l e a r n n g r o w

for t purpose of discussing

1 iconoclast= one who attacks traditional ideas /sacred images

I consider myself as an iconoclast as I dont beleive in the concept of marriage ¬†ūüėĚ

2   bacchanalian  = used of riotously drunken merrymaking, carousing , orgiastic, drunk, inebriated, intoxicated 

Goa is known for its bacchanalian parties ūüíɬ†

3  fastidious- difficult to please, very attentive to and concerned about accuracy and detail , scrupulous, punctilious, painstaking, meticulous, assiduous, sedulous, perfectionist, fussy, finicky, dainty, over-particular 

My Boss is very fastidious in his dressing style

4 waft - move gently (in air or in seas) by wind or waves , drift, float, glide, whirl, travel, be carried, be borne, be conveyed, be transported 

When I entered into Mcdonalds it wafted the delicous smell of  Mcchicken 

5 gainsay- deny , contradict,  dispute, disagree with, argue with, dissent from, repudiate, declare untrue, challenge, oppose, contest, counter

Baba Ram Rahim gainsaid the charges against him 

@caemento yesterday's words - detention, entice, cessation, egalitarian, reminiscence, perversion, taboo, intricate, complicity, naive, aisles, proliferation, maneuver!!! with all possible meanings... diff usage... everything!!!


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