IP univ MBA 2014-16



Top Most college under IP university





PLz let me know is there any negative marking in CET for MBA in IP university??And also the exam pattern.......plz help me out

HII Guys ..can you please tell which one is better for doing mba ? IP or Banasthali Vidyapith?

i got 44 rank in ipu mba exam (outside delhi)

is this outside delhi ranking or overall ranking including delhi candidates.

I got 84 rank in IPU CET 2014. What Colleges can I get?

I have rank 251 in IP CET this year. I am hopeful that I will get through USMS MBA (Financial Markets) and MAIT MBA. I intend to specialize in Finance even if I take up General MBA. Which is the better option? I am a little doubtful whether taking up MBA (Financial Markets) will narrow down my future prospects of getting into a bank or any govt. job. Out of these two options, what is advisable?

please name the colleges in the order of ranking after USMS...

hey guyz...any idea about when will we be able to fill up the choices of colleges?

there's so much confusion regarding dias and mait.. anybdy with a clearer view of which is better college? šŸ˜

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First day in a MBA School can make people nervous. Here is a nice take on how it was at Symbioisis Center of Information Technology (SCIT). Link directs to the institute's official blog.


I got 1795 in my cet..

Any chances of ending up in an averageĀ college..?

If so, please specify the names..

IP process is so slow....just saw that the last date for registration extended to 25....really disgusting šŸ˜ž

confused between MERI n BPIT for MBA.

.. can nyone help....!!!!

IP is gud in engineering in b.tech not for MBA. the best university which are A+ graded in INDIA are named as below...

1.IIMsĀ Ā 



LPU has the career opportunity placement cell for contacting with top multinational companies for recruitment of students..

hey frnds!!!! wanna know whether Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur is gud for doing MBA or IP, Delhi is a bettr choice....???Ā 

ip university maharaja agrasenĀ Ā or university of mumbai/pune .... among them which one is better????Ā 

Hey guyzz....

any idea when will be the choice filling procedure of ip starting ???