Katz MBA 2014 Aspirants

Hi All, My name is Anand Sharma and I am a current MBA student at Katz. I am opening up this thread to all prospective Katz students aiming for the Fall 2014 admissions window. Please feel free to ask me questions, start a conversation or wh…

Hi All,

My name is Anand Sharma and I am a current MBA student at Katz. I am opening up this thread to all prospective Katz students aiming for the Fall 2014 admissions window. Please feel free to ask me questions, start a conversation or whatever that may help you to understand the Katz MBA offering better.

Please feel free to contact me via email or PM if necessary. Looking forward to interact with everyone!

Latest placement information:

92% of 2012 Katz MBAs had full-time job offers within 90 days of graduation. This places Katz among other top business schools, such as:

1. New York University (Stern)
2. University of Virginia (Darden)
3. University of Minnesota (Carlson)
4. University of Notre Dame (Mendoza)
5. University of Pittsburgh (Katz)
6. Carnegie Mellon University (Tepper)
7. Cornell University (Johnson)
8. Duke University (Fuqua)
9. UCLA (Anderson)
10. Michigan State (Broad)
11. Stanford
12. Yale
12. University of Maryland (Smith)
14. University of Florida (Warrington)
15. University of North Carolina (Kenan Flagler)
16. Penn State University (Smeal)
17. University of Michigan (Ross)

Hi Akshay / Anand, I had a query, am scheduled for an interview on 14th March.. Would the selection chances be lower because of the delayed timeline ? (As in, coz most of the seats would have been filled up ?) I have over 11 years of experience in IT Services, Gmat 660 and Toefl 111, Academics - 3.5 in BE

Hello, hope you doing well. If you are scheduled for an interview then there are definitely some seats left. Also, Katz is pretty flexible in its class size. If Katz sees a great candidate it can relax some rules related to admission. I will highly encourage you to prepare well for your interview.
I hope this information is helpful to you. Let me know if you need any other information or have any question.

Hi Anand,

Hv a few Qs:
-What is the avg. class profile.
-What %age of the class secured internships.
-What %age of international students found jobs in US after graduation



Can you please tell if there is any specialization that Katz is famous for? I am looking for finance MBA , so I just wanted to know if Katz is the right place...also I have only just started search of colleges so I might have sounded to naive so pardon me if that is the case...
@Anand.S Sure, Thank you Anand, for the valuable inputs..
@GMAT_Conquer Hello GMAT_Conquer. Below is the statistics that you asked.

Average Class Profile:

%age of the class secured internships
Note: This is 2012 data. 2013 internship season is still going on and the complete data will be available on September

What %age of international students found jobs in US after graduation

Additionally, http://hire.katz.pitt.edu provides you other information. I will highly encourage you to browse through the website.

Let me know if you need further information.
@Anand.S Impressive stats ..!! I want to apply for Fall 2013.

But since this will be the last round ....my chances of an admit will be extremely low ....
I have an avg GMAT score(600) acads:decent,extracurriculars : ok ,work exp : 3.5 IT+family business exp (+International experience in a leadership role ). What do you think? Should I apply in the last round(April) ? Is a higher gmat score (650+)expected from Indian applicants(which is generally the case) .Pls let me know ....
@GMAT_Conquer Hi, if I were you I would have definitely applied. Application fees is really less compared to other schools. Usually a higher GMAT is expected from International students particularly Indian students, but there is always some exception. As I mentioned in my previous post that Katz is very flexible to outstanding candidate. If you can prove that you have a lot to contribute to MBA program, I don't see any reason that Katz won't consider your application.
Having said that you can email your queries to MBA admission. I wish you all the best of MBA search!
@CatNamoNamah, as I had responded earlier, concentrations are based on subjects that you take. Katz is strong in at least the following concentrations - MIS, Operations, Strategy and Finance.
@Anand.S Guys ...Please share your profile ...How much experience & what kind of experience the Adcom expects..This will certainly help me when I apply.
@GMAT_Conquer , the minimum application requirements are posted on the MBA site (www.katz.pitt.edu). That's what matters, not anyone else's profile. Profiles of students vary drastically, so comparing yourself with someone else's profile will not help.The key is to be unique among a pool of applicants. You can achieve that by making sure your GMAT score is high, your essays make the cut and your interviews are spot on, and overall a consistent personality comes across.

I hope this helps!


Dear Prospective Students,

I wanted to share with you the various opportunities provided by Katz's. Katz recently conducted its first regional case competition. Top notch MBA colleges from western Pennsylvania region competed in the event. You can find details in the link below.


Let me know if you have any question.


Katz has moved up the rankings from 68 to 61 in the latest US News and World Report MBA school rankings. More information available here:


However, please keep in mind that the metrics provided in the rankings have a lag, so they do not reflect the latest outcomes. the latest placement metrics are available here: http://hire.katz.pitt.edu/placement.php

We expect moving up further and consistently in future rankings!

Hi Anand,

Trust you're doing great !

I got an admit from Katz for Fall 2013 2 year full time MBA program. $12k scholarship.

Can you spare some time and talk to me via phone/e-mail/skype about Life at Katz, professors, employment opportunities and your experiences ? This will give me greater insight about the live on-field conditions at Katz. 😃 Sadly, PagalGuy personal messaging is not working.

Sanket Unde

Hello Sonket,

Congratulations on your Katz admit!

I am happy to talk to you for any Katz related queries. You can either call me at my mobile @ +1 -412 -956-2241, skype call or communicate via email- [email protected]


Hi Sanket,

Sorry I missed your phone earlier. Can you please email me and let me know a suitable time to talk to you?


Hello Everyone!

My name is Dhananjay Sharma and I'm a full-time MBA student at Katz Graduate School of Business.
I would be more than happy to answer any questions/concerns you may have about the school, admission process, curriculum, placement information, etc.
I look forward to hearing from all of you.

Best regards,