Is Family Business accepted as a work experience?

My Profile:10th :- 83% SSC12th :- 75% HSCB.E(Computer) :- 70%I completed my B.E in 2012 and now I want to pursue MBA. I will take admission in a BSchool for the academic year 2014-2016.So there will be 2 years gap as I am currently not doi…

My Profile:

10th :- 83% SSC

12th :- 75% HSC

B.E(Computer) :- 70%

I completed my B.E in 2012 and now I want to pursue MBA. I will take admission in a BSchool for the academic year 2014-2016.So there will be 2 years gap as I am currently not doing any job. I am currently into my Family Business. So these 2 years will be considered as gap or work experience. I mean is Family Business accepted as a work experience? What documents will be required to submit during admissions and placements?

I am not paid in our Business.

I can only show an experience letter mentioning the duration and code of conduct.Will this suffice?

P.S : I had offers from Accenture and Infosys. But I did not join because I did not want to relocate at that point of time due to some family issues.

If I would have joined these companies as software engineer would it have had any value for my MBA?

Expert and senior puys mg plz help!

(This has been asked in reference to CAT'13 exam.)

I have a query regarding work experience. I had opened a company with my brother some years back but I didn't take any salary out of it. I'm it's one of the director of the company.

(1) Now, can I use it to produce it as work-ex showing work experience on the certificate signed by other director?

(2) Do I need to produce any salary slip at the time of interview if I am selected for PI at any institute or is that only work-ex certificate enough?

#Please elaborate a bit to explain me if I can simply use the experience certificate instead of joining letters and salary slips.

(3) Does the panel cross-checks the authenticity of the certificate, I mean do they verify by calling at the office of the company?

Hi Everyone,

I have a query regarding work-exp. I have been working with a Big-4 IT consulting from past 2 and a half years. From the last year, I have been helping out my younger brother with his start-up in the field of fashion. Recently, I have decided to give up my job as an IT consultant and join the business venture with my brother as a director of the firm. I have my GMAT score of around 730 , and planning to apply to ISB for round 1 this year, along with few other business schools in US.

Here are my queries:

1. Does this 6 month as a director of our start-up count as a relevant work-ex?If it does, what all documents and proofs are required to be submitted to the B-schools.?

2. In case, my start-up experience is counted as relevant work-ex , Can I still get a recommendation letter from my previous employer to be present to the B-Schools? (the industries and nature of job is entirely different and unrelated , prev emp. is IT , start-up is in fashion)

Please reply. TIA.

Me too same 


There's no reason why it shouldn't. It's not like you were sitting around doing nothing. You worked. You gained certain experience. Besides, when I was part of one startup I learnt way more than working as a manager in a big corporation. In a small business you tend to grow quicker professionally. And as mentioned in startup teams strive for innovation, always keep up with the demand and workload. They are doing their best to not let down their customers. So working in a family or any other startup business is defintely a work experience

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