hi people here’s my profile B.E from mumbai currently in a software firm drawing 2.6lacs p.a appeared for CAT -2003 got 95.34 appeared for CET got a rank of 30 there are 42 seats in my category so chances are that will get thru …

hi people
here's my profile
B.E from mumbai
currently in a software firm drawing 2.6lacs p.a
appeared for CAT -2003 got 95.34
appeared for CET got a rank of 30
there are 42 seats in my category
so chances are that will get thru
the problem is that i am under a bond of 2 years of Rs 2 lakh
so what do u people advice what should i do
quit and join JBIMS if i get or continue with the job which is not so interesting also
also if any body have anty experience of COMPANIES taking action against people dishonouring the BONDS
pls people reply ASAP


mate why u want to even consider continuing on ur job...u will get much more salary after ur mba....mate even i tried and unfortunatly cud make it...this is same amit jain who was on dte chat site yaar.....see i lost because of 6-7 marks....so u never know with these exams....don't miss this chance....i tried this year with 4 yrs exp....and had only jb on my preference list and that is not possible now with my rank...so my serious suggestion is don't miss the bus man....join jb....who knows what happens next time...with these exams.....

companies will trouble u for some time on bond...but forget that....u can recover that money in quick time....

mate listen to me and join jb.....

amit jain

if you didnt want to take up mba .... you wouldnt have given the CET 2 times ??

i think you should continue the job only if you want to try for IIMs , etc ..

else the bond doesnt matter ...

As long as they don't have your original certificates ..

After all most are one-way ... not much of legal standing ..

know of 3 people who have broken bonds in Hexaware ... and for studies ... so i gues
there should not be much problem.

hey jamilz,
2 yrs bond worth 2 lacs...... u working at SATYAM???
man, i heard that the bond is very strict.... has he taken any documents from u?
be careful buddy... i'm not telling this to frighten u, but i know few ppl whoz career got screwed up and their work of 1 1/2 years went down the drain and they didnot get the relieving letter. 😐 , and adding insult to injury, they did not convert it into a B-school :oops: ..
think carefully before u take any decision..
any ways,

thank you so much people for giving ur advice and i think the tilt is towrds my joining JBIMS

some points to be clarified
i have not submitted any important documents (like marksheets and degrees ) in the company so there is no risk on that front

also this was my maiden attempt of CET

thirdly i have only 8 months of ex in this company and even in those 8 months i haven't done anything so worthwhile which i would regret for not having an experience certificate

please people do advice i need as many opinions as possible

HEY ADMIN u r welcome to give ur say too after all ur the BOSS and ur opinion matters


hey jamil,

i also think u should join JB.See yaar if u think MBA is a must for ur future prospects then u should do it this year only.As year by year competition is increasing , one can not say about next year.About bond f*** them yaar dont worry. It would have been problematic if u had been shifting to new job but they will also not object as u r shifting for higher studies.

JB is worth leaving ur job.

i am also joining JB. Hope to see u soon there.bye.

My advice: Quit Satyam; Get the relieving order by paying the bond; Its the right way to go about it. Otherwise they might life difficult especially if the property has been attached to the bond. I know some guarantors who got notice (I think legal notices) when somebody jumped a Satyam bond.

Hey Buddy,

Your dilemma is quite natural but I would suggest u shud continue with the job for another year and so and try CAT and all. Sinc you got a good percentile in CAT this time , so there is every chance that you should try for IIM's the next year. Also the quality of JB is deteriotating year by year because of all Quotas n all,s so I would say make an informed decision.

Catch ya l8r.

Hey Buddy,

Your dilemma is quite natural but I would suggest u shud continue with the job for another year and so and try CAT and all. Sinc you got a good percentile in CAT this time , so there is every chance that you should try for IIM's the next year. Also the quality of JB is deteriotating year by year because of all Quotas n all,s so I would say make an informed decision.

Catch ya l8r.

I request you to please find out the facts b4 making wild statements. How do u measure a school is deteriorating ? Are there benchmarks u have decided upon ?

