LBSIM .... Who are my batch mates?

Frnds… lets know each other b4 we meet next month at LBSIM ::

Frnds... lets know each other b4 we meet next month at LBSIM

hi saurabh
its seems that its just we both who r gonna join LBSIM from PG . I also have few other final conversions the latest being the NIT Trichy one but I am not opting for it in a hope that being in delhi is actually going to benefit more during a MBA or should I call it PGDBM course . r u aware of this years placement details of LBSIM .
bye for now

Hi... aspirant...(dont know ur name )
Ya... i went to LBSIM and met a few passing out students.. most of them got placement and according to them there's 100% placement...I met a guy who was joining on 3rd june with a package of 3.57.... saw his job letter too...
hope this will help...and yes perhaps we r the only 2 for LBSIM... hey hold on... two of mine frnds have also joined LBSIM after multiple selections...

thats great news for all of us . we all must strive to take lbsim to greater heights . so what r u doing nowadays . we haven't got any joining instructions as such . one of the seniors to whom i spoke to told me that we have classes from 9 to 5 . do u know whether we will have classes 5 or 6 days a week . i also know few super seniors of lbsim working in GECIS in Gurgaon as AM's .


hi... Now a days... am just doing time pass... going to some hill station next week...
classes most probably will start from 2nd july...hey ..U r from which place? so wt's up these dayz...??

Folks! U r certainly not the only 2 from PG at LBSIM for U have got me too. Well, I M gopal iyer from bhopal and am opting the hostel. Pls Be in touch

Hi gopal...
so u have also joined LBS... Ya that takes the figure to three
See ya next month at LBS... any idea .. when the classes gonna start...

hi ppl
have u guys received the letter from LBSIM as yet . i haven't got it . but one of our ' would be' classmate has and he says that we have to report at 9.30 on 2nd july and bring along medical certifcate of some sort .
if u ppl have also got ur letters( still trying to figure out why the hell mine is missing ) then plz throw some light on the joining instructions ... if any
keep in touch .


didnt get mine... No letter of any sort... they have forgot

hi saurabh
i called them up and they told that they have posted ( no courier .......) the joining letters last friday ie 4th of june
god knows wats taking it so long to reach us . lets hope that it reaches us at the end . r u studying anything these days . do u know whether our classes will be of 5 or 6days / week . and the daily schedule ????
do lemme know any other details about lbsim if any?

bye for now

: posted the letters???? am just 3 KM away from LBS...(But seldom go there )... in that case i should have received the letter, the very next day...ok... i think i should go there... off within 5 minutes to LBS.. will get A to Z all details then.. Nahi to unke letters tab milenge jab hamaari classes shuru ho chuke mahina ho jaayega.. .. will get all deatils like 5-6 days week.. class timings.. any sections etc etc..
OK me going now.. not studying's party time... agle 2 saal tak sirf study hi study hai.... me going to Chamba , Dalhousie tonight for a week... 😁

hey saurabh
since u r going to chamba do designate someone in ur house to recieve the letter on ur behalf .... but if they have sent it thru ordinary post then no probs .......
u said u left ubs for lbsim . is lbsim that good . i am just curious .

me forgot... it's sunday today...dint go therefore..
Hey it seems you are really worried about your decision of joining LBS... The biggest plus for LBS is that it's located in Delhi.. And delhi education is something..
also placements are very good at LBS... dont get confused if LBS is good or not.. Ya infrastructure is not that good.. but still it's one of the very reputed instt's of delhi..faculty is also very good here. Fee structure sabse acchha
See .. Rating is Considered like this in delhi
1. FMS
3. IMI>=LBS>FORE> all others( around 15-20 instts)..( CAT,ATMA,MAT instts etc)
So not bad at all.. and in most of the ratings (though mostly they are biased when it goes beyond 10) it's rated amongst Top 20 indian b-schools...
Ultimately it's the placement that matters the most.. it's possible that LBS student might get better placement than an IIFT or FMS student with his/her hard work.. So nothing to be worry about.. Cheers.. 😁

hi there
well i will be lying if i deny that i don't ponder over my decision of joining lbsim . it just so happened that i deposited the fees on 22nd april and its been 1.5 months and no activity and initiation at the past of lbsim . yes u r right that buildings don't make or break a place its the people ( students and teachers ) who do it .
i also got thru couple of other places but i somehow convinced my folks that lbsim scores over the rest due to better placements ... i mean if we look in any magazine or any placement figures we surely find lbsim performing well . lets hope that the trends carries on . i still have not tackled the staying portion and will have to opt for hostel it seems as i don't really know any other outstation ppl.would u be knowing which bank is it better to open a bank account which will be in the close vicinity of the college . and plz do inquire whats the schdule like . still waiting for more people from lbsim to join PG but as the days passes by it seems like a remote possibility .
i am getting bored these days ( which u probably would have guessed by the length of this msg )


hi there
i called up the institute and a totally uncooperative lady picked up the phone . i asked for the admissions coordinator , she said that he is not 'available'. i told her that i have not got the letter and she said its ok u come on 2nd july . do lemme know guys when u get ur letters .

hi there
it seems like u have gone to ur visit to the hill station . i have still not received my joining letter from lbsim . what about u ?

hi there
well still no letters from LBSIM . has anybody got one . but the orientation is on 2nd july at 9:30 . rest ok . bye

Hi there....
Thanx for the info regarding 2nd july.. me dint get any letter as well... anyway now i'll come directly dalhousie now... will be there in delhi in a week or so.. I'll visit LBS once before joining... i'll pu the details then..
ok ... see ya ... take care..