isb kills dreams

All ISB aspirants please go through this site: heck with isb

All ISB aspirants please go through this site: heck with isb

ISB - a killer of dreams

Yes that's right, you heard it correct - loud and clear. If you are one of the aspirants of ISB you would know the basis. And you would know the reality well if you have been trying for it for quite some time now and fail to make it at the end.

Getting into ISB is a long term plan. At least a year long planning is required. Unless you involve too much into it, you cannot get into it. If you involve too much there is a high possibility that you get hurt if you do not get it. And if you involve too much there is a lot of possibility that you get hurt badly and even get fired at your current job because you are not paying much attention to your job.

If you ask me why you need lot of planning - let us say you want to join the class of 2011 then you should take a GMAT appointment right in Feb 2010 itself. You finish your exam by June or July and apply in the month of September and then prepare for the interview and then get ready for the college. If you are a hard core geek and want to switch line then you have to get yourself tuned to verbal, which is certainly more than an year's effort. So in general it is two to three years of planning and not something like you decide to go to college now since the recession forced you to resign. Nor it is like I came back from onsite let me go to college and study for an year then I plan the future.

If you ask me why you might get fired - a career is about taking responsibilities, additional responsibilities, initiatives, proactive steps, and most importantly developing and enhancing competencies. You are trying to improve the communication aspects and not pay attention to core competency advancements, they are by you are seen at job, by your peers and superiors, as a person who is simply trying to get success without hard work and performance. Even if you do not get fired, you will lose ground - cannot excel at it - and eventually get slowed down in career growth.

So the best I advise to the current generation is to pay attention to what you in hand. Never dream about ISB. If you dream about a B-school and if that is your passion, you do it- but rather resign from your job and take 2 year break and try something. Work ex is something everyone asks and takes into consideration at admission time - trust me you rather not have it or fake it than, do work and not achieve your goal. Working out of an offshore sweat shop is no easy task and you cannot dream big while doing that. This is the reality of life.

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