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Hi All! I am aspiring for ISB 2019-2020, would like to know is it better to give GRE or GMAT for ISB intake? is there any much difference?

YLP DOUBTS I'm in my final year B.COM which will end in june 2017. 1.Can I apply for YLP programme? If yes then: 2. Till when can I apply for it? 3.Which Gmat score will I have to submit?

Hi guys! I'm planning to apply to isb to the class of 2019. 10th 90%, 12th 88%, Mechanical Engineering from NIT Warangal 2011 batch. 8.00 GPA. 4 + years of experience as a piping engineer in the oil and gas industry. And 1.5 years experience as a Research Assistant. I want to know what chances I have to get through. Yet to give Gmat



I applied to the YLP programme in my pre-final year and did not make it through possibly because of a low GMAT score. I plan to apply again this year as a final year student. Does it affect your application in any way? What are some things re-applicants need to keep in mind while applying?

Hello Guys, I plan to apply for ISB class of 2019. I am ECE from Anna University with 74%, Class 12 85% and Class 10 90%. I have 11 years of experience in IT across various industry domains and cross functional roles. While I see that the general class profile is between 23 and 42 years of age, I would like to know from ISB Alumni and experts here on the points of being among the most aged in an ISB class. If anyone could elucidate the pros and cons of my position, it would be great.

PS: Though I have never given GMAT, I had an Admit to SUNY Buffallo Phd In Marketing management (2005 admit, GRE/TOEFL) but could not take it up for personal reasons. 

Hi, does anyone have any information about the GRE score range for class of 2018 admits? I am a 2019 aspirant.

Hi All! I will have 4 years of work experience in the field of IT by May 2017. Have worked with service and product companies during this time frame. My scores are 88.48/94/8.86 in 10th-ICSE/12th-CBSE/BTech. Would like to know if I should clock more work ex or the time is ripe now to take a swing at ISB's PGP?


We are a group of 15 admits to ISB and since September have helped 514 applicants with free compiled preparation material including debriefs, essays and interview tips, all the resources have been sourced from ISB Alumni. We ask you to inbox us since we don't want your email IDs to be public. There have been people who have labelled our efforts as a scam, however we have close to 150 testimonials of people thankful for our efforts to them, we will continue helping out people on this platform, if you require any of our compiled resources kindly just inbox.

Hello all, 

i am planning for the isb 2018-19 batch.

i will have 3.5 years of work experience by december 2017 . 63% in my Btech(mechanical) 68 % in 12th and 72% in 10 th . I want to know till when I can give the GMAT exam and based on my profile what should be better !! 


I am an IT professional with 10 years of experience, including almost 6 years of international experience, PMP,ITIL certified. what GMAT score should be good enought to get into ISB ? 

 I am an IT professional with 4 yrs of exp by end of 2017. My profile details are 10th : 88% , 12th : 85% , Btech in ECE : 8.82 DGPA . 4 yrs exp in quality Assurance . ISTQB Certified . 2 promotions in a span of 2.5 yrs . An Active memebr of NGO . Organised fests in college . Please evaluate my profile for ISB. Would be appearing for GMAT in 3 months.  Also please suggest will it be possible for a profile switch into marketing with 4 yrs of Exp in IT 

 Hello every one,

a brief over my profile.

10th - 79% - up board

12th - 77% Up board

Graduation- Civil engg- UPTU- 78%( distinction )

Work ex till march 2018- 3.8 years- in the same company( an international logistics firm)- in International Project Logistics.

1st position- Asst. manager - projects- almost 1.5 years in Mumbai
handling Major projects across Pan India - moving almost 5,00,000.00 FRT cargo.Role- Deputy Project manager

2nd position- Project manager-Projects- selected for an elite profile within the group for a training prgram ( which comprises seeking experience in all major countries across the globe- this is a leadership program for middle/ senior management positions)

worked in almost 7 countries, with experience of almost all major ports.
Germany, Singapore, USA, UAE, Europe, and future posting places.
worked with almost all major  EPC's ( technip, Flour, CB&I  and many more).

and othe renowned companies like Shell, Petrofac, etc.
3 major projects accomplished world wide,generating around milllions.( 2 LNG projects - one in Russia,and second in Hosuton and one Petro chemical project in India)moved uptill now some thing like 9,00,000.00 FRT cargo.

Lead a team of almost 250people.

Also extracurricular - NCC certificates for both navy and Army.

the only question, I am a bit interested in the ISB PGP program, planning to write the GMAT. how much exact/minimum score I need to have to get a call from ISB. Let sasume if I get 680+, is it sufficient to get me a call or atlest anything near 720+ is required?

