i am.... clock is ticking, i am tweaking...I am here..you are there..I see the dream, i feel the cream, should i scream ? Is that you ? I am new..😃

I see the moon smiling and the stars twinkling when the clouds are encapsulating . The silence of the night and calmness of aura so tempting...With this i am muting...:)

I see the trees murmuring, i see the birds clamouring. I see my dreams scattering. The spectrum has lost the glamour, the compass has lost the warrior. Hoping a come back, someone puts his words on the jack..The dream so vibrant, so colourful..yet gullible

The melancholy has struck again, the chords sounds deafening. The nature seems to thrive for the answer.I am one of them who is searching for the rhetorical questions which the nature asks again and again. Join me in the quest for the lost oasis.

The enigma of divine lies in each one's soul. You need to discover the encapsulated altruism within you. The holy spirit bestows you with power to change the world. The creator is asking you not to do it for others, but to do it for yourself. When you are happy, the world around you will be happy. A utilitarianism approach towards the contours of life brings joy and happiness.

Harmony is what we strive for, the cacophony is what we bribe for... The alchemy is way too far..I see it in a blurred vision...i see it in each one's eye...Can we change the world..Lets not spectate but inculcate the virtue which lies inside each other...:)

As intoxication with the music of Kishore Da, Lata Ji, Rafi Da and AR Rahman Sir..A bliss to the musical fraternity....A salute to all the legends... 😃

The darkness engulfed the smoke within it. .The diaspora struck the meloncholy so unfair. Bewildered i move here and there. Let the soul lay in peace and meet the giss.

When life gives you no option, you must give life some options. It's not about taking it, but it's about giving it. At times you may find yourself isolated, but the soul is just seeking peace under the cover of the grim picture which overshadows your life. Hatred is never an option but a hallucination. .. ..

With rupee in a bungee jumping mood, we can just hope for the best. Requesting everyone to discourage buying the evergreen lurking Gold metal . Diligent use of Oil and environment is now an imperative task for each one of us. Let's hope for the inflows to improvise and leave rest to the monsoons - A cause worth living upto.I am neither challenging nor preaching the conscience but just appealing on behalf of all the people who are feeling the heat. Let's keep our future safe ...