JEE Advanced Last Minute Revision

To revise last minute doubts for JEE Advanced

Is there any online practice module available for practice for JEE Advanced? Please let me know, if any available for practice?

Can anyone help me with a solution to this question?

Three point charges +q, +2Q and Q are placed at the three vertices of an equilateral triangle. Find the value of charge Q (in terms of q), so that electric potential energyof a system is zero. 

 Two identical cars are colliding head on. Every car is traveling at 100 km/h each. What will be the impact force on each car (same as hitting a solid wall)? 

JEE Advanced is less than a month away. I am getting a bit nervous. Can someone help me how to deal with it? 

Guys the JEE Main answer key is released!!! Did you make it?

can anyone tell me how to revise for BITSAT? I have my exam on May 19th.

 32% students who cleared JEE Main 2018 are not writing JEE advanced. Y though? :O