LBSIM 2011-2013 Notification out

i would like to know....the final admission process in how much does it take the cat scoe in consideration..the work ex..academic qualification n so on......

my acads:
10th :89.6

n i am in current year.....
soany chance of making into this colll.....with such an academic

wt is the total fees?

is the program residential?


We are currently going through our first trimester exams. While I'd still try logging on on a regular basis, if there's a delay in a reply please bear with us patiently. Exams get over on 23rd and from then I can assure you speedy replies from our side.

Thank you.

Great going seniors............Appreciate your hard work.............
Will look forward to your help in the coming days..............

what are my chances of getting into LBSIM, as i am getting my percentile between 75-90 in my mock CATs

nd do LBSIM consider sectional cutoffs as well???

Whats the Seats:Calls ratio ???

hi seniors
please tell me if at LBSIM they make profile based called calls or its purely on cat score??
and what is the placement scenario??

hi seniors
please tell me if at LBSIM they make profile based called calls or its purely on cat score??
and what is the placement scenario??

I have heard very good things about lbsim..:)one of you have mentioned in the thread that cut offs were 89.xx it? I mean some IIMs asks for 90%ile at the time of filling their forms but at the time of preparing the list cut offs are seen as 98 or 99%ile...

@ LBSIM seniors....----Do LBSIM give weightage to past academics during GD/PI round?

@Ladybird: The cut offs of our institute was 89.73 last year. That's confirmed. Btw, you said it yourself, some IIMs ask for applications at 90%ile but give calls at around 99.
Ok...:)but I didnt get your point clearly...does lbsim also declared its cut offs at 89.73 but gave calls at some higher percentile like IIMs..?
See, the cut off for any institute depends upon the number of applications they receive and the number of seats they can allot. The new IIM's did not declare a cut off of 90 and then revise it to 99+. They simply invited applications from people who scored above 90 and depending upon the seats and number of applicants, they reached at a cut off.

Similarly, LBSIM invites applications from everyone. If they decide that that they would call 900 students for 180 seats (1:5 call ratio), the percentile of the 900th student would become the cut off. (i.e, the lowest percentile amongst the call gettters). So the question of scoring above the cut off and not getting a call does not arise at all... unless you have not filled up the form of course!

Ok...:), Finally my doubt is clear...thanks seniors for having patience & time to explain the whole thing to me...:)

@Alex and Bhaskar--- Great Going

All The Best !!


Alex and Bhaskarya , great going guys.

And aspirants show some enthusiasm. I am also on for clarifying yours doubts and queries.

keep this thread happening puys!!

best of luck everyone.

Cheers to all.:cheers:

Dr. Sunil K. Maurya
PGDM 2010-2012

hi puys
while filling the application form, it asks to tick mark the course that i am applying to... can i opt for both pgdm & pgdm-finance or will i have to apply separately to both the courses...

hello every1

i have downloaded the application form from the website,i have attached it here also for reference

im not clear about a few points
Instructions for filling the Application Form:

iv Last date for receipt of completed application form is ________________.
wat do i fill in this blank?

v Mail the completed application form in the envelope provided.
which envelope?

hi i'm pranav from indore. i have 64 in my graduation in b.m.s
as far as cat is concerned, i would definitely give it my best shot. at what minimum percentile should i expect a call & how many calls are given away every year?

hi seniors,
I am a fresher with aversge acads

I'll b giving my best shot for cat dis year..but wid my acads and freshers tag wat about the chances in further selection process.
How much weighatage lbsi gives to work-ex??

Well thanks 4 dis information...

Err.. Is the 1600 Rs. application fee for one program or both the programs?? I mean do we have to apply separately for the Finance / General program? Its not very clear from the website.

is there any SC/ST reservation.....??? PLS RPLY