Jamboree for GRE

The most organized, motivating and precise training and counselling provided. Verbal training is beyond excellence. Admission counselling is apt, effective and timely. Approachable any time of the day and swift responses along with extra information for the student's benefit! Step by step guidance is a huge plus point as it clears any confusion and puts you on the right track.

The most organized, motivating and precise training and counselling provided. Verbal training is beyond excellence. Admission counselling is apt, effective and timely. Approachable any time of the day and swift responses along with extra information for the student's benefit! Step by step guidance is a huge plus point as it clears any confusion and puts you on the right track.

Hello i am a student of Jamboree, Jayanagar , Bangalore center. I joined the counseling program provided by them and I am very much satisfied by the guidance , feedback and the attention they gave to each of my queries.

Whenever I send a writing, I always receive the feedback for the questions asked in no time.

Overall i feel joining Jamboree was a really good decision.

I am very much satisfied with the help i got in my admission process. It had been 2 years since my undergrad and it was very difficult to get help. But Jamboree made things very easy ūüėÉ They have proper documentation which was a very good reference, in case that wasn't enough, I could mail them, go in person. Helped in preparing SOP, shortlisting universities etc. Overall I would recommend it ūüėÉ

My name is Ayush Gupta. Last year I had made up my mind to pursue my Masters in US. The first step was to start coaching for GRE coaching. One of my friends suggested me to join Jamboree. After my initial research I finally decided to join Jamboree Pune. I must say that this decision has been the best decision so far. The faculties at Jamboree were very supportive. Coming from an engineering background quant was not difficult but Verbal was something that scared me. But the verbal faculty made the concepts so clear that the application became very easy. The Study material is more than enough and I did not refer to any material outside the one given by Jamboree. The mock tests provided simulates the actual GRE. I finally succeeded in getting a 320 I the GRE.

I then reliased that only good score is not enough but it is equally important that I get to choose my school fit. At this stage again Jamboree came to my rescue. The counselor expertise Helped me select the most appropriate universities according to my profile. The advise helped me make the right decision in the most tensed moments during the admission process.

Well the above review does not mean that you do not do your part of the research but definately don't give Jamboree a miss!

I Was a student at Jamboree, Chennai. I went for GRE and TOEFL training. If I'm here with a guaranteed admission today, it's entirely because of what i learned there!  The coaching that they give is so intense that you cannot possibly go wrong!  They have amazing faculty, people who were in our position once, who know our negatives, and change them to positive!  If you're looking for a place to begin your dream to study abroad, then here's a start! 

Jamboree, is truly a launching pad for an education abroad. I am a former student of Jamboree's Annanagar branch. As the other posts (especially Ayush Gupta's) have already stated a similar experience I had. I would like to add just one point to it. From my observation, both the teaching and the non-teaching staff build a very good rapport with each and every student even personally, which is a big plus for the students to perform well at all levels.

I'm from SRM University, Chennai. And during my GRE dream, Jamboree was there for help. The staff used to come twice a week to our college itself and learning was entertaining. If burdens can be fun, I guess Jamboree has done a great job as everyone has said. Thanks guys.

Jamboree has a great training program for GRE. The course work is well designed.The faculties are highly skilled and very supportive.Individual attention is given to every single student in the class.As a former student, I would recommend Jamboree for those who are planning to write their GRE. Thank you Jam for all the help and support!!

Jamboree Andheri branch has a very great training program for GRE. The faculty as well other staff are very helpful, i have received great help from them, also the lab service and mock tests are very useful and well equipped. THANK YOU. 

I took my GRE training at Jamboree. It provides first class training with it's well-made coursework. The faculties at Jamboree are very friendly and they ensure that all the students actively participate in the class. If you want to prepare for GRE with fun and not with stress, then Jamboree is your destination.

I took training for my GRE from the center in Anna Nagar, Chennai during July 2013 to October 2013. My math faculty was a retired man and he taught the concepts brilliantly. He showed us how to approach a sum and create a formula on spot in a jiffy by relating with real life examples. My verbal faculty was a young man. His approach to linking the words in vocab list and creating a relevant mnemonic proved to be great. His methods of tackling sentence completion and comprehension were too good. Being not so great with complex english, his teaching helped me by leaps and bounds. The center manager was also very very friendly. In the end, I got a decent score which fetched me prestigious institutions like USC and TUM.

Hi all. I took coaching in the Nungambakkam centre of Jamboree for GRE. My experience there was a good one. My verbal faculty was quite brilliant. He always makes sure that everyone in the room understands before proceeding to the next question. Verbal was pretty much simplified after following his tactics and suggestions. However, my math faculty was a little biased among the bright kids and he use to teach somewhat fast. But then, he would always repeat any question if asked to and he frequently encouraged and gave advice as to how to strive for more.

Hey all! I took my GRE training at nungambakkam jamboree branch. Math class was so fun filled since we could learn the basics and expand our horizon. Our verbal faculty was of course the best - Ram, who also helped me with ielts. Overall the materials provided and teaching was better than most places in Chennai. Thank you for all your help.

Jamboree, Nungabakkam centre is the best place anyone could get coached for GRE and TOEFL entrances. The verbal and quant staffs are not only brilliant and make sure that the students learn each and every concept, but also very friendly. With an excellent administration by the centre manager, it is the best place to ensure education abroad.

