Institute of Management, Nirma University presents Perspective & Richter 10

Dear friends, Its that time of the year again when the chilly winter wind is blowing and competition is in the air. Its the time to get your perspectives right and rock on the Richter at the scale of 10. Institute of Management, Nirma Un…

Dear friends,

Its that time of the year again when the chilly winter wind is blowing and competition is in the air. Its the time to get your perspectives right and rock on the Richter at the scale of 10.

Institute of Management, Nirma University invites you to come and join the bandwagon that promises fun frolic and lots of brain teasing competitions.

Perspective will tease the managerial side of your brain it plans to tie you in knots of B-plans and debates, whirl you in a kaleidoscope of role plays, stock simulations and lots of other management games.

Richter 10, on the other hand plans to cater and evoke your creative buds.
It will test your creative skills. So come prove yourself an all rounder!!
Come to Nirma and compete with the best brains from all over the country experience the diversity and unite to compete.

Come to hone your management skills and to win against the best of the best and for that sense pride that comes when you set the bar higher, when you win and overcome all personal barriers!!!

Dont wait Just Act! Open the attachment with this mail and decide what your strength is and show it to the world. December 12th to 15th 2007 will be the most memorable days of your life. Dont miss the bus!!

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Temperature across the country dipping in December.
Rising at Institute of Management, Nirma University.
Come experience the heat and intensity at Perspective and Richter 10 from 12th-15th December 2007..

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Come Be a part of it to experinece it...

The SENSEX is SHINING. It crossed 20k and it is still rising!!

Housewives, cell phone rechargewallas, 9-5 bankers, all are curious about where the market is going. Just like knowing the latest scores of Sachin. People have made billions and now it is your turn.

Here comes the MoneyMessiah, the online game based on the dynamics of stock market. The underlying principle of the game is to maximise the net worth of the portfolio. The game is an opportunity to face the real challenges of stock market without losing anything. So tighten up your belt, beat the competition and be the Messiah!

All participants need to log-in 15 mins prior to the game beginning!!

Best Of luck!!:thumbsup:

There are plethora of events to participate in Richter-10...
Be ready to feel the pulse...
Grab this opportuinity to be a part of it :grab:

If you are fervent about Hindi songs and watch the movies on the very first Friday, then this is the right event to vouch you complete entertainment. This is the place where you can quench your singing passion for Hindi songs.
There are a number of exciting Audio-Visual Rounds which will charm the audience and
make them cry more.
Come and participate in this fanatical festival.
Stage 1:
Stage one would be a written test. This would be an elimination round.
3 teams would be finalised for the next stage.
Stage 2:
The different rounds in Antakshari are:
1. Dialogue Round
2. Mukhda-Antara Round
3. Dhun Round
4. Tune-Lyrics Round
5. Video Round
6. Dumb Charades Round
7. Others

For more details logon to Richter 10

Fashion, by which what is really fantastic, becomes for a moment the universal......
-Oscar Wilde
Thats the power, the rush of fashion. Got the moves, the style, the passion for fashion?
IMNU gives you the opportunity to adorn the Haute Couture, make a fashion statement, let
the world go gaga over your moves and of course the chance to go UNIVERSAL.
So if you believe that If you are not in fashion, you are nobody., then the RAMP is ready
Come and set it ablaze.

Personality is the glitter that sends your little gleam across the footlights and the orchestra
pit into that big black space where the audience is.
You thought it was just a bit of fun, didnt you?
However, here we present a mega event to bring out the best in you, with added tests of
intelligence and personality to stand out from the rest.
Win or lose, it really is going to be unique experience, for anyone and everyone.
The first round will be a questionnaire round which will have to be filled on the spot. It will
then be followed by other rounds where one will be judged on the basis of ones Confidence
level, Spontaneity, Innovation, and Talent.:

For more details logon to Richter 10
HULLA BOL...the street play
A militant theatre of protest used to agitate and mobilize people.
-Safdar Hashmi
Or to put in simple words, A toli on streets, and a hulla conveying a message. This is what a
Nukkad Natak is all about. And if you want to give voice to your opinion on any social or
political issue, then just make a
toli and be a part of HULLA BOL
Present issues you feel strongly about. And present in a way that makes people sit up and
take notice. This may be just the beginning of a revolution!!!

