International Institute of Business Studies, Bangalore

can any one suggest, hows IIBS( International Institute of Business Studies),banglore

can any one suggest, hows IIBS( International Institute of Business Studies),banglore

Do you suggest to do MBA from IIBS

IIBS Bangalore is the best place to be. Be it the academics, extracurricular, faculty, infrastructure etc. are all highest quality. The College is wonderful chance to develop personality. Teaching is really fine. Note were wonderful. Library is fantastic.


It depends on year to year as per that year’s market situation so nothing much will be said although IIBS has a track record of 100% placements with good packages as well as with Branded Companies.

IIBS, one of the best emerging B-school in the cournty is home to teachers mentors   and supporting staff. Who relentlessly put their best efforts to shape future managers. I thanks this premior institute for helping me become a   successful manager and widening my knowledge and skill base. this institute   provided me with excellent opportunities to learn and build my career. 

  The quality of education they impart is unparalleled. They give uniqueness to our perspective. I feel highly privileged to learn from them  

  IIBS deserve the value it gets and nothing can be a better place to study management in the country. This institute has attracted several international students from well reputed universities across the globe each year which is another proof of its being the best.  

  I truly believe IIBS is an amazing school that provides something for everyone, no matter your interests. The varsity of classes allows for so many career pathways. Your experience comes down to the effort and attitude you choose to put into it. Over all, I believe IIBS is a great school that offers many opportunities in a safe, fun, and positive environment.    IIBS is a great school that makes you feel at home and that every question and opinion is taken seriously. As well as academically fulfils every subject you need for your future career. It also grants opportunities for internships, job shadowing, working experience, volunteering, and many other.  

  IIBS is one the best experience for me, faculty members of this college is core part here all giving equal attention to each and every student so that students are performing excellent.   One best part is that the faculty members in the college are dedicated peoples and indulge with the students to improvise their grades.   Faculty so far so good. knowledge with industry experienced faculty enable students to know about the current market scenario.   It is an Institute which has been created with a vision of imparting quality management education and create world class leaders. In fact, IIBS encourages the students to challenge the very basic concepts of management and leadership.  

  IIBS has welcomed me with open arms and I have not once felt out of place here. There is always something to do on campus, even the pickiest of people could find some activity to join. Although the academic portion of IIBS has been quite challenging for me, I would not want to be anywhere else.   It is a wonderful college one of the best. I am very happy to attend this College. There is never a dull moment when it comes to IIBS, if there is anything you never the college will be happy to assist you with any concerns you may have.   This is a great institution of learning where I can surround myself with many intelligent peers and professors to inspire personal growth. The various colleges and advisers are well-informed and helpful in providing any assistance that students need.  


IIBS pushes students to build their character and skills inside and outside of class. Overall, I have learned who I am as an individual at IIBS and how I can plan my future accordingly. I am positive that I will be ready to jump into a different environment at the end of my IIBS. The Best College to start a successful career, the environment is education friendly, placement is decent, overall development of a student is possible in this college. 


Is IIBS worth joining for MBA??