If taking the GRE was a mountain on the journey to a Masters abroad, then Jamboree not only paved the path for me to the top, but also made the climb completely worth it. My Verbal and Quant faculty at the Chennai - Nungambakkam centre,  Srivatsan sir and Jaiganesh sir helped me toss various obstacles out of the way and patiently helped me progress till the end. Their methods of teaching not only involve learning inside the classroom, but outside too. They made every moment enjoyable, motivating, and valuable. If it weren't for them, I would have never known the secrets of prime numbers or what phantasmagoria really was! Faculty members like them, coupled with a dedicated team of counsellors, administrative and non-teaching staff, makes for a perfect combo, and makes Jamboree India the place to go for a succesful and stress-free venture to the top! 

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) is required for entry into graduate programs at most institutions in the United States. As with most standardized tests, individuals who study and practice the test in advance can improve their scores by more than enough to justify the effort.  It has three separate components: the analytical writing section, the verbal reasoning section and the quantitative reasoning section.

There is a must need for any GRE aspirant to comfort himself with online questions on writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative section. Anyone can register here and can give online tests Moreover the students can directly access and give some mind blowing and specially designed tests here .

I am Urvi from SRM University.

Attending the GRE classes straight after 7 hours of college was surprisingly fun. The verbal classes were filled with active discussions and exchange of opinions. It was a class where we didn't only learn mnemonics and sentence completion tips but also to overcome one's shyness and speak up, which is crucial for one's study abroad.

Studying the synonym grouped vocab list with mnemonics became a quick way to by heart the new words, but not really know how to or where to apply them in a sentence.  A single word could have multiple meaning like "fell" or "galvanize" or we would know the word "contend", but make a mistake with "contentious". 

I would have really preferred a vocab list where a mixed set of words were explained with examples along with their multiple meanings as the example too gets etched in the mind, giving us an idea where and how to use the word.

Further, as majority of students would opt for the internet based test, we need more practice on solving quant questions faster on the screen and not by redrawing them on our rough sheets. Practicing completely on paper is not sufficient; we need more practice with a timer, with our eyes on screen.

Also we need to get the hang of swiftly perusing through the long detailed passages that could appear on a GRE exam.  Practicing in a book lets us use a pencil to highlight something which will never happen in the exam. Reading off the screen is a little different, and takes time to get adjusted with. Thus, apart from the 5 practice exams online that Jamboree provides, I would have preferred more practice questions with timers.

We would have also had more benefits, if there was a center close to our college. The long distance made post class communications and an assistance of any sort, difficult.

Hi, I am Shivani from Jaipur.

Happy to be a part of this jamboree institute, everyone should study here once. The faculties are the best one can find in Jaipur. They have everything from course material to practice material to mock test. I can advise anyone to blindly trust on Jamboree because 100% they are the best in their field.

It is the best institute for GRE. 

Thank you.

Hi, my name is Arun and I received a score of 335 (Quants-170 Verbal-165) in the GRE and a score of 5 in the AWA section of the GRE.

There are three primary reasons for how I got a good score.

The first and fundamental reason was the guidance I received from Jamboree's teachers. The Quants and Verbal faculty from the Anna Nagar branch are highly qualified professionals who taught me the most important lesson: GRE is simple. There is nothing complex about the questions that are given in the Quants sections. I remember that I tried to use all the complex maths that I learnt in the 11th and 12th until I was asked not to over think things. The Quants sir faculty showed me that every question had a simple method and could be solved in less than 20 seconds. Knowing this quickly made me start thinking of new ways to solve the problems instead of simple number crunching. The Verbal coaching was designed in such a way that I soon got used to GRE's style of questions. In the beginning, the complex structure of the sentences threw me off but over time I got used to it and was able to answer most questions correctly.

The second reason is the material that I used to study after the classes got over. The two supplements provided by Jamboree are crammed with enough problems to last a year and I still hadn't finished both the books by the time I finally wrote the GRE. I used books from other coaching centres too but few came close to the quality of questions provided in Jamboree's books.

The third and final reason is the numerous tests that I wrote before the exam. I gave probably 11-12 tests out of which I attended 3 AWA sections. I was too lazy to attend the AWA section for the first 9. The Powerprep tests offered by ETS are the closest one can come to the actual GRE experience and they provide a passable range of questions. The most challenging tests I wrote were the 5 provided by Jamboree in its online portal in which 3 tests had horrendously difficult Quants sections where I barely scraped a 155. Reviewing those questions to find my mistakes helped me improve my Quants aptitude significantly.

You might think that I have neglected to talk about the part where most Indians struggle, the dreaded Verbal and AWA sections. There is only one way to get about solving this problem though it might sound clichéd. That way is practice. Almost 80% of the words in GRE won't be used in normal conversations but they have to be studied and remembered somehow. It might be a bitter pill to swallow but there are ways to ease the hardship of memorizing the words. The Magoosh app was key for my learning almost 500 new words in just a few days. The word lists provided in the Jamboree supplement also helped immensely.

Finally, after all the prep is done and you go to the test centre, remaining calm is very very important. The fact that I had a friend with whom I wrote the test really helped. Casual banter helped calm my nerves and that might be the biggest reason for my score. Anyway, I really hope this review of my test experience might help all you guys about to attempt the test out there! All the best!