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I took Gmat and scored 700 (Q-50, v-34) is dis good enough for ISB ylp round 2? has anyother ylp applicant given Gmat yet?

I took Gmat and scored 700 (Q-50, v-34) is dis good enough for ISB ylp round 2? has anyother ylp applicant given Gmat yet?

dude.. are u on facebook?..
if yes mssg me.. m prashant khuller.
M into ylp too and we have a group of 200 odd students on fb.

this thread seems rather quite inactive... there's one more active at gmatclub. you guys might wanna check it out: ISB YLP 2011 Applicants (Entering 2014) : The B-School Application - Canada, South America, Asia, Australia and Europe

Do we have any thread of ISB YLP 2012 Applicants(Entering 2015) in gmatclub + pagalguy..???
i am going to apply for YLP in march 2012..

dude.. are u on facebook?..
if yes mssg me.. m prashant khuller.
M into ylp too and we have a group of 200 odd students on fb.

can you please send me the link..???

As YLP applicants would be aware, this year Stage 1 of YLP requires applicants to submit an essay on incidents that have happened to you, the impact it had on your life, the way you think, the way you behave etc and why it had such an impact on you.

We are getting a phenomenal number of inquiries, wherein baffled applicants are looking for that one "life altering" incident, that never happened in their lives. These applicants have apparently read on some blog that only life changing incidents should be mentioned.

Thought we would use this space to convey that incidents that happen (or do not happen) in your life, are generally beyond your control. So, ISB cannot penalize you for incidents that never happened to you, and just because no life altering tragedy/happiness ever came your way.

For this essay, more than the incident itself, what matters is the takeaway that you had from that incident. Because this is what will depict you as a person who learns and matures, as you grow. As long as you are able to show that you imbibe learning, as your environment stimulates you, you are good to go.

can we still apply for it....

I think a 700 on the GMAT is not bad if "not good enough". You must now concentrate on your profile. This is very important. I was myself selected to ISB in 2010. I can only say that profile is no less important.

HIE... I Have taken d gmat and managed only a 660... should i retake d gmat and aim for a 700+ score for d isb ylp?

Hi All, CrackVerbal is organizing a Webinar with ISB's Ad-comm member Sanjay Dhingra on "How to Crack Stage 2 of the YLP program at ISB" 

This webinar will address points on how to differentiate your profile, the ideal GMAT scores to apply with, the importance of your undergraduation marks and what the Admission committee at ISB expects from its applicants! 

The webinar is scheduled for 7th June, Sunday from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm. You can register for the Webinar here:

Could you suggest good sites where I can attempt mock GMATs ( they should be self adaptive, just like the main one ) ? Thanks in advance.

With Stage 2 deadline just 2 days away, we wish all the applicants good luck with their applications.

In fact, because of the steep timelines associated with YLP, many applicants have their GMAT scheduled in the next couple of days! We wish them good luck with their exam as well.

For future YLP aspirants, this is bit of an advice we would offer, since many students who are consulting with us have had this issue. We have observed various reasons why the GMAT exam date just brushes the application deadline. The main reasons being:

a) Many students are too occupied with their college lives, or

b) Many students overestimate the time they have at hand to prepare for GMAT or

c) Other students underestimate the time it would take them for GMAT preparation

Hence, as the application deadline approaches, panic sets in, since they have to prepare for GMAT and work on the application as well. 

Keeping this in mind, we strongly suggest future aspirants to plan out the available time in advance, so that neither their GMAT preparation, nor their application gets compromised due to want of time.

Hello everyone,

I just got a call from ISB for interview in YLP program. I will have my interview in few weeks.

I had very low GMAT (600) because of bad health on GMAT day but I still made to interview because my academics is very strong (I am department rank 1 in IIT Roorkee with GPA 4).

Will this low GMAT score be a hurdle in my final interview. Does the GMAT score matter in the final interview.

Thanks in advance.

Hey everyone!

I'll be applying to isb ylp in 2016 and just came to know about this site.Though I did find informative stuff here, ylp related threads are few and I would want to gather more info. Could someone pl suggest proven and trusted sites to follow.

Hello I am Yash JAIN currently in the Third year of my Mechanical Engineering. Please evaluate my profile for the ISB program through YLP. 10th: 78.7% 12th: 70.5% Aggregate until T.E.: 60.5% 1) Working as Alumni and Student connect at NGO named EduComp. 2) Instructor at Pugmarks Eco-Tours. 3) Worked as Aesthetics and Team Leader at STES Racing for Formula SAE Italy in 2014-2015 4) Co-ordinator at College Fest. Hobbies • Trekking and going to mountaineering expeditions. • Anchoring, writing songs and hosting various events. • Playing chess. Achievements • The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award for Young People Bronze level award. • Certificate of Appreciation for serving as Public Relations Representative for Shastra, IIT MADRAS. • Certification of Merit ‘Advanced IC Engines’ as industrial Skill Development Program by ExpertHub. • Worked in Aesthetics team at STES Racing for Formula SAE Italy. I got rejected this year with this profile. I would like to get a feedback about what else can I do to enhance my profile for the YLP 2017 and increase my chances to get through.

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I applied to the YLP programme in my pre-final year and did not make it through possibly because of a low GMAT score. I plan to apply again this year as a final year student. Does it affect your application in any way? What are some things re-applicants need to keep in mind while applying?

Hi, I was rejected in the final interview round last year. I wish to apply again this year. My resume has grown over the year but as far as the essay is concerned, i cannot think of another life-changing incident. Can I use the same essay again?

Young Leaders Program, notes on each option at stage 1.


Option 1: Write about an incident or set of incidents in your life that had the most profound influence on you. While writing this essay briefly mention the incident and the impact it has had on your life. (300 words max)

Option 2: How would you describe yourself as a person and what are the two qualities / skills / attributes that you wish to further develop in yourself through the ISB Young Leaders Programme? (300 words max) 

(300 words max)

As all you YLP Applicants might be aware, ISB has given two options for answering Stage 1 Essay this year. We will be highlighting how to choose the right option given your profile and how to approach each option in detail.

Choosing the right option :

The first option’s intent is to understand your experiences and learnings at a broader level, here you talk about your story, your formative experiences and incidents that have profoundly influenced the way you think, act, live and learn.

Choose this option if you have had a specific incident that changed your outlook for the better or if you want to showcase how you have developed over the years into a wise and prudent individual because of a string of events and experiences. This option gives you an opportunity to bring forth the real motivations and stories that have shaped you.

Someone with good writing proficiency and a creative bent of mind could do wonders with this essay. Also one of the pre-requisites here is to actually have been privy to such a profound experience. It may not be commonplace and hence you have to take a long hard look at your past experiences and pick out significant instances that demonstrate learning and growth.

The Second option is a good way out for the non-author types, you can follow a structured content and trait based approach. Ask yourself, what are the two things that work the best for you, character traits/attributes. You could be a leader, someone with great interpersonal skills or someone with a well rounded personality. Pick the top 2 traits, or if you are confused ask a few friends or your professors. Also this essay gives you an opportunity to showcase your clarity around your career goals, both right after college as well as after YLP. You can talk in depth about your take aways from ISB and the YLP weekend programs in between. More on this soon.

For any further help feel free to inbox me.