ISB 2017 Aspirants

This for all those people who wish to apply to ISB in 2015. 

This is also for reapplicant a who wish to start early and understand what went wrong.

All the best to all re-applicants in 2015... I was a re-applicant this year and am yet to receive my ding mail... But I won't be joining this group... ISB no more... My path is elsewhere and am on that path now... So once again friends... Wish you all the very best for you re-application! 

was a silent spectator on PG for long, trying to understand whether I should go for second MBA or not. Being from a mediocre place, school, eng. college, MBA institute, with a mediocre career, and mediocre life I can see a mediocre future ahead. But that's not me, I have a fauji blood, and it says what Late Capt. Vikram Bhatra said during Kargil War; "Yeh dil maange more". And so I have decide to act this time. I am not sure how a second MBA applicant will be treated (am sure not as bad as a person looking for marrying second time), or what would be his's career opportunities post ISB (if at all I crack), I am completely banking on the gurus and mahagurus, as well as ISB alumni to guide me in this. I am not sure, how I will prepare for GMAT, applications, and interview (if at all I get shortlisted) given lots and lots of responsibilities on my head (personal and professional), one thing I am sure is I want to do it! It's juice worth the squeeze!

I will be expecting lot of support from everybody at every stage of the application, and I am sure I will definitely get it. I promise, if at all I become wise enough to help others, I will definitely give back to PG society...

I am expecting this journey (which I am planning yet as when to start) to be a sortie in a fighter aircraft with high "g" levels....end of the day "Mission Accomplished" and "happy landings"

All the best to all my fellows who are gearing up for this Journey to ISB....

Guys. All hopes lost for this year but I am glad that there are so many who have kept the spirit alive! 

Our spirit is the only thing they can't take away from us. 

Lets try to understand what went wrong. 

Those who made it conveyed something which we didn't .

To all the gurus and Mahagurus of GMAT available here. I need a guidance on how to start preparing for GMAT? What all books, websites etc to follow to prepare for it?

Hello Everyone,

Is there anyone targeting PGP program in ISB for the class of 2017? 

Please share your views here.

Hi Guys,

I am new to this forum and not sure if this is the right thread to post my question here. So incase it is not, please let me know where i can post this.

I am already an MBA Finance (2012) batch and working in Big 4 Financial Advisory since last 1 year.

Below is a quick snapshot of my profile. Could someone please take a look and suggest if I I have a reasonable change for ISB-

10th, 12th: 80% CBSE

Graduation: Computer Sci Engineering, IP University Delhi, 75% (top 20 of class)

Extra Curri in Engineering: Heading the placement team, editor of the college magazine, Director of the student's business club, managed and lead 2 festivals form starting to end (managed marketing to finance)

MBA: Finance, Tier 2 college in India

Extra Curri: Placement team, authored case studies in finance for competitions, trading internship for which i won the best internship award. 

Work Ex: 6 months Investment Banking experience in US (live trading experience as well), 1.5 years experience in financial modeling and advisory experience in Big 4 based out of India. So if i apply in 2015 and get admission in 2016, I would have 4 years of work experience in total. (Changed 2 jobs in last 2 years which might be a spot on my candidature. But I have genuine reason for the change including personal and professional reason)

Other activities: Personal trading in equities, editor of a startup finance magazine (the fonder group is London Business School Alums) and managing the marketing, editing the articles, promotion, press releases. Planning to go pan india in next couple of months. 

I am planning to apply to ISB for a 2nd MBA primarily because I want to break into Management Consulting or General Management, which i am not getting an opportunity right now. 

Can someone please advice me if I should expect an interview invite from ISB and other profile improvement areas which I should focus on? 

Also, I would be starting my GMAT preparation this month, what scores should by my realistic target for a call and then finally converting a the interview call.



Hi gurus and mahagurus,

I want to know from anybody, how would ISB look at someone who has a prior MBA and a work experience of more than 7 years.

Here is my situation:


Xth = 75.4% with school topper in Mathematics

XIIth = 80.0% School and north east reiognal topper

BE (Electronics) = 64.5% from The University of Pune

1 year gap for MBA prep/searching for a job

MBA (Marketing and Finance) = 3.7 out of 5.0 "A" from Symbiosis, Pune

Total work experience of 6+ years in various field (IT sales, Automotive consulting and training, Sales Management), by 2016 i will be having more than 7 years of work experience

Currently working with World's largest car manufacturer

Extra curricular = Nothing much, full time member of IEEE College chapter during engg., and Placement Brochure presentation team and an NGO during MBA college. Have done bit of a trekking with my trekking group

During job I have worked on various functions like Kaizen, Dealer Management, Sales etc

Currently working with one MBA friend of mine on a business plan related to automobile sector

From Extra curricular I am very weak I guess as I don't have much in my CV to show

Any clue, How would the adcom look at it?

Guys, In the application form, where can I add my certifications that I have done during job ?

HI Everyone,

I have been a member of Pagalguy for the last 3 years. But never took part in any active discussions. Doing an MBA ( from a well reputed college 😃 ) was always the goal for me since I finished by Engineering in Computer Science. 

Thought of starting my GMAT preparation from today onwards. :) 

Few questions here. 

1. What would be the ideal time to give my GMAT( I guess i will need around 3-4 months, as i have a very strenuous work)? I see that the first cycle is 15th Sept. So If i am able to finish my GMAT by May is it fine here?

2. What are the various steps here( Could not find details steps, all i could see was submit application online and GMAT exam). Do I need Essays, LOR, etc. By what time do i need to submit those?

Thanks for the help

@grondmaster @pagalguy  @Apurv  is it possible to merge these 2 threads:

Thank you.

Hi ,

My profile goes as follows : 10th : 93.2 12th : 95 Grad : 68(B.E CSE) .I will be having 2.6 yrs of work ex in the field of Business Intelligence and analytics by the time of 2017. What are my chances of getting an admit into ISB for the 1 year program if I have a gmat score of 700-730 . Thank you ?

I was one of the applicants who was rejected (or not admitted) in ISB Class of 2016 during R1. Now I see a link called "APPLICATION 2014-15 FEEDBACK". I have entered my application reference number in there but I don't see anything happening.

Can someone enlighten me if we do in fact receive feedback on our application? If yes, how much time does it usually take?

Can we have a list of people who were not accepted by ISB for Class of 2016 and plan to reapply next year? We can converse with each other and work out where we lack and what we can do to ensure admission offer next year.

Folks who have appeared for the GMAT, one question: For Sentence correction is studying from Spidey & Sahil's notes enough or is the MGMAT book a must on the topic. Thanks!!!

One more thing, how to go about preparing for IR? Tips or material in this regard will be appreciated.

10th(CBSE):91.8 12th(state):96.17 Grad(Engg-Elect):83.1

Exp:2.6 yrs by 2017(IT firm with a project in Aviation Domain). What are my chances if i get say something above 700 in GMAT?

Hi ,

Please let me know if I have a chance of getting an ISB admit with the below academic details:

10th: 80 %(CBSE)

12th: 78 %(CBSE)


Work ex of 4.5 years with IT MNC(As senior software engineer).

Gap of 6 months due to maternity leave.

Average Co cur.: BA degree in bharatnatyam and a few more certificates from college and school.

Please let me know if I have a chance if I get a good GMAT score(710+).



Please let me know if i have a chance

10th-79% 12th-90% Grad_57% and i am CA having work ex of over 3 years.How much score would be safe in GMAT