IRMANS Way of Life

IRMA as a institute is shrouded in mystery. It never markets itself to aspirants and its participants are conspicuous by their absence in B school forums. We never had a [email protected] thread. But the only constant is change and we finally have a [email protected] thread.
Its been a month since i have been here.One week of remedials, 2 weeks of induction and one week of regular classes.
As rupesh bhai mentioned the village visit, it is indeed a very unique point about our induction. I was staying in a village called moti koral in a dharamshala.The room i was staying in was 300 meters form the beautiful Narmada. COming from a city as chaotic as Mumbai, the serene and calm environment was a refreshing change.
Interactions with landless labourers, rich landlords who owned land worth crores of rupees, watching use of biometric machines to provide financial services to the poorest of poor was a great learning experience. What we read in papers was being expereinced hands on.
The regular classes have been stimulating. THe unique point of IRMA is that it merges two apparently different strands of development studies and management science which provides a holistic view of the environment.
For example in economics we study how to maximisr profit and in the next class of Rural society and polity we look at naxal movements, dalit movements, agrarian crisis and read and quote MArx extensively.
Managerial Analysis and communication is aimed at making us critical thinkers. One careless word or jargon used and the profs rip you apart.
Guess this will do for now. Will try to update this thread as often as I can.

I absolutely agree with pai . The entire thing is aimed at changing you as a person . The fact that you have 110 + people from different backgrounds living in close quarters is something that you might not get at many other b schools .
For example , today i had an ache in my shoulder and the first thing that I did was searching for karan , who is a physiotherapist . Though the majority is made up of engineers like me and agricultural grads , we also have some vets , 2 dentists , a person who was an SI in CISF for 5 yrs , dairy technologists ,history grads , bcom , BA , Ba in chinese language , MA in sociology , fashion technologists , management undergrads etc etc .
If you look at the work experience of the people , we have some people from IT , 2-3 ppl who have come from the coaching industry like me , people like keshav bhai who have worked in NGOs , people who had their own NGOs , freshers , etc etc . The duration varies from 1 yr to around 15 yrs .
It is the education that I'm getting from these people that is value most in this campus .

The village stay was a unique experience in itself . Though a lot of the time was invested in quality sleep , we also were able to understand the rural livelihood from an insiders point of view . And I understand that many of the stuff that we learn here will be understood better if we crosslink it to the fieldwork .

The faculty is world class . Though the ac in the classroom induces sleep , I really enjoy the classes . And you get the maximum benefit if you actually indulge in some prereading as suggested by the faculty . I've compared the benefits with and without prereading .
We just had our first quizzes in economics and financial accounting and one more coming up on thursday ( Rural society and polity ). This means that you cannot expect to see anyone out in the lawns for the next 2 days . Even I have got bored of the empty lawns that I've come back to my room which I call my store room cos I rarely come here . Most of my studies also happen in the lawns .

I guess that's all for now . Will come up with more posts in the following days .

We Care H- block

Just back from the elections to the various committees run by students. It is surprising to know that for a batch for 110 we have 33 seats up for grabs.
And yours truly still doesnt feature in any committee.
Rupesh bhai has got himself into the placom committee.
And mistaknguy aka insomniac aka abhijith has become the alumni secretary. COnsidering the strong alumni network that IRMA boasts of he sure will have a great time.

Thanks to all the support you guys provided me . Feeling elated at being in such a valuable position . And pai ! You can be assured that I'll do justice to the post ..

Will come back after some time to give a report for the past 2-3 days .


U rightly said that probability of gettin elected as a comm member is more than .30 and again there wasn't any fight for the place com.

But ya the exercise...was a nice experience.... and all said n the end of the day everybody has to put his/her efforts be in any comm or not.

So cheers to the way we all call it the IRMANS....!!!:cheerio:

All the guys are busy burying their noses in their economics books cos there is a quiz scheduled tomorrow . Yours truly , as always , is planning to do something about it in the night . Many people are also busy with FAC especially after the first quiz results disaster .

Weather Update : It rained moderately for sometime today . Hope to have more rain . The temperature has also come down a bit making the daytime a little bit better .

Will be back with updates soon . Gotta leave for dinner after sometime . Today is non veg day and you have to be among the first few people to get it .


The heat is being felt and hence the absence on this thread. As the recreation room was filled up on sunday night with chants of Roger and Roddick filling the air, the economics test on monday and the non-preparation of it due to the epic match dawned on us on monday morning. The day got worse as a Quant quiz was announced. So monday afternoons were spent in attempting to solve ridiculously tricky questions of eco and quant. THe pleasure on the Prof's face loooking at our puzzled faces while attempting the paper was evident.
The highlight of the day was a talk given by Shri V Vivekanandad who is the first batch passout of IRMA and worked at SIFFS for three decades which included a stint as its CEO and now is an advisor to SIFFS and many national and international organisations involved in the fisheries sector. His vignettes were amusing and inspiring.
The best part of listening to IRMA alumni is the fact that these people have done unique things in their lives and are very frank and honest about life after IRMA.
As I type this sitting in the Ravi J Mathai library surrounded by Managerial Economics books, I realise that I am in a unique institution and time and again it reaffirms my belief in IRMA as a premier institute in the country.
And now back to estimating the optimal production using Cobb-DOuglas multiplicative production function

Had quiz 1 in Individual and Group Behavior today . I had an intuition that we would have a quiz in IGB today . But still I went without much of preparation . As expected , I got an F . First F in IRMA . Hope not to repeat this .
In 45 minutes , we have a session by our classmates to help people who are finding problems in Financial Accounting . A very noble gesture by some of our classmates .
Time to go back to Organisational Behavior by Nelson and Quick ..

