Jaipur National University MBA admission 2018-2020 in distance education

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Howz Jaipur national University for distance mba?

 Jaipur National University promotes and impart quality professionals and bring about technical education and holistic transformation of students to make them globally competent in this competitive and challenging world.

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Jaipur National University, Jaipur, a Private self-financed University, sponsored by Mahima Shiksha Samiti, came into existence on October 22, 2007 through an Ordinance of the Government of Rajasthan, In 2008, after thorough inspection by an expert panel of UGC members, the University was accorded approval under Section 2(f).

With more than 7000 students and around 600 faculty members, the University is offering Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral Programmes in streams, like Engineering, Pharmacy, Life and Basic Sciences, Business and Management, Education, Law, Mass Media, Hotel Management, Computer and System Sciences, English Language, Social Work, Nursing, Medical and Para-Medical Courses.

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Jaipur National Universit provides the two-year M.Ed. programme which is designed to provide opportunities for students to extend as well as sharpen their knowledge and understanding of education, specialize in select areas and also develope research capacities, leading to specialization in elementary and secondary education.

Duration: 2 Year

Eligibility: Bachelor's Degree in Education with 55% marks)

Selection Procedure: Selection through only PTET ( E T by Nodal Agency, Dept. of Higher Education Govt Rajasthan + GD/PI & Merit)

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At Jaipur National University  ,



  • Preparation of Postgraduate student towards  his/her  professional  autonomy  with  self  regulating  discipline  at  par  with  global  standards.
  • Formation  of  base  of  the  professional  practice  by  referral  as  well  as  first  contact  mode  using  evidence  based  practice.
  • Acquainting  a  students  to  with  concept  of  quality  care  at  the  institutional  as  well  as  the  community  levels.
  • Inculcation  of  appropriate  professional  relationship  in  a  multidisciplinary set  up &  patient  management.
  • Incorporation of concept of management in physiotherapy.
  • Experience in clinical training & undergraduate teaching.
  • Providing the honest, competent & accountable physiotherapy services to the community.  

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Career Prospects of  BACHELOR OF PHYSIOTHERAPY (BPT)  at Jaipur National University.
  • Currently there are tremendous openings for Indian Physiotherapistas   work   in   developed   nations   like   Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Eastern countries.  Moreover, the   increasingly sedentary urban lifestyle and lack of exercise brings on a whole body aches and pains, which requires the assistance of specialized physiotherapists.
  • Numerous clinics, hospitals, health departments, private nursing homes and rehabilitation centers in India and abroad are specialized area where the physiotherapists are employed. They can get self employment by starting private practice. However, commencing a physiotherapy center on your own could call for heavy financial investment.  
  • A career in physiotherapy can lead to a variety of interesting and challenging jobs in the health care system. Physiotherapists get specializations in the areas such as pediatrics, geriatrics, neurology, cardio respiratory, and orthopedics. Physiotherapists can also obtain a doctorate degree and become involved in research.

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The School of Distance Education and Learning (SODEL) of Jaipur National University was established in the year 2008-2009. In Sept, 2009 the University got approval from DEC and the Joint Committee of AICTE-UGC-DEC accorded its approval to start various programs of studies at under graduate and post graduate level. Quality assurance and maintenance have been the motto of the School of Distance Education & Learning, and has all along maintained parity with education offered to regular students in colleges and universities. The students are provided quality study material in Self Learning format and in addition to this counseling is provided by well educated and experienced academic counselors at the place near to their doorstep. One of the great advantages of Distance Learning is that it provides a viable and affordable alternative to conventional mode of education, especially for those, who for several socio-economic, family and geographic constraints, could not get education despite their high motivation and genuine aptitude for studies, and also for those who do not have time for education through conventional mode because of their personal, professional and family obligations.

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Keeping in view its commitment to elevate the quality of life of its diverse student body, the University has created several schools of study that focus on job-oriented programmes of study and research. A distinguished faculty, comprising the best in scholarship and a perfect blend of experience and expertise, takes pride in initiating young minds to a whole new world of knowledge, equipping them in the domains of theory and praxis. Jaipur National University offers integrated and dual degree programmes in selected disciplines as well as education through the Distance mode.  

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 Jaipur National University has played host to several national and international symposia and conferences which witnessed the convergence of academic stalwarts and the world's most brilliant minds on the Jaipur National University campus, the Symposium on Climate change of the National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) and the 19th National Children Science Congress (NCSC) being two such events that focused on the emerging complexities of the contemporary world. 

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 Jaipur National University has gained wide international exposure and recognition and become home to thousands of students including those from Nepal, Malaysia, Africa and Nigeria in pursuit of a meaningful academic experience. The University has several international tie-ups with Universities in Europe and Australia, thereby opening the eyes of the students to new areas of research and study and providing an exposure to the best practices of global education and corporate environment. The holistic approach adopted by Jaipur National University has resulted in proud placements for the students in top-notch companies. On an everyday basis, students get involved in numerous activities on the campus, join clubs and organizations, participate in community service programmes and attend cultural and educational events thereby enriching their worldview and perspective.  

