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Mr. Lewis Terman was the originator of the term of the IQ in 1916. He presented the IQ rating scale in different categories as under:
IQ Ratings of Over 140 - Genius or near genius
IQ Ratings of 120 to 140 Highly intelligent
IQ Ratings of 110 to 119 Very intelligent
IQ Rating of 90 to 109 Normal or average intelligence
IQ Ratings of 80 to 89 Dullness
IQ Rating of 70-79 Borderline deficiency
IQ Ratings Under70 Definite feeble-mindedness

Just on the borderline of genius....For geniuses
•IQ Rating OF 125-134 Gifted
• IQ Ratings OF 135-144 Highly gifted
• IQ Score OF 145-154 Genius
• IQ Score OF 155-164 Genius
• IQ Scoring OF 165-179 High genius
• IQ Scoring OF 180-200 Highest genius
• IQ Scoring OF 200 or above Immeasurable genius”
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IQ Rating Scale and Categories of Genius and Feeble-minded people.

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