KOLKATA RRB NTPC 2016-2017 DV group

Discuss the marks and chance..

@Ghorai Add more people from KOLKATA rrb..Your score?? category?? post??

what do you people think....? How many scored more than 85 in our board in cbt2 mine is 85.4 obc....?

My is 82.2 obc kol

What would be cut of CA(obc) in rrb Kolkata

my score is 85.6938 OBC category....preferences CA>TA>GG....not called for apti.....can I expect any post and if which?

doston, yeh psycho test mein max marks kitne mile honge apne board mein, kuch idea?

I have squint but I have 6/6 vision and perfect color vision. Will I be declared medically unfit for squint. I read something in Railway Medical Examination Rules which I would like to share with people here..

" Squint  :- For technical services where the presence of  binocular vision is essential, and for the Railway Protection Force and posts in Medical department, squint even if the visual acuity is of prescribed standard, should be considered a disqualification. For other services the presence of squint should not be considered as a disqualification if the visual acuity is of prescribed standard.

Note:-In case all the tests carried out correctly indicate the presence of binocular vision, the mere existence of squint should not disqualify a candidate. "

Here the posts are NON-TECHNICAL. So, I am safe as far as squint is considered??

final score after psycho?? Only kolkata

  • 75
  • 74
  • 77
  • 76

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83.29 kuch ho sakta hai kya gen and use spectacles ca>ecrc>typing>gg>asm>ta not called for pshyco

doston, koi bata saktaa hai ki sealdah rly station RRB kolkata kaise jaaya jaa skta hai?

Got 82.24(obc) rrb kolkata ... Preference post CA/ecrc/ ta/gg/ asm Which post i would get ??

Anyone have dv on 4th sep?

Anyone going to documents verification on 1st day i.e, 28th August and have any admit card missing?? I dont have admit card of 1st Stage CBT and my DV is on 28th August 2pm..

Kolkata region ST candidate share ur marks after aptitude test...mine is 67.30

any direct bus from howrah bus stand to shyaam bazaar..?

Final score after psycho 70:30 ->> 80.7734..  Any chances?

Dv on 5th September

CGL jobs are far better than Rly jobs....Life m no tension chahye toh..

CGL jobs are tension free jobs ....Mast raho with any grade pay post's

Rrb kolkata ka koi whatsapp grp hai kya?? Hai to add 7859029227...thnks in advance