Thanks a lot for replies.

Please review my profile :-  Academic Details :-   PGDIT from SPJIMR, Mumbai with 80.75% . BE (Mechanical Engineering) from VTU , Karnataka with 76.6%  Certifications:  ITIL Foundation Certified  PRINCE2 Practitioner . Professional Experience :  I am a Project Manager and have insightful experience of nearly 12 years in managing multiple software development and telecom infrastructure projects across various geographies while meeting business needs in a fast paced, dynamic and globally expanding MNC environment.  10 years in TCS and around 2 years in BT.  Several customer appreciations and accolades from clients.  Onsite experience = 3.5 years  Social Engagements - As part of CSR activities visited old age homes.  Do I stand a chance for admission. If yes what should be target score in GMAT ?

Young Leaders Program, notes on each option at stage 1.


Option 1: Write about an incident or set of incidents in your life that had the most profound influence on you. While writing this essay briefly mention the incident and the impact it has had on your life. (300 words max)

Option 2: How would you describe yourself as a person and what are the two qualities / skills / attributes that you wish to further develop in yourself through the ISB Young Leaders Programme? (300 words max) 

(300 words max)

As all you YLP Applicants might be aware, ISB has given two options for answering Stage 1 Essay this year. We will be highlighting how to choose the right option given your profile and how to approach each option in detail.

Choosing the right option :

The first option’s intent is to understand your experiences and learnings at a broader level, here you talk about your story, your formative experiences and incidents that have profoundly influenced the way you think, act, live and learn.

Choose this option if you have had a specific incident that changed your outlook for the better or if you want to showcase how you have developed over the years into a wise and prudent individual because of a string of events and experiences. This option gives you an opportunity to bring forth the real motivations and stories that have shaped you.

Someone with good writing proficiency and a creative bent of mind could do wonders with this essay. Also one of the pre-requisites here is to actually have been privy to such a profound experience. It may not be commonplace and hence you have to take a long hard look at your past experiences and pick out significant instances that demonstrate learning and growth.

The Second option is a good way out for the non-author types, you can follow a structured content and trait based approach. Ask yourself, what are the two things that work the best for you, character traits/attributes. You could be a leader, someone with great interpersonal skills or someone with a well rounded personality. Pick the top 2 traits, or if you are confused ask a few friends or your professors. Also this essay gives you an opportunity to showcase your clarity around your career goals, both right after college as well as after YLP. You can talk in depth about your take aways from ISB and the YLP weekend programs in between. More on this soon.

For any further help feel free to inbox me.

Hey folks! Nice to see the early enthusiasm for PGP Co 2019. If any of you need any help on the way, please feel free to PM. Good luck!


67.57/89.3/87.57(btech,board of intermediate,SSC)

Work ex-2.5 years in IT(SAP)

work workex-2.5 years in ministry of home affairs: Govt of India.Unit in charge of ALU and liasion officer .

What are the chances I stand for considering 5 years work ex in different fields

Hi All! I'm a Data Analytics & BI professional with almost 7 yrs of experience (by Dec 2017). My Academics: 69% (B.E.); 92.8% (12th); 85% (10th). My experience helped me palying different roles (Leading a team,Proj.Mgmt/Delivery,Buss.Analyst, Developer etc.,) across various domains. I'm a visiting faculty (in Data Analytics) in one of the leading institutes in India. What are the areas i need to focus on to get into ISB? Does GMAT holds an advantage over GRE, considering ISB started accepting GRE scores as well for PGP? TIA.

Hello all,

  I'm working in IOCL currently. I've 8months experience in L&T ECC, then if I'm joining for 2018 intake, I'll hav 3.5 years exp in IOCL. I passed out from NITC with 8.2 GPA. 10th & 12th - 97 and 94%.. I heard that people with experience lyk me, will be preferred for admission in the name of diversity of the batch,  but for placements, I'll be having a tough time. Any truth in this? Any ex- PSU - ISB people you know? if yes, where did they end up after the prgm.. Also in a dilemma, whether to quit or not? 

Hi. I am a mechanical engineer graduated in 2016. I currently have 6 months of work experience in an after sales (service) role of a leading home appliances consumer electronics company in India. My academic profile is B.E. - 6.61/10, HSC - 82.17%, SSC - 89.45%. I will have 2 years of work experience by the end of 3rd quarter of 2018 and aiming for a seat in the 2019 class of ISB. What kind of GMAT score would be safe to get an interview call from ISB?