LBS MiM or HEC Grande Ecole MSc??

Hello all, I trust you are all doing well. I applied to some business schools in Europe and it turns out that I have been admitted to both London Business School and HEC Paris for their respective Masters in Management (MiM) programs. So this isn’…

Hello all, I trust you are all doing well. I applied to some business schools in Europe and it turns out that I have been admitted to both London Business School and HEC Paris for their respective Masters in Management (MiM) programs. So this isn't exactly an MBA question, but it's more to do with Masters in Management and how doable it is for an Indian to work and thrive in France (aspirations of senior management).

I'm in quite a fix now though (a good kind, I know, but still a fix!) because I can't quite decide between the two - I was hoping you all might have some insight to share to help bring a little more clarity to the matter for me.

Just for some context, my objectives for doing an MiM are (in order) 1) to gain practiced business skills and knowledge, 2) to leverage the brand and personal development programs of the school to get a good start in the job market, 3) to identify possible future specializations and industries and 4) to learn a second language (I have intermediate fluency in both french and spanish). I am open to working in the US, Europe and Asia (where I hail from) after I finish my postgraduate studies. One main weakness to my resume is that I have only done one summer corporate internship (unpaid, first-year summer) so I lack the soft-skills and experience of working. My interests career-wise are management consulting, branding/marketing and social enterprise, and industries like telecoms, energy, new media and internet technologies all interest me.

What makes the decision so difficult is that I feel like there are different sets of pros and cons associated with each choice, that are hard to compare. LBS is a brand new one-year intensive program. It's new so I expect teething problems, but it's one-year and intensive which is cheaper and more 'efficient', it's LBS which is a top-name school, it's in the heart of London so lots of big businesses and opportunities there. No chance to do an internship to bring back to class though. Also, English - so no language and major cultural learning curve.

HEC is the top MiM program globally for many years now so it will be a great learning experience, but I'm worried that it's reach is only European, or worse, within France. It's two-years, so more costly, but I plan to take a gap year in between my first and second years to do one or two long internships in Europe, and gain fluency in french. I don't mind limiting my first job search to Europe but I would not be fully ok with just France. And like I mentioned earlier, if I were to work in a French company (I'm sure MNCs in France are fine), how limited would my ability to get into senior management or high level positions be being indian and an 'outsider' regardless of how fluent I become in the language?

I apologize for the lengthiness of this, but I figured some context and my initial thoughts would help you all get a better idea of my dilemma. Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated regarding what you think is the true value of each degree. Am I just paying for the name of LBS on my resume? Is getting work experience much more important for me at this point than finishing my MiM in a year? These are just some of the questions I've been thinking over.

Thanks for reading, and for being willing to hear me out.

thanks nothing1954 for your advice and thoughts. i think you've hit a lot of nails on the head, and i don't think france (at least french companies) are my destination. i would want an international career but it seems like lbs would be a better launching pad no? i'm already close to 25 so if i went to hec i'd be 28 when i graduate, making an mba further down the road more of a commitment (even if it's just one-year). who knows, and maybe i shouldn't think that far ahead (let the chips fall as they may).

costs are a factor, but my savings and loans should be enough to see me through either way. if i go to lbs, it's only one year even with high cost of living and in france it's two years with moderate cost of living (compared to london) but i'll have a year of work and saving along with it to help. also france is more helpful with grants and scholarships than london is.

the thing with lbs is, even though i know that the masters in management (MiM - that's where it's from) is just a moneyspinner for them, it's still london business school. very well known in europe and asia from the people i've talked to. not so well known in america, but the same applies to hec, really. i'm starting to think that maybe i should try to defer for a year or two and try the job market again.

that was fantastic, securing admission to some top quality schools there.... My question is irrelevant to this thread, but may i ask you, raykee, as to what are the requirements to secure admission to these courses??? like what was your academic record, GMAT score etc.? how did your interviews go? what are the steps necessary.... i would be much obliged if you could answer my question.... and i have to agree with nothing1954, in that HEC Paris might be a better destination, beacause it's rated the best in europe, that too for 3 years now..... better go for the time-tested one, where money is concerned!!!!