JB has ALWAYS had quotas ever since inception. That still doesnt deter the cream away. They make the quota system ABSOLUTELY clear and transparent unlike certain other university departments which claim transparency in the selection process while having a batch with 75% or more localites. (I am not taking names but a mere glance thro student profiles at these institutes will show u where most of the students come from. Other regions would have at best a token representation.

Talking of deteriorating standards, every year JBs placements keep getting better. This year, even with the quotas (u talked abt), it had the best placements in Mumbai. Reason: A very strong industry interface/alumni network. Corporates still think its a great school. Go take a look at the list of corporates that visit JB for guest lectures and recruit them eventually.

Do u know its MMS first year is autonomous ?
Probably one of the few institutes with a univ affiliation which has a evaluation procedure thats autonomous in the first year (Refer website).

Jamil: U can even try for the big 4 IIMs next year after joining JB if u are insistent abt a big 4 IIM seat. Dont lose a golden opportunity by missing out on JB.

Asok Buddy do some research.

I am not denigrating JB in any respect but it compares nowhere with IIM's.
Secondly, In late 1980's , JB was compared with IIMA and now u can see what has happened. And the quotas have not always been there.

I would still suggest think about it and make an informed decision and in no way suggesting you leave JB.
Do the cost-benefit analysis 4 God's sake.

Catch ya l8r.

P.S: JB compares nowhere with ne of the IIM's now.

I agree with you that JB is not as good as before, but it is still one of the top 10 colleges in india. Secondly i disagree with asok's suggestion that jamilzz should join college and simultaneously prepare for CAT. This way he will not be doing justice to his studies as well as to that one person who would have got admission had jamilzz not joined jb and infact had concerntrated his efforts for next year CAT. Jamil if you think you want IIM, than better not join jb and waste one seat. i have seen peole getting mdi and spjain and not joining them for iim and infact they made it to iim. I hope you too will be successful if you decide to pursue iim. Remember at iim if they know that you are leaving one mgmt college for another after a year...they probably gonna think that you might even leave iim's before completion of course unless you give them a good enough reason of leaving this college. choice is ultimately yours....we are just here to give our thoughts.


Friend, JB has done nothing to bring itself down. It is probably in status quo or lil better. I have talked a lot with premier bschool alumni/IIM bschoolers. Its maybe better than it was earlier (All institutes are as a matter of fact 😃 ). It is just that institutes like IIM-A,B,L (IIM C being roughly as old was probably always ahead) have marched ahead full steam due to their efforts with greater autonomy/larger operating budgets/govt grants etc. I agree with ur statement (to a limited extent) and yes ABCL n X are much better.

The point is, If X improves over Y, does that mean Y has worsened ? No way :)

Abt the quotas, can u confirm/reconfirm whether its a new thing ? I believe its been there ever since its been a Univ dept.

I think u misunderstood me. I never asked Jamil to write CAT again. I just said that if he was INSISTENT on IIMs he can write it again. INSISTENT meant that in case he was ADAMANT/VERY PARTICULAR. I neither encouraged/discouraged him from going either way. Personally, I wouldnt write CAT from JB.

Life is full of choices and its up to him to decide on that. Abt a person losing a seat... it pretty much happens everywhere. A lot of guys (25% at least) didnt turn up at IIMK interview in Chennai and FMS interviews in Delhi on the last 2 days. Those calls cud have gone to some other aspirant if these guys hadnt selected K or apped to FMS. From a PGite's blog (I think its Rajat's), he has mentioned ppl were gonna leave NMIMS for FMS/were giving IIM interviews etc.

Even ppl dont join IIFT/IITB and the batch sizes dont get topped up to the maximum. Ppl from Symbi have attended IIM interviews. Somebody from MDI made it to IIM the next year. Even on Pagalguy, there was a chap who were shifting from TAPMI -> MDI and those at MDI/[email protected] keen on cracking the coming CAT 2004. (There is a thread on this)

It happens all the time ppl look at BETTER OPPORTUNITIES and there is nothing really wrong with that (in my opinion). You cant do much abt it except concede that the more meritorious chap got the offer.

buddy boy, how cud u not decide upon it earlier?? u really wrote the exam for the heck of it??