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The programme is oriented to educate and train the students in the management skills so as to make them more adaptive in the competitive corporate sector. The semester-wise exposure to simulate theories with practical aspects, inclusion of innovations, the core elements of the teaching-learning process and rigorous corporate interactions makes them more employable.

  • The course aims to impart specialization in two functional areas thereby, imparting those management skills in the student, which makes them more adapted and employable in corporate sector.
  • The course has strong Industry interface and Industry oriented pedagogy designed to develop critical skills needed for specific fields through Case Study Analysis, Workshops, Seminars and Industrial visits.
  • It integrates theory and practice in multi-functional framework to handle complex management issues through Project Work & Field Assignments.
  • In this course, the students are geared to grasp complex theoretical formulations and their applications to ground realities through Simulation Model.

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Career Opportunities after pursuing MBA from JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY

  • Abundant Opportunities in Operation Management, Research & Development, Supply Chain & Logistics Management, Hospitality Management and various other verticals in Manufacturing & Service Industry .
  • Wide ranging career options in Industries like Retail, Tourism, Banking, Hospitality, Media, PR & Advertising, Consultancy, and Market Research.
  • Innumerable avenues in Finance Management such as Banks, Financial Consultancies, Financial Institutions, Consumer and Investment Banking, Institutional Finance, Merchant Banking, Corporate and International Finance.
  • Exciting career options in Human Resource Management, Talent Acquisition and Training & Development.
  • Various other lucrative career options are available in International Business Management, Consultation and Entrepreneurship.

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The program aims to impart specialization in two functional areas viz., Hospital and Healthcare Management to develop students as effective professionals. The students are geared to grasp complex theoretical formulations and their applications to ground realities. Equal attention is given on the understanding of theories and concepts based on empirical realities. Program is designed for the students who have a desire to make career in hospitals and healthcare centers without having involvement in direct patient care activities.

The objectives of this program are -

  • To provide management education to the medical, allied health and other personnel working in the field of health service industry.
  • To equip executives concerned with health administration to update their knowledge about management.
  • To develop appropriate skills and attitude for effective handling of day to day functioning of the hospital.
  • To prepare budding managers to relate various modern management techniques in managing health care services in the country.

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MBA (Hospital & Health Care Management) is semester-wise two years full time program. The conceptualized theory subjects cover Hospital & Health care areas. The students have an added advantage and may take the project work in Institute for Medical Sciences and Research Centre of Jaipur National University.  

Apart from teaching activities, other professional skill development programs, Seminars, Industry Interactions, Industrial project trainings, Field assignments, Guest lectures etc. is a part of the curriculum, to groom students in a practical way & simulate them to be competent in their respective field.

Duration: 2 Years


Bachelor's Degree (any stream) with good score in All India Level Aptitude test like MAT/ CAT/ CMAT/XAT/CET etc.

Selection Procedure:


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Being healthy requires proper functioning of body and mind simultaneously. For students, it is imperative that they remain physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. Keeping this in mind, JNU Jaipur has taken various initiatives.

Students of JNU Jaipur have access to medical facilities within the campus. When required, the following health facilities can be obtained in the university:

  • General Medicine
  • Well-equipped medical Labs
  • Comprehensive medical care

Visit:   https://www.jnujaipur.ac.in/health-safety/ 

Career Prospects after pursuing MBA in Fashion Management:

  • Costume designers
  • Fashion consultants
  • Fashion Stylists
  • Product Developer
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Fashion Retail Managers
  • Trend Forecasters
  • Free Lancing

Visit:  https://www.jnujaipur.ac.in/courses/mba-in-fashion-management/136/ 


Unicorn Club is well managed Tech Club of JNU,Jaipur, mainly focuses on collaborative learning, team building and project building. We strongly encourage learning of new technologies. We promote open-source technologies but together we talk about closed source projects too. The new ideas proposed are taken into considerations as well as being developed and promoted the period of time. The club is a family with people all over. Each member of the club serves it as its child. The contributions made are appreciated.

Last year WebVR event was organized by Unicorn club. This event was about open source organizations, their role and code ethics. Participants get to know about open-source organizations such as Mozilla, DuckDuckGo, etc. and lots of other and ways to contribute to those organizations. The primary focus of this event was rebooting of Unicorn Club and make them aware of the opportunities waiting ahead. With this event, participants learned about basics of web designing and virtual reality. The event started with the introduction of Mozilla Club and how one can involve. 

Visit:  https://www.jnujaipur.ac.in/students-clubs/ 

Affiliations & Achievements(JAIPUR NATIONAL UNIVERSITY)

  • Approved by UGC after inspection under clause 2(f) of UGC 1956 Act.
  • First Private University of Rajasthan accredited by NAAC, based on very comprehensive evaluation after only 7 years of its establishment.
  • Ranked amongst Top 25 Best Private University Of India by India Today Survey, 2019
  • Accredited by American University Accreditation Council (AUAC).
  • Member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU).
  • International Tie-Ups/Collaborations with renowned Universities and Institutes in India and abroad.
  • Approvals and Accreditation by all Statutory National Bodies including UGC/ AICTE/ PCI/ NCTE/ BCI/MCI for Regular Courses and by the Joint Committee of UGC-AICTE-DEC for Distance Courses.

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