ISB 2006-2007 Interview experiences

Post them hereโ€ฆ I will post mine tomarrow afternoon :smiley: Hope that I will :grab: else Oxford is there on 25th :: All the best to all

Post them here..

I will post mine tomarrow afternoon ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Hope that I will :grab:

else Oxford is there on 25th

All the best to all

hello nagendra

well best of luck for ur tomorrows interview......
pls post ur experiences.....
well i m still waiting for the call....given mumbai centre...


Post them here..

I will post mine tomarrow afternoon ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Hope that I will :grab:

else Oxford is there on 25th

All the best to all

this is akash here...
i m also very keen to apply for isb,taking my gmat on 13 dec...shall apply for the 7 Jan deadline...
whats ur score???how tough is it really to get a cal frm them,
what bout ur essays...looking for some help on them too.
do let me know.
my email id is: [email protected],
r u frm bombay?

this is akash here,

u hav applied to ISB,me too very keen ...taking gmat on the 13 dec...
how did u go about the essays??

I am looking for some help...


Hi Akash,
Glad to see that I'm not alone up here.I'm also appearing in GMAT on 19th Dec for the Jan 7 ISB deadline.Have you finished the ISB application essays?Hows your prep for GMAT?


Hi Guys,
Kindly post your ISB interview experiences here.It'll help us (R2 aspirants)immensely.


Hi Guys,
Kindly post your ISB interview experiences here.It'll help us (R2 aspirants)immensely.

I'm relatively new to this blog.Can you please suggest a strategy for me to prepare for GMAT as its 3 weeks away.


Hi All:

I am done with my interview. Here is my experience:

Before sharing my exp, my profile:
Will be having 4 years exp by Feb 2006 (1.5 years as an entrepreneur and 2.5 years in IT)
GMAT 700
Acads 70% in BTech(Mechanical)
Extra Curriculars -
2 years Part time with NIIT
Rashtrapati, Rajya Puraskar awards as Scout
District and College Cricket player
Participated in various social activities
Won couple of other awards such as "Best Student" of the college and ward
Presented 3 technical papers
Instrumental in starting the "The Students Guild" in the college
Started "Debate Community" and "Soft Skills building"programs at organisations I work.....
Recos : Client and Mentor

Reached venue at 10:45 and my interview was scheduled at 11:00. I met one Rajeev from bangalore who came for interview. He is with Robert Bosch.

I was called in at around 11:10-11:15 AM.

Panel consists of Mr Menon, Mr Kannan and a Current student(unable to recollect his name)

They introduced themselves to start with and I have also done so.

Questions: 1. What I liked most in me?? The Engineer?? or The IT prof?? or The Entrepreneur??
2. Why a Ship will float where as a piece of Steel will not?? Screwed up here and finally was assisted by Mr Menon in understanding this.
3. Walk us thru ur career?
4. How u see that u adhere to SLAs in current role?
5. What is ur greatest achievement so far?
6. What kind of satisfaction u got from it?
7. Why ISB?

Thats it. They asked me if I have any questions..

I asked about how ISB going to brand itself going ahead. Mr Menon told they will be accrediated by AICCB(?? not sure whether this is what he told me) and you can get into rankings and all once atleast 5 batches go out.

:wow: I have forgotten completely to discuss abt scholarship and all..They also havent asked me. I have done a mistake in Scholarship app that I selected "NO" for loans. Any current students throw some light on this?

Overall I am pretty confident to make it and it was a pretty cool interview. No leg pulling and all.

PS: For Today, they have called 7 people for the interview. This is pretty reliable info as I got this info from the right person, the Security!!!