I hold the world but as the world, a stage, where every man must play a part.."
Come; experience the grandeur of being a king, the valour of being a soldier, the charm of
being a lover or just the simplicity of being a common man.
The stage at IMNU awaits you.We invite you to adorn the garb of an actor- act, play a
role or be yourself.
Stage 1:
The participants have to submit a brief write up of their skit. The best 6 teams will be
selected for the final show. The criteria for selecting the storyline would be: Theme of the
skit, Flow of the script and portrayal of the characters.
Stage 2:
This is the actual performance round.

TARANG..the radio play
The whole human mechanism is a resonator for sound. When a sound wave meets human
body it simulates, either positively or negatively.
Tarang invites young managers to use their voice constructively to generate the positive
stimuli. Someone said "
Awaazein kabhi marti nahin". So, here comes an opportunity for
you to achieve immortality.
The theme would be anything and everything. It should be presentable in front of decent

More details on Richter 10
So u cant dance? Not even one step?? Hah!!
Dancing is dreaming with your feet. Everyone can dance. The only way to do it is to believe in yourself and do it.
All the lights shining on you from above, you are a performer. You forget all you learned, the fear, the pain, you even forget who you are. You become one with the music, the lights, indeed one with the dance.
So, come and master the whole stage where all eyes are set at you.
Stage 1:
This round would be the dance performance on a song of your choice of maximum 1 minute
30 seconds.
Stage 2:
Qualifying candidates from Stage 1 will now be judged on the basis of their spontaneity
through performance on the song played on the spot.
Stage 3:
This would be the final performance.

"We dance for laughter, we dance for tears, we dance for madness, we dance for fears, we dance for hopes, we dance for screams, we are the dancers, we create the dreams." Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life.
Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another. Dance to express, not to impress. To touch, to move, to inspire, this is the true gift of DANCE.
The spirit of east, west, north and south unites to exhibit the tradition of cut-throat
Stage 1:
First Round will be the elimination round where teams have to make a performance of not
more than 3 minutes.
Stage 2:
It is the Final round where the teams selected from Stage 1 will perform for not more than 7 minutes.

Deadline for all the events have been extended till Dec 8,2007

Painting is one of the most beautiful and charismatic way to bring your imaginations to life.
When you paint you dont paint with your brush, you paint with your heart. Heres a
wonderful opportunity for all the creative souls to showcase their talent and paint their
imaginations. Richter-10, the cultural fest at Institute of Management, Nirma University is
providing a grandiose platform to let the world see the WORLD through your eyes.
Tulika will be a poster colour painting competition. There will be no theme provided
to the participants, they can choose their own theme and paint accordingly.
The evaluation criteria for the event are the chosen theme, visual appeal, creativity and

Colors express the nature and face expresses a human. So what about a mode which
involves both face and colour?? Both nature and human?? Maybe this is the perfect balance we search for!!
We invite young managers for creative depiction of something exhilarating or thought
provoking by the means of a combination of face and colour.
This is not economics, neither freakonomics, nor is it swaminomics this is just plain simple
hysteria filled with loads of laughter.
This event is meant for the participants to showcase their talent as stand up comedians and in the process bring smiles on the faces of their fellow mates.
"Without a strong sense of humour, we might as well all become accountants, remedial
algebra teachers and telephone sanitizers."- Tom Knapp
Stage 1:
In this round each participant will be given 3 minutes to perform whatever he/she has
prepared. 5 participants will move to the next round.
Stage 2:
In this round the participants will have to interact with the other participants and they will
be evaluated on that basis only. From here 3 students will move to the next round.
Stage 3:
Finally, each participant will be given 5 minutes to outperform each other with something
that they have prepared beforehand.
The participants will be evaluated on the basis of spontaneity, content and energy on stage.
A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.
-Eudora Welty
Your subject is what you want the viewer to see, when they look at your image. It can be
small or it can be large, for some it could just be the sun, but for you it may be a source of enlightenment in your life. No matter what your picture says, you must click one, in order to make your image work.
The theme for the competition is NATURE. You may click any photograph portraying an
image of nature, be it trees, animals, etc. It all depends on your imagination and creativity.
So come; experience a wonderful time full of creativity and discovery.

