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Does DK Goel, Founder, FIITJEE sponsor IIT Topper Alumni of his Coaching Centre? 

That does not seem to be the case, at least in one infamous case. An article published in June 2009 in a national newspaper reports that Nitin Jain, the All India IIT JEE topper attended an interactive session held by FIITJEE Limited.  During this event, DK Goel, Chairman and Chief Mentor, FIITJEE also announced a program of financial assistance to such toppers who studied at FIITJEE to get their entrepreneurship started after completing their course from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). An anticipated investment of INR20 crore was announced. Read it for yourself:

Nothing can be further from the truth. 

Nitin Jain DID rank first in IIT JEE and All India Engineering/Architecture Entrance Examination (AIEEE) examination in 2009. That is true. And he seems to have had enrolled in FIITJEE. But under the leadership of DK Goyal, FIITJEE has misused his name, photographs and success story for promotional activities without his prior consent. There have been legal battles between the IIT JEE 2009 topper and the coaching institute. One is still ongoing. 

Forget sponsoring Nitin Jain, FIITJEE filed a defamation case against him and tried to prevent the publication of his book The Secret of my Success where he clearly mentions that he did not give any credit to FIITJEE or its faculty. Read it here: 

Nitin Jain filed against FIITJEE and is seeking damages worth INR 5 crore. The case is in court and recently the Delhi high court justice has “pulled up” FIIT JEE to settle the dispute. Chances are IIT aspirants will somehow scrap enough money to pay the coaching institute’s exuberant fees. Might or might not get quality assistance from its faculties. Some might top the All India examinations. And the institute will then try to leech on the success of such toppers. 

Of course FIITJEE does publish that it rewards its students. Like this:

Do you really think DK Goel, Founder, FIIJEE really fulfils his promises? Think again!