Guys lets we can clarify our joining process in kvb 

whether we have to send our acceptance through mail

Total number of batches...!??? I am interviewed on 12/02/2017...nnnn

Hi friends.. i'm also selected in KVB Clerk cadre. I am called for medical test in karur at march 19. I have some doubts

1. do anybody have format for self declaration form, which they have asked if we are not already employed..?

2. my training starts on march 20th, but ceritificate verification and medical test is on march 19th, will they accomodate me on march 19th night ?

3.they have given that "you have to execute a service agreement on a Non-Judicical Stamp Paper of requisite value"- should i make this type and ready or will they type for us (so as just to sign)..?

Please somebody reply..

In the call letter they mentioned "Conduct certificate from two respectable persons known but not related to you" which means there is no need to get it from gazeete officers..? Reply to my query

anybody from tamil nadu not received training mail till now pls reply

I  got confirmation mail on Feb 28 at 10.30..if anybody receive  training mail pls reply bcz I didn't receive any mail till now or whether I have to send acceptance mail to 

who are all waiting for kvb appointment letter mail?

Hi guys...I got mail from kvb... Training starts from June 19...Is there anyone who got mail on the same training date?

Anybody   from   ap  got training  mail regarding training  on July 2

what s the salary in hand for clerk working in kvb?

There is no one examination centres in North India

anyone from gujarat got a call regarding training in july but no mail yet?

hai friends!! has any one got e-mail from karur vysya bank asking to join on july 16th? at tamil nadu chetinad college?

guys who are already done with your training of 10 days please respond here so that new batch members could leran.. looks like there are soo many people who got selected -_-  what could be the pay scale? 18,000? per month!!

Is this group for clerks or POs?

when is trainings get overed? any idea? plz tell me

Is the written and interview marks both count in selection process ( Like 80 : 20 / 70: 30 ) or only interview marks for selcetion in KVB PO 2017 ?

Training wil be held in which place? Duration?