Is law a good career option?

I am thinking to take up law as my career. Please tell if it is good career option.

I am thinking to take up law as my career. Please tell if it is good career option.

Think of company law. I am sure there would be a course around it. Infact, Galgotias law course has Mercantile law as its part. That's a good specialization.

I wanted to know too because now a days i am giving different test for different types of coarse and i want your people suggestion as well that should i go for law as majors or not?

really law is a very gud career option and there are many advantages of law course..and in this age it is also being very different and dynamic course..

The complexities of our legal system have created hundreds of legal career options

that serve a variety of core and non-core legal functions. From lawyers,judges

and mediators

to paralegals,


and consultants

the legal professional's role is expanding and evolving to keep pace with the ever-changing legal system

..many colleges are doing very well for this course.this course will also lead to high salary package and also so much engrighten is really so much different from the exact i think this is just like the course you r waving on..for get the proper job and so much luxiries life..u should to get admission in top admission institutes or colleges..the top 5 colleges for law in India are named as -

1.national law school of India university,banglore

2.Lovely professional university,punjab

3.campus law center,delhi university4.NLIU,bhopal

5.symbiosis law school,pune

the main thing for joining these law schools,its very necessary to know about the college's infrastructure,program running by the colleges,and much more academic thing by the colleges adminstrative..then u will do so much good in your enjoy ur passion..


Hey guys come on post your valuable thoughts in here. I am sure your exp. would help many. Thanks

Can you plz suggest me more colleges.

Guys, for law please give CLAT and go to established National Law Universities Prefer 1- NLSIU, B'lore , 2- NALSAR, Hyd'bd 3.-WBIJS, Calcutta, 4- NUJS, Jodhpur, Syumbiosis, Pune. The Fee would be INR 1,00,000-1,50,000 Per year i.e. 7-8 Lakhs for 5 years Tution . Add your loading and boarding expenses. These schools are strictly residential so you will have to stay in student residences. 

Depending upon your interest you may proceed for your career options. 1- Law Firm ( Indian and Foreign mostly UK Firms ) 2. Inhouse Lawyers in Companies 3. LPO  4. Litigation ( Highly paid with your exerience and if you like court appreances) 

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