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EducationUSA has put down the following general requirements for pursuing higher education in USA:

Law and Legal studies in USA

 Law affects our everyday life in ways we can don’t even realize; being employed, renting an apartment, signing up for credit cards etc..  


 Financing education in the U.S. 

 Tuition, fees, and living costs vary greatly between institutions; hence, it is important to decide how much the student wants to spend on  ...


Visa and Immigration – Process overview 

 Applying for a visa can be as stressful a job as applying to universities. Having been shortlisted by the University of your Choice, ...


 The PaGaLGuY International EduFair to be held from 19th till 21st November 2016 on Pagalguy Android Mobile App.  -

 American University: Washington, DC  

 The American University has the unique distinction of being one of the few private Universities stationed in the National Capital of the U.S. with utmost proximity to ...


 University of Illinois, Chicago 

 Situated in the Windy City, The University of Illinois has every possible opportunity for students to reach their academic, personal and professional potential. Structured around the ideas of ..


People Speak: Ananya Awasthi, Harvard University - 

 A humble ,sorted and an interest -driven optimistic girl who fought battles like Humanities vs Science ,Dentistry vs UPSC and finally ...

Adelphi University-Garden City, New York, U.S - 

Adelphi University promises  a true university experience by combining the dynamic of a large university with the familiarity of a small community—offering the best of  ..

 LocusFocus- Windy Chicago 

 If you are walking down the clean streets gaping at the tall buildings and the perfect skyline, experiencing all the four seasons in a single day and feeling a little lost in the fast-paced environment around you,then just breathe and prepare yourself for one of the best cities of the United States- Chicago! 


University of Central Florida-Orlando,Florida - 

 Acknowledged as one of the nation's 'Most innovative' universities in 2016,The University of Central Florida(UCF) is one of the most valued university located in the heart of the service industry-Orlando.


 Broad tree-lined streets, interesting styles of architecture,beautiful parks,a place where culture is free-Welcome to the most desirable cities in the U.S.-Washington D.C.!. 


Locus Focus: New York:  

 In the words of the great author and journalist Tom Wolfe, ‘One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.’

Florida International University - Miami, Florida 

 Situated in U.S.A's most diverse city - Miami, Florida, FIU provides excellent opportunities to help students reach their professional zenith.  

Have a look at some of the key features of the university enlisted for you...

University of Kansas- Lawrence, Kansas

 The University of Kansas is a major public comprehensive research and teaching university which offers high-quality academic programs. It is located near two exciting cities of Topeka and Kansas City, which makes ...

Auburn University- Alabama, Auburn

 Ranked as the one of the top colleges in the States, Auburn University offers more than just academic distinction. The university ranked 11th on The Princeton Review's list of  ...

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The PaGaLGuY International EduFair to be held from 19th till 21st November 2016 on Pagalguy Android Mobile App.

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Louisiana State University- Baton Rouge

Noted for its extensive research facilities, operating about 800 sponsored research projects funded by renowned agencies such as the National Science Foundation, NASA.