Kogod School Of business(AU), Fall 2009 Admits

Searched all over PG and am baffled that there is not even one thread dedicated to Kogod. I have been admitted to Kogod (Fall 2009 batch ) :: … Anyone else joinin?

Searched all over PG and am baffled that there is not even one thread dedicated to Kogod.

I have been admitted to Kogod (Fall 2009 batch ) ... Anyone else joinin?

Hi, I am Debshuvra Chowdhury. I too have got an admit from Kogod. I would like to get in contact with you. My mail id is [email protected]

Hi..I have an admit to the Kogod school of Business with a 3500$ scholership per semester... Did any of you guys receive a scholership...How many semesters are there in a year...Im not very sure about the total scholership I have received for the entire MBA program over two years? Any idea?



Searched all over PG and am there is not even one thread dedicated to Kogod Fall 2010 applicants.

Lets get started!!!!

My profile:
GMAT 650
Work Exp 6+ years
Accademics - Avg
Ext. Curr - Decent

hi I have applied to KOGOD too. Had my interview cople of dayz back. how long do they take to give decisions....

hey navaneeth hav you admit from KSB??....


i still havent heard anything from them yet... waiting eagerly... not even an interview call... can u share ur profile please...

B.Tech: civil engg
Industry: Real Estate
Work ex:5+ yrs
G.P.A.: 3.4
Extra Curr: Good(Founded a student organisation in my university and 1 ngo in uttrakhand)

was interviewed by Shannon Demko on 03/16...interview was good except for some stumbling.
I wonder when they'll give decision.

hey when did u apply...I applied on 02/01/2010....Was invited for interview on 02/21/2010...my application was complete on 2/19/2010


i applied for the same dealine as u.. i still havent received any calls for the interiew... guess thats gone down the drain.... hope something extraordinary happens 😛

I am a bit concerned as well.... haven't heard from them since the interview....do you have any idea when they give a decision?.... Donn worry you have a decent profile.... I hope you'll get an interview invitation..
best wishes...

I looked up the decision release dates in their website and they its on a rolling basis. there's no fixed date.. but im guessing u shud receive something by april 15th...
btw... what are the other univs u applied to??

hey navaneeth....I just pray they give a quick decision...cause the wait is killing...
I have applied to W&M...Case....Babcok....Syracuse...UMD....Medison; planning to apply....

Hey Navaneeth I have been offered a spot in fall 2010 class with 30k scoll...what about yourself...did you got the interview invite?...
best regards,...

Hey ,
Congrats!!! the scholarship amount is decent i guess considering other schools... Anyways... ive just got my interview call and have scheduled it for april 23....


Hi quest.mba and navaneeth.m,

I have received admit from Kogod for fall 2010 with $14K scholarship. I would like to know if you guys have some information or contacts of any past students. I would like to get detailed info about atmosphere for indian students,placement opportunities and living expenses in Washington D.C. ...
I also have a admit from Suny-Buffalo.
So this info will help me in making my decision.

Hey guys,
just got an email for an interview. am psyched. could you share your interview experience and the dos and and the don'ts. I appreciate it.


Hi All,
Can anyone evaluate my profile & let me know whether it would be worth applying to Kogod for the Fall2011?
Below is my profile :
Gmat : 570 , AWA - 5
Toefl - 87
Work Exp : 4.3 yrs by the time I start for my MBA
Acads : Good
Extracurricula : V Good