Invitation to my marriage on 2nd Dec in Lucknow

Helloa Puys!!! Well, some of you may have heard about it. Some of you may have been laughing all the way, thinking “yeh bhi gaya…accha aadmi tha…”. For good or bad, better or worse the news is that I am getting married. :: Lot …

Hiiiipppiiiieeeeeeee Married Life Gnrwa

:o Hum tohar marriage ki geeft mein bht saare nariyal bejing export qualitywala from kerala 😲

Bhabhee jee ko bhi mubarak Ho

Confirmed 😁

Any chances of IMS sponsoring this one?

PS:Just a inquiry from an uninvited guest

Gnrwa You forgot to mention my name Ab mein nahi aaungi :|

But dil se I'll pray for you and bhabhijee...wish you both a Happy and Peaceful married life. :)

Mumbai batati hoon :sneaky:

Attention all you puys,
Aur kisi ko list mei apna naam zabardasti add karana hai MOdjee, Meenaxi aur meri tarah toh jaldi karalo.. abhi bhi samay hai.. Der na ho jaaye kahin der na ho jaay.. 😛 😛
PS: vadhaaaiyaaan!

badhaai ho guru wish you and your soon to be better half(obviously better) loads and loads of happiness :biggrin:
hum to bina invite ke bhi aate .. par aa nahi paaunga 😐
mumbai aaunga lekin party lene

Guru .. app ho gaye shuru

Mera naam :wow: .. koi nahi .. koi nahi .. i never mind
Free Rider .. party hopper hai hum 😉

Badhai ho sir ... I hope there is a great Puy fest on 2nd to wish you well

Congrats Buddy,
Hmmm, Anandi waterpark??................Kya mast venue choose kiya hai bhai
And don't mention all those dishes so loudly, I miss Lko. like anything:neutral:
Neways please also add instructions for protection gears as its damn Cold in Lko. during that period primarily for puys coming straight from Ammchi Mumbai
N dono why, but in marriages its more predominant:satisfie:...............
So have Fun and start practicing Salsa...........IMS ppl are teaching(in Sim Shock) these days

With Best Compliments,
Andy :)

Congratulations best wishes for this new journey of your life!

Also i wld like 2 applaud the way you have gone ahead and invited all the puys in an around Lko............i dnt recollect this happng in PG ever before (atleast in last 2 years since when i have been part of P.G!)

Strangely i was wrkng with LKO IMS bt never heard abt you ......

Nvermind .........All the Best


Mere yaar .... ki shaadi hai!!

May this auspicious beginning be here for life! :)
May you have all your dreams come true! :)
May this new start bring some sanity in your life!
May bhabhijee be successful in convincing you to give up fagging.

Whatever I say, it will always be less and so, may wishes for a happy and prosperous life always be with yoU! 😃

hey Rohit,
Congrats man.... may you have a happy and prosperous life ahead... all the best...:)

May bhabhijee be successful in convincing you to give up fagging.

If I know correctly some agreement has been reached on that aspect. Rohit or Shweta would be the best people to throw light on this

Arrey wah mere mohan pyaare! Ek aur wicket down

All the best for the days to come bhai! May the power be with you !


Badhaai ho Badhaai Rohit bhai
May you have a rocking marriage and I literally mean rocking...!!!!!!


hey bro...
congratulations man...
may u have a rocking life ahead...

Love you all and Cheers,


Hum bhi aayenge...Hum bhi naachenge...dhoom machaayenge.

Rohit sincere condolences.
Dhin tak dhin tak dhin tak dhin...

:) Heartly kangaroo-je-lessons Rohit miyan...!! Nayi life mubarak ho .. !! 😃

Rohit daaru ka baatli Delhi se lekar aaun, ya wahan mielgi

Pucca Pucca I'm there 😃

Congratulations saar ..... Goa travel and tour agent reporting saar 😁