Is IQuanta good for Online CAT coaching for a working professional?

Is IQuanta good for Online CAT coaching for a working professional ?

No it’s the worst, will waste your time. Avoid it like plague!

I cannot tell which is the best coaching classes, but i can give you an honest review about the classes in which i enrolled and i don’t anyone of you joining this coaching gets scammed.

The classes name is Route99 CAT coaching classes, please don’t fall in trap with such scam coaching classes, and i dont want just like me some other aspirants to loose thierr valuable year and make them cautious for not getting scammed.

Route99 scams students by making them pay heavy sum of money for cat coaching, and after the enrollment they don’t give a shit about students preparation.Route99 runs an offline center in Ahmedabad as well.

Route 99 says that they give personalised CAT coaching classes, but all that is just marketing stunt to attract students, reality is that they don’t care about your future.

Gourav, Pulkit these faculties they just give a fake hope and commitment to students that they will convert your IIM, and influence you to join Route99 coaching classes, they will give you 15 days trail period as well to attend the lectures and that’s the strategy. They will be so humble and polite during trail period once you pay them fees and then they don’t care about you and your preparation.

So be cautious before joining any cat coaching classes, do a proper research with past students