Jaipuria Institute of Management All Campus 2018-2020

Here you can ask question and your queries regarding to admission .

How many of you are applying to Jaipuria Lucknow ? And what is your entrance percentile and score?

i have been able to covert jaipuria lucknow and has the offer of admission. They asked to pay the Ist installment of fee by 26th Feb, But as gdpi of other colleges were not yet over, so i have not paid the fee so far. I don't know whether the offer is still open or not. Anybody else in similar situation ? Kindly share your experience and views.  

Jaipuria, no offence but please stop spamming our inboxes !

Is there any whatsapp grp for jaipuria lucknow campus 2018-20?

Any whatsapp grp for jaipuriya noida?

How many are joining NOIDA campus?

Which is the campus is the best one among all??

To all those who will be joining JAIPURIA NOIDA, who all are working on BOP?

Those who are joining Noida campus, how many of you are from DELHI?

How many of you are from ranchi ?

How many are you from Ranchi Joining

  • Jaipuria Jaipur
  • Jaipuria Noida
  • Jaipuria Indore
  • Just checking
  • Jaipuria Lucknow

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MAT- 93.32%

10th- 70.40%

12th- 54.16%

BE- 57%

With 2 Years 9 Months of experience in ICICI Bank Ltd.

Will it be good to join Jaipuria for me?

Worst college ever

anyone joining Jaipuria Indore campus this year?

Is it necessary to participate in bop project of jaipuria noida?

anyone joining noida campus for batch 2019-2021?? previous year students are requested to give review of this college.. Is it worth here in noida?? 

is there any ..... group of jaipuria noida for batch 2019-2021?

anyone joining jaipuria lucknow or ghaziabad for 2019-21 batch ? plz reply ....how its placements someone tell