All the best to Others

Regards, Nagendra

Hi All
Here is experience of my interview:
My profile:
Will be having 46 months experience in Apr 2006 (19 months in TCS rest in Oracle)
GMAT 740
CGPA: 7.41/IIT Kharagpur
Extra Curriculars (post college)-
- Working for an NGO
- Learning French
- Into Stock markets

Reached venue at 11:45 and my interview was scheduled at 12:30.
Panel consists of Mr Menon, Mr Kannan and a Current student
1. Tell me something about your team skills and what your team-mates think about you.
2. Whats your daily activities on weekdays and weekends.
3. Are you interested in finance.
4. What are the fundamentals of the company?
5. What do you look for in the balance sheet?
6. Why you work for an NGO and what kind of work you do?
7. What are your future goals?
8. Why you are learning French?
9. Two questions on business development:
a) If I make a toy for a girl child and price it at 6000 rs then what will be the market size?
b) What will be the sales figure for a Mercedes Benz car(Luxury) in India for 1 Year.
10. What were the highpoints in your career?
11. Why you have CGPA not on the higher side?
12. I published some research paper in the final year so they asked me why I didn't gor MS?
Total interview was for 35 mts.
Thats it. They asked me if I have any questions..
I asked about the NetImpact club at ISB and what it does?.
At the start of the interview I was told that I have a very strong profile, strong acads, strong GMAT, strong work ex, strong extra-currics.
I am not sure what to make of it can anyone throw some light on this?

best of luck to Others

Hello Friends: Here is one another interview experience from Rajeev, whom I met at ISB. He mailed me this and puting this to u for assistance.

Hello Nagendra
Nice to see your mail.
My interview was Ok .
some questions I was asked were:
1. What are your special skills that differentiate you from other applicants.
2. Can u propose some innovative solution to solve kashmir issue.
3. Technical background.
4. Why MBA .
5. Future goals.
It was straightforward but they put pressure on the special abilities part although I could
only explain my project work and contributions. They were looking for some special achievements
which I could not bring out. They did not tell anything about when they would get back to me.
How abt your interview.
What questions did they ask .

PS: I have taken his permission for doing so

Any one who got a call for ISB -- Delhi interview ??

Hi All

Total interview was for 35 mts.
Thats it. They asked me if I have any questions..
I asked about the NetImpact club at ISB and what it does?.
At the start of the interview I was told that I have a very strong profile, strong acads, strong GMAT, strong work ex, strong extra-currics.

Don't hold me to this.
I think you have had a good interview.

All the Best.

nags - seems like u did well .. wanted to check with.. u why did u choose a client and mentor for writing ur recos ?.. dont they usually ask for immediate bosses ?.. and did they grill on recos and their content etc or who wrote them or ur working relation with them etc ?

neo - can u tell us how u ans those business development quest .. will help people who could face similar quest.. and if u do get thru , we'l know urs was the right strategy ! :)


Hi Kack:

Why I chose Mentor and Client : For Client part, CSC works in such a model that CSC US will be client of CSC India. CSC US infact behaves like client ragerading SLAs and all. So, I had working relation with my client, who was also my manager and so I chose him. regarding Mentor, I had to drill down a bit into my career to answer this ๐Ÿ˜ƒ In short, I had very good relation with my mentor since around 5 years.

They havent asked me anything on Record ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Hi Guys,
I'm applying through my GRE score (1320) in the year of 2003.
Experience -- 4 years 5 months
Overseas Experience -- 2 Years 2 Months
Oraganization TCS
Current Role -- Project Leader
Designation -- IT Analyst
Can any body throw some light whether applicant with a GRE score does really stand a chance to get a interview call?
I'm trying for Cycle 2

-- Deb

My Profile:
BE- Birla Institute of Technology,Ranchi.
TCS -2yrs
IBM Software Lab- 2yrs
Venue & Time:Mumbai, 9th Dec, 5pm .
It was a short interview(15-20mins). As it was in the evening, the interview board was sapped taking interviews the whole day.
There were 3 members in the panel- 2 were for sure alumni, 1 person - Not sure whether faculty or alumni.
Overall I felt the interview panel was not interested from the very begining and were rushing up things.

