KVS PGT Computer Science 2018

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They had deducted my money twice....but have not yet refunded the money .....have mailed them yesterday .....what else can I do??

i have not received my registration number.

and in forgot registration number,my details are not found.

what should i do?

any watsapp or telegram group?

How to prepare for pedagogy PGT Computer Science.

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can any one share previous experience of KVS PGT CS?

Kaisa rha bhai log? Kitne marks expect kar rahe?

Bhaiyo kya written and interview me separately pass hona he. Ya dono ko combined score se merit lgegi

share ur expected marks.

  • 90-100
  • 105-110
  • 100-105
  • Above 110

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how much is expected cutoff, any idea anyone

Ur 98-103 Onc.92-97 SC 88- 91 St 82-87 Comment this

Please share your expected marks.

  • 106-110
  • 100-105
  • <100
  • 130

  • 125-130
  • 121-125
  • 116-120
  • 111-115

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I am sharing my section-wise expected marks and level of difficulty faced in each section. Please share your valuable views to get a overall picture about the difficulty level of each section.

Gen. English score - 4 (Though I have decent command in this section, the options were very similar and confusing and scored very low).

Gen Hindi score - 3 (This section turned out to be nightmare. I am from Andhra Pradesh(no fluency in Hindi). Prepared only Sandhi, samas, upsarg, prathyay and some basic vocabulary. Faced lot of difficulty) 

Reasoning - 10 (This section was easy for me, except 2 or 3 questions all are easily doable)

Current Affairs & GK - 7 (The GK section looked relatively easy because I have prepared for SSC CGL. I didn't concentrate much on current affairs and missed a few questions). I believe it would have been a little tough(only current affairs are easily doable if prepared well).

Comp. Literacy - 9 (This section would have been easy to all CS candidates).

Pedagogy - 14 (This section looks easy, but most easy questions are application based questions and felt a little difficult to find the right answer. There a few direct questions but I didn't find them in general pedagogy books). So, overall I felt this section to be difficult.

Computer Subject - 65 or 66 (The core subject part looked very easy. But due to time mismanagement, I have marked 4 to 5 questions without looking at the question. Did a few silly mistakes in hurry. Except 4 to 5 questions, I felt all questions were doable). Overall I missed 5 to 6 marks due to poor execution.

Please share the level of difficulty you have faced in each section and respective scores. Special request to North Indian Candidates to share the difficulty level they faced in Gen. Hindi. 

Also please comment on difficult level of current paper with 2017 paper especially computer subject part. Though I didn't write 2017 exam, I found 2017 computer paper to be more or less of same level but there are few(7-8) questions which are difficult to comprehend or framed incorrectly. The rest looked easy. The 2018 computer paper had around 10 questions that are not direct but application oriented.

I don't have 2017 general paper so, not sure of its difficulty level. Please comment if you have given previous year too.

For General candidates, there are only 21 posts this year. Last year it was around 50. I think competition will definitely increase. So, I am trying to get a picture to what extent or will it be same due to paper relatively being more difficult.

Thanks a lot. Sorry for the long post. 

KVS PGT CS ki anskey kab tak aayegi??

General ki cutoff kya ho sakti hai , Please share ur thoughts.

I think it would be 95 - 98

भाईयों अंदाज़े लगाने बन्द कर दो LD.C. के पेपर में बुरी वाली बजी थी याद होगा जो जो पेपर में बैठे थे 😅

cutoff will be 115-120 ??

please share ur expected marks

  • 115

  • 90-100
  • 100-105
  • 105-110
  • 110-115

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Marks Expected?

  • 100-110
  • 120-130
  • 110-120
  • Less or Equalto 100

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