Ever found yourself looking at a T-shirt and thinking that you could have made it better???
Has your pair of jeans suffered all your assaults of experimentations with blades, paints, and stick-ons??
If you have an itch to personalise what you wear, we give you a platform to experiment!!!
Stage 1:
Paper-Costume Designing
Stage 2:
T-shirt Designing

A layer of orange, white and green hair colours sets a TRINGA for a patriotic look; creative use of aluminium foil gets one grooving for an ALIEN look; while accessorised with colourful feathers and beads gives one a TRIBAL hairdo or simply a GANDHI cut will make heads turn!!!
Nirma invites all the creative boys and girls to experiment on beautiful hair and set
hairstyling trends for the coming season.
The evaluation criteria for the event are the theme and efficiency of communication.

Colour is a medium through which nature communicates. A shade of colour tells what rims
of scripted paper cant. Nature has created colour for every emotion. And they are not only exclusive but also effective. It is not the form that dictates the colour, but the colour that brings out the form. The Event name,
Rang- Akriti validates the same. So, express yourself colourfully.

Two is company. Two is harmony. Two is balance. And when you combine all these amazing attributes of Two with music you get
Come unleash the power of two in the best way you can use your voice by singing!! Win
hearts, get one with melody. Perform and Overwhelm!!

Music is the rythm of life and life is incomplete without it. It is also said that Singing is the best thing your lips can do. Its the finest way to elucidate emotions; the best way to
explicate expressions and the simplest way to reach ones heart. Here is the opportunity to get the best out of you and reach thousands of hearts.
The stage is waiting for your flair.
We invite you to be a part of this miraculous festival.
No human being is innocent, but there is a class of innocent human actions called Games.
-W. H. Auden
Life's no game, but for those who live for games, here's a heaven..!!
Coordination, speed, reflexes and much more
The best multiplayer LAN games competition right here at IMNU.
So get your adrenaline pumping! Dive into the surreal. Be the king of the cyber world.
Is it action that u crave for? Always loved terminator? Here's the headshot! We have CS
(version 1.6) for you.:snipersm:
If you think strategic games are your forte then we have the Age of Empires to test your
planning skills.
And no, we are not leaving out the 'adrenaline' guys as we have got the ever dependable
NFS (underground) as another.

Bombay Vikings "live in concert" on 12 Dec 2007..

Hope to catch up with fellow puys in Ahmedabad in the campus during the show..

Money Messiah is back with a bang.....
AWESOME game....
Kudos to Money Messiah Team..

Money Messiah is back with a bang.....
AWESOME game....
Kudos to Money Messiah Team..

Awesome game. .. in fact Awe"MORE" .... real thrill n fun ..... its was really very interesting game ...... Kudos to Team MoneyMessiah ........ ::)

'Money Messiah' game is over....It gave a real feel n fear of the Share Market..
Although the game was being played with virtual money but the fear of loosing money and the joy of making profit was REAL..
We expect the MONEY MESSIAH TEAM to be back with the game again


'Money Messiah' game is over....It gave a real feel n fear of the Share Market..
Although the game was being played with virtual money but the fear of loosing money and the joy of making profit was REAL..
We expect the MONEY MESSIAH TEAM to be back with the game again


Money Messiah...the stock trading game finally reached its end and we got the first winners in Harish Gupta, Raghav Rastogi and Mahip Vyas of IMNU,Ahmedabad in any event of Perspective 2007.

It was truly entertaining to see the overwhelming response during the registration period and during the conduct of the game from post-graduate students representing top institutes from all parts of the country .

At the cost of being repeated, I would like to thank once again for the patience and motivation of the respected faculty members and all theNIRMAites during the tough period.
Money Messiah would not have reached its end without your support. We TEAMMONEY MESSIAH would like to thank you all once again for the support you gave us. Before we conclude, we would like to apologize to all those who could notparticipate because of expiry of deadline and/or any communication gap.


Harish Gupta
Mahip Vyas
Raghav Rastogi
Institute Of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

Anupam Garg
Institute Of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

Manish Ranjan
Mayank Kaushik
Rushik Shah
Institute Of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

Jay Visaria
Ravi Mallvi
K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai

Stuti Sood
Vivek V.
Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

Piyush Sharma
R. Ganesh
Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

Ankit Saraf
Ishit Pilani Saurabh
Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

Chetan Lahoti
Narayan Lahoti
Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Pune

Sanjay Mundra
Institute Of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

Abhishek Kadamiya
Nandkishore Nagar
Prashant Desai
Institute Of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

Team Money Messiah