IP University MBA 2013-15

Hello Guys, When will the ip university will release mba cet forms for 2013-14 session

Hello Guys,

When will the ip university will release mba cet forms for 2013-14 session

released...check it

hey admin can u tell me which clg is better in terms of placement in IP for MBA..ofcourse other den the main campus.. plz reply..n how much ???

Hi Puys,

any one from IP
which are the good colleges to apply in Ip university...how are the placements of these ??
Plz plz help

i got 1385 rank in ip entrance...can i get a good college......??

plz hlp......😐
n how to crack ip GD??

Hello friends

Lets discuss all admission and counselling related queries of mba in ip university

i just took admission in MAIT.. people are telling me that its a very strict college..is that true? and also are MBA placements here good? what kind of package can i expect?? and last Q , is there anyone in MAIT coming frm West delhi???

Hello Friends,

I Have started this new thread for all people from Ip university mba batch 2013-15.We can share notes,books,previous question papers of Ist year here

Can I get a comprehensive list of all the IP University colleges offering Operations Management specialization in MBA with their rankings if possible?

Could anyone please tell me whats the average pay package and the cut off range for usms ipu?!

hie can any one share the ranking for ip colleges on the basis of ranking and placement for Mba course ??

hey guys any idea about bpibs,shakarpur?

my rank 214 outside delhi.

Wat all colleges cone under main campus of ip?


Can someone pls tell me what chances do I stand to get admission in a good ip college with 587 rank? Pls help!!

HI can anybody pls tell how are the placements for various IP colleges for MBA. ? i got 465 rank. 

hey friends,need some help

Rank ipu cet mba-542,outside delhi, general,will i get usms,dias,mait or bhai parmanand.....?       

plz reply

thanks in advance....:)

hey Friends i have got 302 rank in ip cet outside delhi .. Can i get admission in to USMS ( finicial markets)...

Hi guys, im new here and also new to the concept of IPU.

My Rank in CET 2015, CODE-101 MBA was 2283 in SC.

I know its not that good but what colleges can i possibly apply to and I also need help on how to apply and what is the selection criteria. Is the rank enough or they have some kind of GD/PI for selecting a candidate. Please let me know ASAP. 

Thanks in Advance 😃

please make 1 watsup group for those who want to take admission in ip mba,and share all information regarding placements,counselling...bcoz many students are facing problems