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Hi everyone, I am currently a first-year PGDM(HRM) student at XLRI Jamshedpur. We are a group of 6 students (both BM and HR) who have come together to help those who have taken management entrance exams this year, particularly XAT, and will sit for the interviews. Recently, many candidates reached out to us to guide them for the interviews. All of us were in your shoes a year before, and we certainly understand what aspirants go through before the main interview. We would be more than happy to help anyone of you if we can do so during these challenging times.


  1. All of us will be sharing our insights and perspective individually through a session with the interested, and you can freely ask your queries during the call.

  2. You can schedule 2 personal mock interviews with us before your actual interviews.

Reaching out to us:

Feel free to comment on the post/direct message me with the following details if you need any help or are interested. I will try to respond to you at the earliest.

  • XAT Percentile with sectional breakups

  • UG Background

  • Class 12th and 10th percentage


While we are not charging any amount for this, all we request you in return is to help and donate any amount to the cause of your choice during these challenging times of COVID and send us a screenshot of the same.

All the best!

Note: Please understand that we will be doing this in our capacity, so we are tentatively planning to restrict the number of aspirants to 12. We are not associated with any institute or organization whatsoever. All the sessions and insights we plan to give will be solely based on our personal experiences.


XAT percentile 97.7625
QA 87.4076
EU 97.2543
DM 96.4970

XAT 93.9
DM 95
QA 82


XAT percentile : 98.68
sectional cutoff : QA-96.18 , verbal and logical ability -97.7139, DM-82 , GK-98.89
mechical engineer
class 10th _78 % state board
12th - 68% state board

Hi everyone, thank you so much for sharing the message across your networks and reaching out to us. We have already crossed the number of entries that we had initially planned and we would presently like to focus on a small set of candidates, hence we are closing the application. I’ll reach out to all those who have sent me a message/commented on the post till now. Best wishes to all the aspirants out there!

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XAT '22 - 98.11
VA- 90.00
QA- 96.84
DM- 91.13
10th - 84.17
12th -86.00 - 7.54
Workex -31 months as of today

XAT 99.036
QA- 97
VALR- 93
DM- 97

Hello, happy wheels.
XAT 93.9
DM 95
QA 82

xat interview cut off for non engineer female. 95 percent marks in 10th and 12th

XAT percentile 99.6
Need interview guidance and clarification regarding selection procedure.

#interviews for admissions into top Business Schools will soon be commencing.

I would like to mentor aspirants who have / will be getting interview calls from B-School for their interview preparation and GDs.

I would prioritise aspirants from Dalit / Bahujan / Adivasi communities, LGBTQAI+ aspirants, aspirants from rural areas / hills or north east, or aspirants from economically weaker backgrounds who do not have finances to enroll in expensive mentoring programs.

Please share this with anyone who could benifit from this.

Anyone who wants my help, please mail me on [email protected]

A brief on my profile -

I am a graduate from XLRI Jamshedpur, and converted 5/5 calls back in 2017. Over the last 6 months, I’ve worked extensively on preparing students from some of the top Business Schools like XLRI, IIM Nagpur, IIM Vishakhapatnam, IIM Trichy, IMT and few other top business schools.