Iowa Tippie Admission 2007-Interview Experience

Hi, I had applied to Iowa Tippie and had my interview yesterday… Thought of sharing the experience with u all. Hope it helps others who have aplied there. Well, my interview overall was okies type. Herez the story: Had my call sche…


I had applied to Iowa Tippie and had my interview yesterday.. Thought of sharing the experience with u all. Hope it helps others who have aplied there.

Well, my interview overall was okies type. Herez the story:

Had my call scheduled at 8pm yest. i thought of taking the interview from office conf room as there wont b any disturbances there. so, the call started at 8pm sharp

after the initial introductions and plesentaries, my interview started.. first question-- why mba n why tippie

now, i was ready for this question and had noted down few imp points in a notebook lookin at which i started answering the question. halfway thru my answer, the interviewer says that he is not able to here me clearly and my voice is breaking..

me in ful tension now as to what shud i do. came out of the conf room and started runnin towards the exit. spent two three min in sorting this prob during which v even discussed the possibility of postponing the interview. but just as we were about to come to a conclusion on postponing the interview, suddenly the voice and the connection got fine and the interviewer was able to hear me clearly.. n at this point, i was standin on the staircase between 2nd and 3rd floor. so, i had to give my interview standing thr n with no pen, paper, notes, or comp to take some help from.

so, i again started replyin to the first question.. but becoz of all these incidents, i was in a bit of tenision n messed up my reply. i was not able to reply her to my satisfaction... n i felt tht this interview is goin to b screwed.. btw, this was my lifes first interview as i had gotten into Infosys on the basis of written test n without ny intervew.. so, u can understand my nervousness standin in middle of staircases n givin lifes first interview with the first question being screwed up...

anyways, after screwing my first answer, i tireid to calm myself and tried to giv my best shot at remaining questions.. so, the questions kept on coming for half n hr n i kept on answering..

i had prepared for quiet a few questions which normally r asked in interviews. but i was asked only few of these questions.. all the other questions were new to me and i had not prepared for them.. nor did i have any pen n paper to note down the questions correctly n plan my answer.. so, the answers i replied were formed on tht moment itself..

following is the list of questions i can remember being asked:

1> Why MBA n why Tippie
2> Tell me of an instance where u displayed ur leadership skills. and why do you think that u were able to display ur leadership skills? how did u convince others in ur team to follow u?
3> Tell me of an instance when there was a conflict in your team. what did u do to resolve the conflict
4> Assume u r the CEO of a company and want to improve the performance of the company. Tell me two measures you will take, how will u implement them and how will you measure there success
5> Assume you are the head of an organization where all perform well. but one particular individual always underperforms. how will you handle this situation
6> Did u ever face any situation where u had to choose between two paths which were both crucial for u but u were faced with ethical dilemma
7> How will u contribute to the various clubs and organizations v have at Tippie and how will u maintain balance between studies n xtra curriculars
8> How do u think u will be able to handle the peer pressure who are all competetive and possess excellent leading abilities
9> This question i was not able to understand clearly even though i asked the lady to repeat it twice. it was somethin like the MBA in US is expensive and on return after mba, it may not b that worth spending this much amount onur education.. what wil u do then?
10> where do u plan to work after mba? do u wish to go bac n serve ur country? or u want to become one of the many intl students who come here to study n end up working for US?
11> what xperience do u have of leading a team and of organizing or participatin in xtra curricular activities

this was her side of questions.. then i got my chance to take revenge..:) so, i asked her all about the financial aid system and chances of gettin aid. I even asked her about what are my chances of being selected... .. she tried replyin to this question quiet diplomatically...

nyways, that was my lifes first interview xperience.. hav 2nd intervief of Kelley tonight.. hope this one goes much better...

chalo then.. wil end my story here.. u people can also share ur xperience...

wish u all a very gud luck with ur interviews.. n u wish me gud luck for my remainin interviews 😃

Hi ,

Any success tories at Tippie. Any idea when they'd announce R2 results ?
I had my interview about 2 weeks back !

do fill in ...


hi hansy77..

no succes stories for me from tippie.. 😞 got a mail from them yest night statin tht my application was not accepted by the admission committee.

nyways, gud luck to u n others..


i have been offered admission at iowa, tippie.. though havent decided to join yet.. coz mez still waiting fr some other schools' decisions. but chances are that ill take up tippie.