It started off with question ---How did I make it to Birla Institute with 77% marks in 12th. Indeed, the guy did not even
read my resume carefully, I had to explain to him that I am NOT from BITS pilani , But from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi.
Next question was- tell me very briefly about your workex in TCS and IBM....the word briefly was stressed I took the cue and
talked about my work ex-- very breifly...No cross questioning !
The room temperature was freezing-- and I had to inturrupt and convey that AC is freezing me! It was put off -much to my relief. !
next Q- explian difference between Project management and product management !
next Q- why do I want to join ISB.
next Q- Do you think govt. takes enough initiative in providing health /education/infrastrcuture facilities ?Can corporates not do something about it?
next Q--what you like to do in your spare time.
Besides the blah blah on hobbies-...In the answer I mentioned something which implies -" I am an innovative person and enjoy making things better"....
They asked me to suggest two innovations that can be made to ISB interview process..........I cleverly said one innovation you have already made...
.....they had included paragraph writing before interview.
Second one I suggested was---- In a job interview...I am asked questions but ...I get paid once I am in....However in B school interview,
I am asked questions and I have to pay once I get in.......Why not introduce another round where the candidate asks direct questions to faculty and existing
Interview board responed by saying that they do have info sessions etc...However, I maintained that there in no formal process...there questions are asked
in croud......there can be formal process...!
They said, you do have a chance to ask question in interview----and I said that thats right--however, a candidate comes to interview with a frame of
mind of answering questions and NOT asking questions!...

Then they said, ok you ask questions ----
I asked about ISB international collaboration--students exchange program
I asked if the Fee can go down.
....they asked...ask more questions....I said.....the picture of ISB as I see in prospectus shows housing facilities -AC, great furnishing etc!! that is a luxory
by an average indian standards...and probably that is adding to additional costs!....Then they gave me some good gyan....that it is a necessity...blah blah.!!
I showed my agreement on what they had to say....!!!
And it was over!!!

I can infer nothing out of this interview. They did not ask anything on what i had written in my application essays.No cross questioning!!!
Overall I did not get a feel that I got a good opportunity to sell myself. Now have to wait and watch till New year!!!---Hope New year doesn't
begin with a missed opportunity [ failure ๐Ÿ˜‰ ]

hi everyone,
I had my ISB interview on Dec 10 at Taj in Mumbai.

There were 3 people on the panel...2 alumni (a guy and a girl) and a man from the Admissions Committee.

My profile:
Academic - Mass Communications and Economics degree from York University, Toronto and IB diploma from Mahindra United World College in Pune.
Work - 2 years total: 6 months at small ad agency in Toronto and 18 months with FCB Ulka Advertising, Mumbai
GMAT Score - 660

Interview went ok...not very good. They really grilled me with some detailed Economic questions! (i'd studied it but it's hard to remember every little detail). Many questions were related to my Advertising.

Questions were:
1. Why did you decide to return to India after studying in Canada?
2. Eco question about a firm's pricing (dont remember the exact ques)
3. Draw an indifference curve for this situation (then he explained a situation)
4.Tell us about your Mahindra United World College experience.
5. How do you execute a creative concept?
6. What are your favourite ads?
7. If you had to create an ad campaign for ISB, what would you communicate?
8. Tell us a significant acheivement you've had.
9. Name one weakness you have.
10. What are your hobbies?
11. How would you devise a communication strategy for a new retail bank setting up operations in India?
12. You have about 2 years work ex right? If you had to look back, what would you do differently?
13. One of your recommendors mentioned you had moments of 'self-doubt' and would get stressed, but are working to overcome this. What steps have you undertaken?
14. How do you think you'll cope with the stress at ISB?

Ok, thats pretty much it. Hard to see how I did...and I'm surprised I wasn't asked anything about my plans post ISB, why an MBA, why ISB etc. Did most of you guys get asked these questions.

Good luck to everyone else.