Itm 2005-2007

*Hi there!! :: * all those who are coming for ITM,NAVI MUMBAI 2005-2007 batch kindly post some info about themselves here.this way we could just get to know each other and form a group sort of. Hoping to hear from all of ya soon!! ** …

Hi there!!
all those who are coming for ITM,NAVI MUMBAI 2005-2007 batch kindly post some info about themselves here.this way we could just get to know each other and form a group sort of.
Hoping to hear from all of ya soon!!


Hi there to all the lucky ones 2 have got into ITM NAVI MUMBAI. So ashish y dint u start with ur details yaar??? I m posting mine here

I am Prajwal Rajan from Ahmedabad. I have done my BE in Electronics and Telecom and hav some work ex also. Currently Im working with Reliance Infocomm. I had applied thro CAT score to this college. Details are as below

CAT 83.57
MAT 87
JMET qualified(thats all I can say bout JMET)

Now lets hear from others who hav got thro. Hope 2 meet all u guys at Khargar soon and have a wonderful time.:smilecol:


Here are my details-
MCOM -2 results awaited
Currently appearing for CA(though i mite end up quitting it )
Spent 3 years after graduation assissting my father in his business.
No work-ex as such.
CAT -96%tile
Dint have the stamina to appear for MAT,XAT,SNAP,etc etc..


What is the latest on the LAPTOP front?
The last time i talked to the authorities i was told that negotiations are on and they will let me know the configuration and estimates by third week of april.
The only thing i know that it ought to be IBM CENTRINO and that we have the option of purchasing it on our own if we want to.

hi there ashish,
i hav done a bit of research on the laptop cost n config that the college is offering to the existing market rates. I was shocked :shocked: to find that the model Thinkpad R-51 of IBM costs about Rs. 64,500 in the market. I saw this in the IBM brochure. And what we r being offered is the Thinkpad R-52 model. The vendor was so impressed with the price that ITM offers us,ie Rs. 45,500 that he asked me if I could manage a laptop for him too. I guess this makes it easier for us to buy the laptop through the college n save some cool bucks:wink: . If u come 2 know nythng more bout this thn let me kno. As of now I thnk its bettr v buy thro the collg.

Hey Prajwal me too got similar estimates.
Guess getting it from ITM wud be better though i still feel you can get the it at the same cost in N.AMERICA.
But then someone will have to gt it as a passenger piece.
Lotsa headache.
Will take it from the college.
Hey did those ANDHRA BANK chaps tell anything about LAPTOP LOANS??
I dont intend buying it outright.


hi guys,

can you please tell me what the config of the laptop is? does ITM require IBM laptops? is it necessary to get centrino?

can we get another laptop (Compaq + AMD Athlon) of the same (or similar) specs?

also any info on what software is required?


Hi anijomathew,
Are you joining us at ITM,NAVI MUMBAI?
If yes then it wud be great to have some details from your side.
Well regarding the laptop i just recieved the quotation from ITM.
its actualy from IBM forwarded by the ITM folks.
The config. is as folows:
The price incl.sales tax at NAVI MUMBAI is Rs.45500/-
payment by DD in favour of some IBM franchisee i guess before 11-05-2005

Anybody received joining instruction letter?

"My advice to you is not to inquire why or whither, but just to enjoy your ice cream :icecream: while it's on your plate."

Have great time...


hello friends
I am also aspiring for ITM-NAVI MUMBAI.
Can anybody tell me from which date the GD/PI was started.
My Interview is on 13-05-2005.
plz help me by sending ur Interview Experiences
byee. help me soon.

hello friends

can anybody tell me as what is the procedure to change the date of GD/PI

My GD/PI is on 13-05-2005 in New Delhi.

I m pursuing an Engg in computer science & have my practicals from 12-05-2005 to
15-05-2005. so its not possible for me to go for a GD/PI on 13th.

So, Friends help me soon so that i can change my date :)

:) :grab: reply soon. Thank U. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Hello sumit,
The interviews started way back in MARCH.
But that doesnt really mean you wont get a centre of your choice.
As regards your GD/PI date i would suggest you just call up the ITM folks and explain to them your problem.
Changing the dates shouldnt be hassle as they are not very rigid,quite approachable.
I came across a few candidates during my own GD/PI who had changed their dates.
So go ahead and talk to them.

Ya ashish, ur right. V can get it damn cheap frm US or Dubai. But I dnt thnk I can manage in such a short time. I thnk the Itm quotation is jst bout right for an IBM lappy. There r cheap ones from acer also but im not sure if they r centrino based. Ny way v'll b using the laptop atleast for the next 5 yrs if not more. So an IBM is jst bout perfect, u kno for carrying to office mayb. So its bettr if v hav d best config now. Regarding the bank loan, I dint approach andhra bank but Indian overseas bank. They told me that laptop wont b a part of the fees or living expenses and hence doesnt qualify for an educational loan. He has called me on monday again so lets c how much I can manage.

Hey n all u new guys n gals visiting the thread, please post some details bout urslf especially if uv got the final calls to itm mumbai. As for u subho, v hav received the joining formalities a few days back. Do post ur intro nxt time. And I thought that the admission procedure to ITM was over!!!! Guess I was wrong. ATB:thumbsup: to all having their gd pis this month. cu

This is Awaneesh ,Welcome to all in ITM Navi mUmbai(2005-07)

thank u nick81

can u tell me about ur GD/PI experience.

reply me soon

:angel: :2gunfire: :argue: :oha:

Hi Prajwal!!!
Well the mail from JITENDRA BHAVSAR clearly states that we are supposed to take a print out of that mail and submit it with ANDHRA BANK to apply for LAPTOP LOANS!!!

I have decided to go for one.but the last date is 11th MAY.
Lemme know what are your views about the same.
(Subho,anijomathew,etc..... plzzzz chip in the with your posts and make this thread happening)

Hi sumit!!
I assume you have got your dates changed.
all the best dude.
As regards my GD/PI experience i can only tell you this much- Prepare your acads well,if you have work experience then have detailed knowledge about the nature of your work,some G.K. would be helpful mostly FINANCE related if you plan to specialise in the same,lotsa confidence and a bit of luck:)

I wouldnt want to go in detail about my was horrifying for the end of 45 mins i felt like running out of they screwed me big time.if you are as unfortunate as me then .........:x ...........but chill ,relax.. ..its not gonna be that tough but yes take up only NAVI MUMBAI centre.I feel the rest are not even worth thinking about.But then again those are my views.

BEST OF LUCK and do keep posting.

Pllease post some info about you.
it will help us know each other better.