Hi ats,
Congrats for the admit, Can you please share your profile.
Any scholship at Tippie ?


thanks hansy.

my short profile:

doctor/2 yrs wrk ex when i start/ acads absolutely shitty/ extracurrs wokay in college-nuthin after dat (just a lot of hogwash)/ gmat- 750

grad assist+schol. they say my tuition will be covered. so i guess i have a free ride. just gotta pay living.


Hi All,

I got into Tippie as well. Just got a mail from Courtney Bork yesterday.

They have offered me a GA and some rokda as well .. which comes to around 24 k/year ( consider the instate differential)

Not yet decided on it though. Waiting for a few more college outcomes.


Hi Ravi,
Congrats for the admit.
I too have an admit from Tippie...
Plz share ur profile ?what others schools you looking at ?


Hi Ravi,
Congrats !
I too have an admit from Tippie...
plz share ur profile ..
what other schools you looking at ?


Hey puys..

Was out of PG for a long time so.. I couldnt post my experience before.. Apologies for tht..

It was pretty different from what nishantgupta has posted...

I was asked to walk through my resume.. and then some basic questions as which is my favourite leadership accomplishment.. failure.. etc..
Finally I was asked about my views on the student organizations at Tippie..
and that was pretty much it...
Then I was given a chance to ask my questions..
That was the end..
Duration.. exactly 30 mins.

The following week.. I received an admit too.. with the same GA offer as posted by others.. and looking at the expense stats posted on their website.. we will have to arrange for around 10k USD a year..

Congrats to ppl who have made it.. I hope our paths cross in the near future...
All the best !! to ppl still waiting for some more decisions..



I too have an admit from Tippie with about the same schol and ga as others in the thread.

Got no more admits .. waiting for results of 2 more -- but not much hope from those 😃

Still contemplating whether to join tippie or not ....


PS : is some one else in the same boat ?


My details GMAT : 700/6.0 TOEFL 115 || EXP 4 yrs || ACAD : Good Ex Cur : Good

I have admits from Fisher and Smith with no aid decisions yet.
Still waiting for a few more outcomes.


PS : is some one else in the same boat ?

Sitting right next to u in that boat buddy :satisfie:

Any one sold on Tippie yet?

ive pretty much made up my mind to join vanderbilt and give iowa a pass.

Hi ats,

Can you share your thoguht process for that ?. I am still contemplating Iowa.
Others please pour in with your inputs on Tippie...Its internship/placement records (not just statistics but your conversations with the alumni/current students) for internationals/career changers.

Any red flags if any !!



I might be talking out of my turn... but my 2 cents about the college.

The only drawback I see about Tippie is its location. Iowa City is in the middle of nowhere and as most of the top B schools in the US are in the north east, it is in amongst very stiff competition. The placement office admits that. Why would a company come all the way to Iowa City, when they have dozens of other more prestigious and more accessible colleges. So, networking is going to be tough being in Ioway City. Even the local economy does not offer many jobs.

If you are certain of being able to setup a good network of contacts- which includes a lot of travel to NY, Chicago, Boston etc... then Tippie is not a bad bet. The class size is small, cost of living is low, college is ranked good, faculty is good and you will have a good mix of international students.


Well I agree that location is a disadvantage ! Thats making me think twice too..but any word on what the placements look like there.. they boast of 94 % which is around 56/60 students getting placed. Doest it actually hold good.
Others, has anyone decided to take up Tippie ?


iowa is a gud school. with about 75 students, u will find a job. period.

but will u find ur dream job? not sure. yes- iowa is in the middle of nowhhere. i have some friends in us and they all say...why iowa-"its blah". the reason im goin to us is because i want to have a slice of a normal student life there fr 2 years. iowa might be a bit slow when it comes to that.

indians are not that great at networking, and me being a doctor will find it all the more tuffer to probably find jobs to my liking at iowa. but nashville is a healthcare hub of sorts so i stand bettter chances there. even though vandy is about 20 lac rupees costlier to me... i would still join it.

iowa is a laidback place. i feel itll be great fr those who like a relaxed atmosphere. ull get job, and with some bit of hardwork, even something that u really rreally want. and they are a great bunch of people up at iowa. bbut this is where the FIT factor comes in. tuff decision.