ISB Cycle-2 Discussion

Hi folks, Starting a new thread for ISB Cycle-2 updates, interview calls, admit decisions etc! I’m a C-2 aspirant. My application has been marked as being complete and is being evaluated! Looking forward to your contributions. …

Hi folks,

Starting a new thread for ISB Cycle-2 updates, interview calls, admit decisions etc!

I'm a C-2 aspirant. My application has been marked as being complete and is being evaluated!

Looking forward to your contributions.


Hi there,
i am in the same boat. Thank God you started this thread...else I would have had to do the honours!! I believe they started giving out calls about 11 days after the deadline.

My application is also being verified.
Lets hope for the best!!


Hi there,
My status shows:

Hard copy package received. Further update will be available, once the documents have been verified.

Any insights by ISB junta into the number of applications received for the second round shall definitely be helpful.


I too am glad to be a part of the gang. I somehow managed to send the app on the 6th. I think it has reached. Fingers crossed. I dont have a realistic chance since my GMAT score is low.

SO ppl ne news at all .....hey ISBians puhleezz kuch to batao kya scene hai ad office mein???


Hey Guys...Anybody willing to tell me their profiles??GMAT scores,exp,extra Corrics etc....I guess I want to see if I really have a chance....Anybody from Bangalore???
My No. is 09342466227

Moi a R2 applicant.

6yrs workexp in IT consulting/services. GMAT 700. Okay acads (Bsc Phy and MCA). Good extracurriculars - teaching, quizzing.


Hi folks,

I'd started this thread but I've been having some problems logging in with my original ID. So I'd be using this ID from now on.

My profile:
GMAT - 710
Work experience - 6.5 years in IT Consulting
Academics - B.E with decent grades
Extra Curriculars - Average

I guess we can expect the interview calls to start trickling in in about 10-15 days. For C-1, they were sending out the calls based on the interview locations. The order for C-1 was:
Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai - 2 to 3 days each
Hyderabad and International Phone Interviews - Ongoing

I reckon there should be around 1500 applications for C-2; give or take a couple hundred either way!


Hi ppl...
My profile:
GMAT 700
Work ex:2 yrs 7 months Sw
Extra Currcs-Good-teaching, public speaking, group activities:satisfie:

Seriously speaking I think I am the kid in the grp....and that too a scared one!!

all the best bade log!!:)

K...guys spurred by the enthusiasm shown by other ppl, I post mine here. apped for C2:

Cat: 96.4 %ile ('04)
Acads: Mabbe good? top 10% of the B.E. class. Topped my school in +2.
Exp: 5.5 yrs , IT -Products - CRM
Extra-curricular: Editor - coll. mag., x-words, Quizzing, TT and all other sundries


Hey I think I am the lowest one then :)

GMAT 620
Workex 3 yrs
BE from good coll and working for a good company
and extracuriculars is not bad!

nywz lets see guys ..All the best to all of us

Hello ppl, I have also applied on 7th, the last day of R2 !! I have applied through CAT score 2005 which came out on the 6th, so not given GMAT yet.

My profile : 3 + yrs of exp in IT, good extracurriculars, 99.54 % in CAT '05.

All the best to all of us !

hello ppl, I believe their would be somewhere arnd 2K applicants in R2..R1 had 1500 so we got to expect more than that..Of which they would call abt 1K for interviews..and than give out calls to abt 200(may be less than that..depending upon R1 acceptance percentage)....

Here is my Profile,
GMAT 720
Work Ex: 2 yrs and 10 months...
Grad: IIT Bombay CGPA:8.6...
no gr8 extra currics...the BIG GRAY THING in my profile...

Hi is there anyone whose appln status is still showing as hard copies to be received ? Just before the status page we get the message that 'RECEIPT OF CYCLE-2 APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACKNOWLEDGED, ONCE THEY

I'd submitted my application on 31st December. It was reviewed and marked as complete 2 days after the courier was delivered. I guess they're still reviewing applications that were received closer to the deadline. One reason could be the fact that they were busy with communicaing the C-1 decisions!

well here is my profile
be production frm mumbai
27 months in manufacturing
gmat 740

Hi engico, did the first status you get was 'review completed' after you had sent your appln. ? Actually I am not able to verify whether my appln has reached them. I had sent it through speed post but am not able to get its current status now.

My status is - Hard Copies received. Pending for verification.

Hi Guys, I am an R1 admit and the best advice I can offer is write down your answers to common interview questions. It helped me a lot. Not only would it make you more confident but also be clear about what you want to say.

You can even have your friends cross question you about what you are going to reply.

Cheers and all the best!

find me at 😃