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Hi Guys, My name is Mayank Gupta. I did prepare cat and other Mba examinations this year but didnt able to get any good colleges. While going thru Education Times I found an option of “Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning.” This is offere…

Hi Guys,
My name is Mayank Gupta. I did prepare cat and other Mba examinations this year but didnt able to get any good colleges. While going thru Education Times I found an option of "Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning." This is offered bi International college in financial planning situated in National Capital. This is the second batch of the college and the course is of one year. This college is promted by Bajaj Capital. Last year the college started with a batch of 30 odd students but this year the strength of the institute is touching 100 I am one among those. The placements of the last year batch is pretty ok. Seven of the students are absorbed by Bajaj Capital only with an average salary of 18,000/- and other are also doing their internships in good companies like HSBC, HDFC, Standard Chrtd. etc. I am starting this thread so that I may be able to contact all of you guys regarding the future happenings in ICFP and future prospects of ICFP. You can post regarding views about Financial planning and ICFP. so Post as much as You can and I will be trying to help you guys.


Hey people,
no one is interested in Financial planning.


Hi Mayank,

I am interested in becoming CFP. but i am unable to join the one year programme. can u tell me how difficult is it to become CFP. also is it tru that to get CFP one needs to have work exp of 7 years?


Hi there,

See Friend its not like that CFP is very difficult. To become a CFP one has to clear SIX modules. After clearing 2 modules one become AFP and also after clearing 5 modules one remain AFP. Than you have to work in financial institution say a bank or any financial company for 3 years. After 3 years of work ex. You are eligible to give the sixth module and once you clear the sixth module you are an CFP. CFP is a correspondence program like CA. You have to clear the exams. Wat my institution is doing is providing a diploma also in financial planning and also provide me with a job or placement after 1 year. I have to side by side clear the AFP and CFP papers. I will be studying much more than just AFP exams. Thats the benefit of the course. So keep striving and its is not hard.

Hi Friends,
yesterday was the orientation day of my college and I was shocked to
see the response of the industry in my course and college. Nearly all
the top managers from top banks and Insurance companies were there.
Icici, Hsbc, Tata AIG, Bajaj Capital, Hdfc, Std. Chartered. to name a
I think I have taken a right decision and will benefit in future. Classes
are begining frm Monday and will keep you guys updated about the course
and faculty.



i have also got admission into the full time post graduate diploma in financial planning but i was in two minds .whether to join the programme or not .

as per ur earlier post this wud be the second batch of the college .i wanted to know is it worth joining the course as very little is known about it ,before joining the course u wud hav got some kind of feedback about the course ...can u tell me about it to what was the feedback u got ...

as per the college authorities this time the total batch wud be of 140 students .wud they be able to provide 100%placement for all the 140 students???

do u by any chance have any contact with the outgoing batch ...they cud provide us with clear picture about the college ,what are their expectation from the college in future and do they actually fulfill their claims of 100 %placement

thanks ....hope to hear from u soon ...

Hi Buddy,

How r u. Dear, it appears that you havent read my first post of the thread because most of the answers of your questions are given in that. I have talked to seniors of the institute and they are very much satisfied about the course, college and the faculty. After attending the first class I am also having a feeling that I had taken a good decision. The faculty and the subjects was really good. You will really learn a lot. If you are sittting at home and not doing anything and want to learn good finance course this is really good option. Also, it is a sunrise carrer. there is alot of vaccum in the market. As, I already told you that lot of industry people are showing great interest in the course and college. About the placements of seniors I am confident that those guys who are still doing their internships will get good placements. I will keep you guys updated regarding the activities of the college and course.


since u have spoken to some of the seniors wud be gr8 if i cud give me their any email id or any contact number that i cud hav a word myself also ....
hope this is of no issues to the seniors .(u can pm me the email id of the ppl)

thanxs a tonne ....

Sorry to say that I dont have any email IDs of the seniors or their contact numbers but you can come to the college urself and have a word with them. I hope you stay in Delhi only.

HI pagalites,

Today 3 people of the college are absorbed by HSBC. they will start their corporate journey from October 1. We all are very happy bout this. It is been four days and I and other students also believe that faculty over here is really good. They have complete knowledge about their subjects. All of them are past industry people who are experience of more then 30 years. We had our lectures on Law, Insurance and Introduction to financial planning. Dont think that every thing is just good here. Infrastucture is bad. Space is really less. Will write more as soon as came to know more.


Can anybody post the website of the college...
Tried Googling.. but no results :(

~ Gulshan


Thanx for the prompt reply 😃

Hey this college seems to be in every state..

Can you tell me which is the best campus ???
Also, admission criteria... and mode ???

~ Gulshan

Hey Mayank
i too have heard a gud wrd about the collage...........i am damn interested in it and probably would like to take admissio in it!
btw wht is the process o0g getting in?

Visit the website to learn more about the CFP Certification.

Read all the details and find answers to all your questions.



Mayank when your placements starts? Do keep us updated.

hello mayank
are yar tell me one thing.
what would u preffer
in your opinion .
doing MBA from college which is not having a good repo or doing this course from icfp? which one is the better option?
n from which icfp branch u r doind this course? k.g marg or i.t.o branch

Hi Mayank,

I appreciate your effort in intimating people about the institute and the course.

My younger brother is a hotel management graduate. He has just completed his degree but somehow does not find himself fitting too well in the hotel industry for a long time. Now he is thinking of joining Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning in your college, but the only apprehension that is bothering us is whether it would be fruitful to pursue this course.
Whether a hotel management student would find it tough to do well in the field of hard core finance.
My brother did not have maths in class 12. Is that a botheration too ?/

I would be grateful if you could provide the answers to my questions.

take care