Here are some points that I would like to clarify
1)I am not in SATYAM as some people have assumed, also I have not submitted any important documents like MARKSHEETS in the company, also as many as 7-8 people of my batch have left the company and nothing serious has happened. I have also consulted my guarantors and they are ready to stand by my side if the company acts tough

2)Secondly I will be specializing in FINANCE and have heard that JBIMS is good for FINANCE, so thats one more reason in favor of my joining JBIMS

3)As far as trying in CAT-2004 goes I am sure that all of u will agree that a 95.34 percentile in CAT-2003 can not even guarantee me a percentile of 5.34 in CAT-2004 as it will be a completely new day and u never know what will happen in those two crucial hours. And missing in CAT-2004 will mean postponing my MBA for two years and as I am feeling right now that the longer I delay the more difficult it would be for me to do an MBA (that is quitting job and doing MBA)

4)And last and the most important point is that I am hell bent on doing an MBA, I have been collecting prospectus of coaching institutes ,collecting magazines having the b school rankings and appearing for all the free tests that institutes organize since I was in second year engineering (i.e. since 4 YEARS). And all thru these 4 years till the CET results were out, I personally rated JBIMS very high and would have joined it without a second thought. Its just when I am so close of getting it that I have all sorts of doubts.

So guys thanks once again and please continue pouring in your expert ADVICE


I am currently in JB, senior for those who r joining jb this year
After reading through the messages, i think i should make it clear in which field JB i good and in which it is not
the visiting faculty are very-very good ( except for one or two which any way will be persent in every insti)
there is no set patterns or syallabus , its all depend on faculty what he teach and ask in the exam. Jb is very autonomus in this sense
placements are good and if u compare it is easy to place 120 guys in good companies then placing around 300 guys ( iims strength) in good companies.
What is not in the favour of jb
its affliation with university, it Bureaucratic setup, qouta to some extent and lack of PR and brand building activites. The ranking u get, we score poorly on our entrace criteria, infrastructure as it dont have its own hostel, course content, as on paper it is university course ( but not in reality) but faculty , teaching and placements we are still among the best

i personally feel if u want to do finance then jb is a very good place ,the faculty for finance here are world class and also it has very good reputation for finance in the corporate world. You will only come to know how good faculties of finacne are when u attend mankikar or sango's lecture. I am also specializing in finance.



hey jamil bhai me here........ dont worry man jus take up the thing and as far as the cancellations are concerned chill out it wont matter to u much

hey jamil,

chuck the job join Jb.
ur job gives u window to c the world.

ur MBA will place u on s satellite to.. c the world
( okay thoda zyada hoo gaya...)
but trust me ... JB is gud enough,.... if not great.
Ur alumbi strenth counts 2.

So dont think again.
chill yaar. u should party in joy of gettting throug.

chill yaar.

hi people
thought shud update u all who helped me take the decision of joining JBIMS
yaa i hav joined JBIMS and am pretty happy with my decision
would not follow the trend of going GAGA over my college or describing my life heaven/hell
would jus like to tell one thing to all JBIMS aspirants(of next year) that u wont be negatively surprised on joining JBIMS
coz whatever opinion people hav of JBIMS is probabaly true
r only sour point is INFRASTRUCTURE........INFRASTRUCTURE.........and one more time.......INFRASTRUCTURE every thing else is more than what one expects from BAJAJ
one of the strengths of BAJAJ is probably its ALUMNI base which other new colleges cant boast of, and this is something that cannot be achieved by spending money on A/C classrooms and other forms of INFRASTUCTURE
how does that helps?
umpteen GUEST LECTURES by r very own ALUMS
a strong NETWORK in the INDUSTRY
most of r FACULTY are our ALUMS

so the moral of the story is that
if u dont mind having lectures in non a/c classes then there is nothing else that shud stop u from JBIMS
for ne queries on CET or BAJAJ pls use this post
would definitely like to help people by sharing whatever exp that i have