Abhijeet has opened his account at IRMA..... I think by tomorrow I will join that list too. Given my business management background I am not attending the accounting primer classes given to techies.Abhijeet and Rupesh (not sure) are slogging it in the library basement.!!! And cognitive dissonance has set in as far as I am concerned!!!

Dude !! Guess whatt ?? I didn't go . But it was a very good session according to those who have gone . Shashi has offered private tuitions for me if I need it .

Guys I did go there!! but just like a stroll in the park....

I totaly appreciate the motive and the effort they put in.. but it was again the same story..mismanagement at the school of management..
but as they say it something is better than nothing... so I will stick ot it as well..

I am deparate man.. some how to device a short cut for the Tally assignment.. in no mood to learn the stuff....:nono:

Lets c how i manage

Keep rocking!!

Guys I did go there!! but just like a stroll in the park....

I totaly appreciate the motive and the effort they put in.. but it was again the same story..mismanagement at the school of management..
but as they say it something is better than nothing... so I will stick to it as well..

I am deparate man.. some how to device a short cut for the Tally assignment.. in no mood to learn the stuff....:nono:

Lets c how i manage

Keep rocking!!

It would be better if you people circulate about this thread within IRMA so that others can also join.....eak do Multi maar do IP par.......push others to join.......BTW good show guys:)

@Amit : I've forwarded it to many people via IP , but none r joining in .

c'mon man.
im right here.

coming back to pagalguy after a long long time.. and i must say the old format of this webpage looked much better than this one..

coming to the topic of irma, heres an old report in HTMint, about irma, for all those who dont know anything about this college as of now (i was in the same posn at this time last year, with no idea that there existed a term 'rural management' and by some twist of fate, now i find myself sitting in this beautiful campus!)

IRMA | An institute set up to empower rural India looks at itself also - Economy and Politics -

this page also has an interesting video consisting of interviews of the director, and a couple of irma alumni: the CEOs of HelpAge India, and of, both giving completely opposite views about the placement policy followed by irma.
i hope this will give you guys some elementary information about this institute, and maybe help you in some way..

i have many more of such articles about irma (all part of the research that i did before finally jumping into this pool of rural management!), and will share them soon, if i find any takers for this one, that is..;)

P.S. Rupesh its heartening to read a sentence by you, that doesnt start with the word 'Aactuaallyy'

rajat bhatia
IRMA, Gujarat

Thanks Mr. Daredevil...Actually I forgot to mention the WORD..:p

Now... today ws the batch's first date with our Cultural Secy...

Before that I tell u the details of the event.. i must mention the pending work..
ppt presentation for RSP...n a written doc submission on Society..for FAC.... its dreadly Tally left too n so is MAC...

SO how do you go about it...

One way...close urself in the room n slogggggg...
the other way ... have a nice dinner the till u drop...come ur ur exhilirating experinece at PG...n then try to find some way out to cope up with the jobs left out....

Hey but then it stikes u that tomorrow u have to be at cric grnd..for a serios match b/w Sec A and Sec B sharp st 6:45 am...

Now that will require some management skills... wat say guys....:cheerio:

c ya at 6:45 sharp on the the mean time let me check my managerial skills...

Hi all ,
Couldn't take part in the football match . Went off to sleep at 2:30 in the afternoon. Had set the alarm to 4:30 but woke up only at 6:30, thanks to the sleepless night spent in preparing the FAC assignment and then running around the campus to help out some souls who were helpless in taking their printouts. Ended the night with a one and half hour chat with a senior FPRM participant before crashing to the bed at 4:30. Had to wake up at 630 also.
People are burning the early morning oil to prepare the MAC Case Analysis. Thankfully my group was able to complete that about 15 minutes back.
Got the presentation on farmer's movements tomorrow. Gotta prepare something for that also.
About the classes, I'm having a ball of a time in the classes because I managed to break my chair in the first row and shifted to the last row. though my chair was fixed days back, I'm still using that as an excuse to remain in the last row. Have started missing the first row, so might be moving back to the first row very soon.

All the best to all the participants for the presentations,assignments and the upcoming midterm exams.

Rock Onn

The Best thing about having options is that U can pick n choose!!

Today We the PRM 30 participants had an opportunity to interact with two of the International Macro Economics professors Dr. Guha n Dr. Sahoo who are interested to come here as a IRMA Faculty and we have to give our preferences..

We had a healthy chat with both of them..regarding our orientation their style of teaching et al.

But the best part of it was the feeling that here we are part of the decision process.

I must mention that it was a bit of mismanagement on our part as we had an extended class in the afternoon n Dr. Guha had to wait for us which was very embarrassing. But yes we will learn from it and going forward will keep this in mind.

One week before the mid terms and people are feeling the heat. A flood of assignments and presentations and quizzes have become the norm of life here at IRMA.
The rains have added to the beauty of the campus. Abhijeet is suffering on account of his sleep patterns. Rupesh bhai has taken the mantle of solving all quant cases. Rajat looks lost. So do i.

The worst part is it is going to get worse. THe best part is that we have been able to retain our sense of humour. Laughing at our own incompetence to crack cases and eco questions have become common place now!!!
THis is how IRMA instils humility. Expands your horizons, shows you your weaknesses and builds you into a competent manager.