This is slightly off-topic, but I wanted to know if there's a particular application round in which to apply, for the LBS MiM programme. Do Indians (and other people who require a UK visa, basically) have to apply within the first 2 rounds? When did you apply?

Even I am considering applying to the pre experience masters in europe and was looking at the top schools as rated by FT.
however, some people are saying that europe is in a bad condition after recession, in fact in a worse condition compared to the US. However, by going through the forums here, I feel I should give it a shot atleast.
Could you tell me about the your admissions experience. it would be vey helpful as I have no clue about it.

I am from India, currently in 2nd year of BSc, (3 years program) and although I have never given GMAT as such yet, I am keen on getting to Grande Ecole program of HEC Paris.
I have good academic record, the only grey spot being my somewhat lesser marks in High School leaving exam.
I have very good ECs, done few internships, represented India in an international competition and can speak Hindi, English, Urdu and have intermediate proficiency in French, Russian and German.
Can you suggest me some good ways to increase my profile, as I am very keen on HEC Paris Grande Ecole program.

If one can sell himself/herself in the so called competitive London job market, nothing better than LBS.( considering you have only 1 intership, it will be even more difficult for you to find job in London )
But as the same time i agree with NOTHING1954 on future prospects after HEC.

And don't assume your transition from European job market to American or any other job market will be smooth sailing.

P.S. As far as senior management posts in MNCs are concerned, you would definitely need an MBA.

I am keen on applying for the Msc in Management-Grande Ecole program at HEC Paris.
Other option being Msc-International Business.
A little about myself:
I never gave GMAT or TOEFL. Although my English is pretty good.
Class 10th: 85%
Class 12th: 62.25% (yes, grey
1st year university result is not still out, but I hope it will be fine. I am in 2nd year BSc now.
-Being Team Leader to school in numerous competitions.
-Winner of Inter-School General Knowledge Competition among more than 14 schools for consecutive 7 years.
-Winner of more than 21 academic awards at school & undergraduate level.
-Debates, Speeches, Editorial Borad of College Magazine etc.
-Represented India in International Astronautical Congress
-Internship of 6 months for 2 organizations.
-Mozilla Campus Rep, Microsoft Student Partner.
-Languages: Hindi (native), English, Urdu, French, German, Russian.
I dont have official proficiency test (like TCF for French), just don't have time for now, shall give during summers, but at least i know the languages.

Thats it.
I request you to kindly be critical of me, and suggest me of some ways to increase my profile even more.
For example I heard of 'CFA' exams, (they're way too costly for now) but I would want to do something like that.
And any other suggestions from your experiences....

hello ppl,
I am a prospective applicant to HEC's Grand Ecole program.. I am looking for some help with regards to applying to the program...
I shall be glad if some one can come fwd and offer some advice on the application process and the kind of profiles that get selected..

My brief profile:
BITS -Pilani (7.5/10)
Wrk ex: 2 yrs (Entrepreneur)
Extra curriculars: Excellent at BITS
GMAT: 750

Let me know even if you of someone who could be helpful in this regard..


Hi Nirman,
Looking at your profile (btw i'm a junior of yours from BITS Pilani, currently in fourth year) shouldnt u wait for an year and apply for an MBA program abroad, because given the economic condition and job situation in europe, MiM might not be a good investment.

Hi @raykee ,
It would really be helpful if you could share your profile with us.


I wanted to know the chances of me getting an admission in
1)HEC business school,Paris,(MIM course)
2)IE business school(MIM course)
3)Syracuse University,Whitemann business school,USA
I got
75.6% in 10th CBSE
78.2% in 12th CBSE
74% (6.8) in B.Tech(CSE)
GMAT Score:630
I did training in Infosys, but did not join it.
I have A gab of two years.
Please do let me know
Waiting for positive replies

Is this page active?

i want to know chances of me getting into LBS for mim

gmat  - 750

10th- 82%



1 year work exp in RBI as a Manager

extra curriculars-- decent

Hello All,

Please do share your thoughts on my chances for getting a call from HEC/LBS/IE for their MiM progammes with my profile..

