Justice for EC in JTO recruitment 2017

Be it due to negligence or delebrate rights of EC candidates are compromised

 GROSS INJUSTICE…….   Recruitment of JTO(Telecom) through GATE 2017 by BSNL is injustice towards EC students especially towards those who wanted to serve in telecom sector and thus chose particularly EC as discipline for graduation. We EC students have to get united to oppose this unfair procedure undertaken by BSNL. We all know BSNL recruits JTO in three cadres 1. Telecom 2. Electrical 3. Civil. Earlier candidates aspired for selection in BSNL had to appear in one of three papers for selection in respective cadres. When BSNL conducted JTO exams in 2007,2008 and 2009 80% of the candidates selected in telecom cadre were from EC branch. 90% of syllabus of separately held DR-JTO(Telecom) exam was from EC branch. Other PSUs which select through GATE have their vacancy clearly split into different branches(like Mech, Civil, CS/IT, EC/Instrumentation). Still it was justified to allow CS/IT and electrical students in this exam as they had to first prove their mettle in EC concepts in this exam to get job in Telecom. But it seems now when BSNL is recruiting JTOs(Telecom) through gate, CS/IT and Electrical candidates are getting similar opportunity as EC students and may lead to selection of EC candidates reduced to 33.33%o(one third) of the vacancies compared to 80% earlier(this means 1200 less seats for EC candidates if 2510 vacancies are announced). How could one judge ability of a candidate in telecom sector through GATE CS/IT paper?! This is not software industry, this is telecom. BSNL doesn’t make its own software. Licenses of all software used in BSNL(or any other telecom company) are purchased from other firms working in the field of cyber-telecom development. BSNL doesn’t have any role in even upgrading/maintaining these soft wares.  Job of JTO(Telecom) demands thorough knowledge in electromagnetic theory, VSWR, microwave engineering, antenna theory, electronic circuits(both analog and digtal). Electrical and CS/IT engineers don’t understand these topics. BSNL management is acting negligent and random in considering GATE Electrical and GATE CS/IT question paper suitable for selection of JTOs(Telecom). 

 Keep watching... Maximum selections in JTO will be through GATE CS/IT paper.