Hi Guys this one is strictly for IBPS PO/RRB interview preparation, I request you all to share material related to interview. Thanks all :smiley:

Hi Guys this one is strictly for IBPS PO/RRB interview preparation, I request you all to share material related to interview. Thanks all πŸ˜ƒ

sare provisionaly qualified for IBPS PO III.apna boriya bistara lekar yahan jam jao interview tak
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PrESent Ma'am πŸ‘πŸ‘

hi whats next after qualification in the written? a first timer πŸ˜ƒ

Alright guys, lets start, here is certain someone's experience:

1. Tell me about yourself

2. What does your father do? And your mother?

3. Tell us about your internship

4. Okay so you have this xyz certificate, tell me how it is helpful?

5. Can you tell us what all comes in 'Balance Sheet' in an insurance company?

6. Have you heard of Kotler? Which book he wrote?

7. Why are you sitting for bank interview if you have marketing as Major?

8. Explain your research papers in details

** Thats all I remember now**

d most intriguing qestn... "Why banking... after having a technical degree??" 😠 😠

shed some light on what cud b d appropriate answer.. lookround lookround

Some probable questions that can be asked :

1. Why do you have 2-3 years ka gap?
2. How is your degree beneficial to banking sector

1. You can tell them about certification courses you were doing, you can tell them about family problems, in any case let them know you were really close but missed due to 1 or 2 marks, tell them you were learning stock market, or that you wanted to join family business.

2. You will have to google, at least commerce guys can say that a sound foundation will help them in understanding entire banking process.
Science background guys can say that they found this area 'developing' and they saw potential bankers in themselves, you can quote example of some relative who inspired you or just be frank and say that your parents want you to be in banking sector and you left your job to be a banker.

"Sir my technical degree helped me in developing right skills, now I want a platform to explore I always see things and try to understand the entire process, I am sure I can use these techniques in banking and other problem solving.In these 3-4 years I have been a part of many group projects and I have developed leadership and decision making qualities, I believe that a banker should be an all rounder, he should be able to make a link between technical team as well as management team, so I can solve that purpose.Add : I am ready for challenges, I love meeting people, banking fascinates me etc."

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my friends and their sis's πŸ˜ƒ @vini2308 ji already CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA CBI KI ho chuki hain toh kripiya karke baar baar unse ye saval na poocha jaye ..... dhaneyevaad mg aur guys plz focus on interview questions πŸ‘πŸ‘

Regarding Interview :
1. Emotionally zada lookroundsound mat hona as aaj kal interviewer ko bhi pata hai agar sahi bhi bol rahe hoge toh fake lagega .😠
2. Genuine reason ho and xplain kar sakte ho toh obliviously xplain karnaπŸ‘
3.they also know all india competition mein level high😠😠😠 ho jata hai so dnt fear ki mera 1 yr ya 2 yr ka gap ha ya ho gayaπŸ˜‰
4.dnt panic ki agar u r from mediacal ,pharma ,engineer mostly , ya aur koi eduucation background se ho πŸ‘πŸ‘
5.GD nahi hai so aadhi tension toh logo ki vaise hi door ho gayi hogi πŸ‘ just focus on intervπŸ‘iew brush up with ur acadmeic

What all documents are mandatory to carry at the time of interview for document verification????

yar how will our preferences be considered and will there be separate interviews for different banks etc? what procedure will be followed after we get a call from IBPS for the interview??
koi plz batao..

Q : What are your strength and weakness?

A: Do not say "I am very good at English"
Say "I have good communication skills"

Say "I am short tempered" "I hate delays"
Do not say "I do not have any weakness"

Banking Short Notes πŸ˜ƒ

More Notes πŸ˜ƒ

Is there any one

who have been qualified but not shortlisted 4 interview.

can someone shed light (in simple terms) on the concept of Special Crossing of special crossing a bank's name is mentioned between the two parallel lines..what is the significance? which bank ultimately encashes it? 😐

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arey.. what all we need to brush up for interview.. like.. banking back ground.. and school 11th 12th subjects?? :\