Latest Business Today B-School Rankings ...Sibm Pune above 4 IIMS

Latest B school rankings from Business Today are out and Sibm Pune,is kept above 4 IIM’S … This breach in the legacy of IIM’S is a new indicator of change in Default brands in the sector. Probably the new campus in LAVALE has done t…

Latest B school rankings from Business Today are out and Sibm Pune,is kept above 4 IIM'S .........
This breach in the legacy of IIM'S is a new indicator of change in Default brands in the sector.

Probably the new campus in LAVALE has done the trick for SIBM Pune.
Spread over 300 acres sprawling campus on a hilltop of LAVALE this fully residential campus is the latest iin testimony to SIBM Pune 's growing stature.

A lot of fight is there for top 10 B-Schools in India .
With schools like IIM -L,K,I , MDI, XLRI ,FMS jumped around the list is probably a healthy competition for all .

Ranks vary from sources to sources and magazines to magazines but this first B-School ranking after joining of 2008-2010 batches is sure to heat up the competition.

I find these ranking more manipulative than beneficial. Sibm at rank 4 above many iims and jbims above iim i and fms? India Today group believes in 'perception' based ranking and not 'fact' based ranking. Therefore its ranking generally give more wayoff results than others.Anyways lets see wat puys have to say abt it.

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sibm is 4 . yes thats suprising. whats more suprising is that you guys have seen this ranking now!!!!
Dude every year the same kind of ranking comes out and every year si bm is around 4.
1)This will not make any difference.
2)This thread will clode by the end of the day

wow here we go another innovative ranking by BT.. they shd really get an awrd for this.
man seriously cant help laughing some of the colleges which r least mentioning has been ranked higher than MDI :wow:

and ABS noida higher than TISS


man! i think they were having a constipation attack 😐 jst scrabbled the entries randomly

p.s. my opinions r personal

Reallly feel sorry for BT and their rankings..

IIM K and MDI not featuring in top 10, and ICFAI Hyd and SIBM being there, i have no other thing to say. Even students of these colleges wont agree with this rankings. Thre is a limit for everything but these people can cross any limit just for some cheap bucks.

I would just say we should close this thread and think that these rankings were never out :|



well puys ...
what shud i say in dis... although myself belong to SIBM , but still cant believe these rankings and the worst part is that these rankings are more or less the same in the past 4 5 yrs.. just now i saw the rankings of 2004 and they were approximately the same like this year.... so No comments from myside on the authenticity of Business Today... 😞

Every year different magazines comes up with different rankings...regular CAT takers knows that these are crap and only the freshmen ll get attracted towards it....even I use to follow these some 3 yrs back when I didnt know that these were crap..

Bottom line...In India we dont have FT kind mags which has a dedicated team for B schools and which takes a lot of pain collecting data..working year long to come up with a don go by any of these rankings....if u want to get some gyaan on which b school to choose, ask somebody who had gone thro the entire process..or consult a good faculty in your coaching insti (if u ve joined any)

Every time a new ranking comes, we start off with this debate. Magazine rankings are typically tailor made to satisfy certain people .

Let us simply use our common sense and analysis to come up with our own choices rather than relying on some rankings.


Not just the top 10 rankings. If we venture out slightly lower

  1. NMIMS is spelt as NMIS
  2. BIMTECH is slightly above MDI gurgaon ( best joke of the day)
  3. ABS-Noida is above TISS( i think year before last year ,AMITY was in top 10 in BT B school rankings. it has slipped to they might have drastically cut down the ad spentings on BT... so next year give us 2 crore u will get top 10 spot)
  4. ICFAI,LIBA,Wellingkar,KJS are above IMTG!!!
  5. And the other top 30 entries NIM,FSM,BIMT et all stands for.......I havent even heard about these

so lets wait for other expert magazines to chip in.....


Ah rankings

I remember one issue of one such magazine - dont remember which. Anyways the point was that it had a top 100 ranking.

Now the ranking was based on many parameters such as placements, infrastructure,etc. The scores allotted to these are after all biased. So why does one have to dispute it at all?

Such rankings just tend to sway people who dont use their research ( people around me have been swayed).

My suggestion - create your own rankings as per your priorities.

I feel this thread wont serve any more purpose than to start and instigate conflicts as to which college deserves a rank and which doesnt.

I strongly suggest this thread be closed.


My take on the rankings is that the output of these are wholly dependant on how the person concerned wants to interpret it..SIBM with the HUGE infrastructure now was expected to make it atleast to the top comparisions with the IIMs or any other insti. for that matter :argue: should be avoided proves to be both futile and never ending in the long run..:infinity: Peace..

By far and away Pagalguy ranking are the most reliable , even though it's compiled as the 100 most "preferred b schools" and not rankings per se .

BT is just shambles and what I will remember from these rankings is just that they smell of conspiracy theories all over.

Before things really get out of hand, I have to close this thread as:

1. Various magazines come out with different type of ranks and they user different parameters to evaluate colleges. Hence, it would be better if you look the parameters and methodology used.

2.These rankings shouldnt be taken to heart and should be considered as only point of reference.

3. All rankings have some flaws and anomaly and we make it worse by comparing B-schools and mud-slinging.

So before a 1 to 1 fight starts or comparisons turn ugly, I am closing this thread. If some one needs more clarification on this, feel free to PM me.