Heres my profile: Xth: 85% (CBSE) 12th : 83% (CBSE) : 59% GMAT: 720 Work experience: 15 months in EY working in GL and Accounts Payable dept. Also have one year community service as i had volunteered with Make A Difference teaching underprivileged children for grades 1 and 2. Pretty Good extra curriculars too. Im very sceptical about my undergraduation score because i feel that it is just not upto the standards of students in any top B schools.Would this really hamper my chances of getting calls from LBS/HEC/IE MiMs?

Hi guys. my profile : X (cbse) : 7.4/10 cgpa XII (cbse) commerce stream with maths : 89.25% College aggregate : 67.57% Shaheed Bhagat Singh College , Delhi Univeristy. ZERO job experience. I will be giving GMAT soon and aiming a score b/w 600-650. what Good Mim programs do i have a chance to get in?Also how good is NHH CEMS Mim? i know it is ranked 46th in FT rankings but one of its Alumni said there are not many jobs once you come out. I would also like to know about WHU Beisheim and my chances to get in. thankyou.

 Hi! Would like to get my profile rated for the HEC Program. I am applying for the 3rd cycle.
Thank you in advance. Cheers!

Undergrad GPA: 8.84/10 from a college in India which ranks 8th in the country. Translates to 3.53/4.
12th: 86.17%
10th: 9.8/10
GRE: 326 (Q:167/V:159) AWA: 4
Currently working for Deloitte as a Business Analyst. 8 months of work experience when I apply.
Published a paper in a reputed International Scientific Journal. Impact factor: 2.38.
Co-founder and Marketing Head of a successful start up while pursuing undergrad.
President of the Music Club in the University.
Head Organizer for all the Music Events in the University's Annual Cultural Fest.
President of the High School with a strength of 3000.
State level Basketball Player.
Multi-Instrumentalist - Trinity grades in both Piano and Guitar.
Volunteer at Make A Difference in college
Bronze Medal at National Astronomy Olympiad.
Bronze Medalist from the Duke of Edinburgh for Social Service. 

QS ranks HEc Paris at #14 and LBS at #2. though there is no doubt both are excellent schools, the advantage of studying in London is that you shall be in the midst of a thriving business hub. HEC is at least 40 mins aeay from Paris so you while you will get a campus experience, you wont get the feel of staying in a major city. The ROI of HEC is also limited to French countries as its not as well known a name in Asia as LBS is. LBS is also a one year course which means you get a world recognised degree from a top business school in 12 months. 


Age: 23

Class 10th: 86%

Class 12th: 85% (Best of four)

Graduation: 60.22% Bachelor of Business Studies, Delhi University

Internships: Mahindra & Mahindra, Larsen & Toubro and Govt. of Rajasthan BioFuel Dept.

Work Ex: Managing my own NGO since 5 years (after schooling got over), No full-time corporate experience.

GRE/GMAT: Not taken yet.

Extra-Curricular: Have played state-level cricket for 8 years and also represented Delhi University and college team as Captain, Keen Golfer with a handicap of 14 also participated in Golf Circuit tournaments. Scholastic achievements include being the Chief Editor of School Magazine and Prefect in Secondary School. In college, was a part of the Placement Cell and the Organizing Committee of the Annual College fest which saw a footfall of over 5000 students.

I have a a Defence/Military upbringing and know 3 languages Hindi, English and Punjabi fluently and basic elementary level French.

My questions are:

1) I am targetting Masters in Management from UK/US/Europe. Which test would be better for me: the GRE or the GMAT?

2) I'll be taking either of the above two tests in April. Am I bit too late in applying? If yes, how can I ensure I finish with every procedure as soon as possible so that I don't miss deadlines?

3) Does zero full-time corporate experience work against me?

Thanks. Hope to get a reply soon from you all. Have a nice day!