See the invisible and do the impossible

Kritva means ‘to do’ and do your will.

Kritva is the Annual Management and Cultural fest at IMI, with a pan-India strategy for

the ultimate carnival, challenging showcase of talent and versatility of youth. With the

magnitude increasing with each passing year, Kritva aims to promote a spirit of

competition and rivalry providing a real-time experience for tomorrow’s budding

managers to hone their skills. The fittest survive, the best win, however, everyone learns

in one way or the other. 

The 72 hour, break-neck-paced fest has a plethora of events in both cultural and management forms ranging from case study presentations to fashion shows, management quizzes to street plays, strategy games to rock shows. The campus is the most vibrant and lively during these days. The students are full of enthusiasm and zeal to showcase their talent and potential and we give them the platform. With a footfall of more than 3000, it is one of the most participated B-school events in north India.

We also try doing our bit for the society as it is one of the important factors for the path forward and we have tie ups with NGOs through which we try to spread this message. We have been associated with Salam Balak Trust, Swashrit. Star night one of the highlights of the 3 days has always left people longing for more. Bands like Euphoria, Mothejane, Raeth etc have lit the stage on fire in the past few years and we intend to continue the trend with some of the biggest names of the music industry coming here.

And this year Kritva will break the horizons and take it to a new level all together. This year’s Kritva theme, “International Swadeshi” envisions nurturing a thought- To represent India Internationally on Swadeshi terms. 

The simple idea behind the theme is to realize that it is time to project our 5,000-year-old civilization not just in museums but also on the world map. The magnitude of what we have in India is amazing - there is a thriving cinema industry, an enviable tradition of crafts, architecture that dates back to several years and add to this the classical heritage of dance and music. We need a strong vision, the ability to take pride in what we have and the foresight to nurture it on Indian Swadeshi Terms. With the magnitude increasing with each passing year , Kritva’15 strives to foster the thought, the vision through it canvas of events.

The Annual Management and Cultural festival of IMI, New Delhi - Kritva: Event Schedule out!

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