IRMA GA-PI Queries and Discussions [2014-16]

Congratulations to all those who cleared the written test . :smiley: Link for result of written test and cutoffs Previous GDPI Experiences Threads’ Links - 2007 Th…

Congratulations to all those who cleared the written test .😃

Link for result of written test and cutoffs

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The final selection of candidates will be done on the basis of the overall performance in the written test( CAT+ ISC ) , GA(Group Activity) , PI. The marks obtained in GA and PI will be normalized across the evaluating panels The marks obtained in the written test and normalized marks obtained in GA & PI will be reduced to the equivalent marks of 50, 25 and 25 respectively .An overall merit list will be prepared based on the the total marks obtained out of these 100.

So, the job is only half done. Anyone with a low overall score can still compensate for it with a good GA-PI. All the best everyone.👍

Going thru previous year posts GA is something on these lines

1. First there would be a general GD on a specified topic. This would last for about 30 min approximately.
2. An issue with a list of solutions would be given. First individually one needs to prioritise d options, then as a group discuss them and prioritise them as group. Something similar XLRI HR GD last year.( not sure if same pattern is continued dis year as well). And in some cases this Second activity happened to be a case study as well.
This is d info I got from previous posts. I will b glad to get corrected if I am wrong.

So now it's time concentrate on contemporary issues and other GD related stuff 😃

The GA-PI dates are in the middle of the summer holidays. So ticket availability is a big zero on all trains. Ticket booking has become a Herculean task ....

Frnz d best source for GD on contemporary topics is SPOTLIGHT/NEWS analysis at 9:15PM everyday on AllIndiaRadio).Just a 20 min analysis, views by experts in respective domains. Even if u miss it, u can find archives as well. I really feel there is no substitution to dis stuff. No matter how busy u r, kindly make some tym for dis source, it vl b extremely handy puys. ATB. Happy Learning 😃

Is rescheduling of ga/pi practically possible ?Did it happen in the previous years...?

i need to know about the experience certificate to be sent to irma. In my knowledge my company does't issues any such certificate. Want to know whether joining letter and last pay slip would do.

Hi ,

Is there any of the callgetters from Kolkata ? If yes, please inform the date and how are you planning to go . 😃

Anyone from Delhi who has IRMA GDPI on 1st MAY?

I got a mail from deputymanager(academics) which says that .......In view of scheduled 16th Lok Sabha election in Gujarat on April 30, 2014, we have rescheduled your Group Activity (GA) & Personal Interview (PI) on May 05, 2014 (Monday). Did anyone else got this ......

do we need to send any documents along with biographical form???

guys what to mention in principle subjects?

In the academic record section of the biographical form the graduation detail are asked in term of year. How am i supposed to give the CGPA?? because CGPAs are given semester wise... please help...

Except for a few doubts abt BIF n discussion abt schedules der is little activity on dis thread 😞

any1 frm delhi whose ga/pi is on 2nd may??

what sort of profiles are offered at IRMA if we look at it from a Finance perspective?

Complete details of Ukraine crisis in 15 min 😃

@rbktl1991 hey, i just want to confirm the documents to be attached with BIF. Please tell if i am missing anything.
1. 10th marksheet
2. 12th marksheet
3. graduation consolidated marksheet (what about provisional certificate and semester wise marksheet, should i attach them too?)
PS: no work ex.

I'm in final year of graduation and the form says "In case graduation is not completed, you may write overall graduation marks upto last exam" do i need to fill grad 1st and 2nd year column or not ???

Can anyone tell me hw much tym it will take from ahmedabad airport to IRMA campus.??? what are the means to go there.???