JBIMS- MH-CET 2017 ( Dec )

Starting from basics and reaching to desired goal. Putting input and suggestions relevant to the topic. Everyday or weekly reflection and analysis. Timely Discussion for necessary preparation. Suggestions and a companion  through out the journey.  Lets stay focused on our purpose.

Note : Please dont put unnecessary points and comments leading to unnecessary waste of time and discussion. Chill out and stay calm!!

I would like to start with a Quote :

Courage is not the absence of fear,but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear. 

Wish you all the best for CAT 2016 Preparation and Journey.. 😃  

How much time one must schedule for covering all the basics required for CAT ?

So what is the strategy for your CAT preparation .. please share your ideas....

1. Take Mock test ( Even if we consider we are at low level )

2. Doing all basic maths ( NCERT & RS Agarwal QA book)

3. Starting to Read alot ( Discussing, analyzing and taking view of how when and why, noting new words ) 

4. Reflection and planning on everyday study and time utilization.

5.By the end of Jan we have to be prepared with all basics required and be prepared with foundation 

What do you say guys? will we be on right track?

Hi, I'm a working professional in Kolkata and have decided to appear for CAT 2016 for the first time. which institute would you suggest I join for classroom training (weekend classes)? 

I wanted to know if Byju's would be a good option given that they don't actually have a physical presence here yet. I'd have to opt for their Tablet course. but as they are quite flexible with their timings it seems like a pretty good option. 

Kindly help me out. 

Today, Our Second week is starting. I would Like to request you all who are seriously preparing  for the Exam and Aiming to get 99.9% please share your status, views and how much you want to target this week  and how much ur able to achieve ur targets till now..

How many are from Mumbai and Joining Coaching TIME or IMS ? ...Study Groups interested ?

We can start with Arithmetic in QA. 

So chapter 1: Ratio and Proportion.

Solve and discuss doubts here. Keep posting good questions.

CAT'13- 90.xx, CAT'15-74.xx   An Engineer by graduation , a businessman by profession...screw it , let's do it...CAT-2016 it is ..!!  

I think we have enough time to jump from xy.za percentile to 99.9x percentile. Gear up guys. Let us make 2016 our year. Serious aspirants, please be active on this group. There is nothing like group study.

Two radios are sold for ` 480 each; one at a
loss of x% and the other at a profit of x%. If
the total cost of the radios is `1,000, find 2x?
(1) 10 (2) 20
(3) 30 (4) 40

We need to weekly plan studies,tests and analysis to keep track of how we r going and discuss our progress... Also in verbal n comps skills, analytical skills, daily word or grammer tips, math tricks and tips will also be helpful for all .. So what we study whatever is common and helpful we will update here.. But without wasting time.. Remember this is for our mind getting relaxed. We have our individual strengths and weaknesses, we can discuss that, everyone will plan their studies according to their level. Here all we can do is contribute by giving to others and taking from them whatever helpful on individual basis.

Ims or CL or Time in chennai ?

Which Classes could be the better ones in Delhi.?

Prepared on my own for around 3 months and scored 97.91 percentile this time. Looking to go again with proper mentoring. 

  • CL CP
  • Any Other
  • BYJU’s
  • Alchemist
  • IMS
  • Time, CP (Elite Batch)

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Cat 2016 syllabus please?

which year pass out are you?

  • 2012
  • Nota
  • 2015
  • 2014
  • 2013
  • 2011

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Guys r u in for cat 2016...started preparation??

Please guys need some assistance I am working in bpo(genpact) non voice profile in accounts and finance I just want to know is this experience worthy for Mba in India and abroad plz assist

Which institute is best in indore? Time or CL?

We all saw how stringent the cut off were this year by top IIM's . Lets take initiative and prepare proper weekly schedule for 2-3 topics.

I am refering Quatam CAT book by sarvesh K Verma and  DI LR by nishit sinha. suggestions are welcomed.  lets gear up and help each other. 

We needa be consisent as woking ppl like many of us give up as time is lost.