iNMATs Test Funda NMAT mocks

Hi friends , let us discuss scores for iNMATs , sectional scores and cutoffs , level of the paper , etc . everyone is welcome to share his her inputs .

QA = 93    

LS = 51    

LR = 57  

Total = 201

QA = 57  

LS = 87  

LR = 66 

Total = 210

@gambhir_rocks how much did you score in iNMAT 5 ? what was the level of the paper according to you ? any inputs . 

Hwith much marKS r alloted to one question in NMAT??? 

what do you guys think about difficulty level of inmat 01 with the real nmat... I gave inmat 01 today gtt total 222, quan 90, verbal 72, reasoning 60

can anyone compare both the tests in terms of difficulty

I don't understand test funda NMAT Series at All. I get marks from 155-180 in NMAT. While in all tests of CATKING and GMAC Practise mocks I regularly score above 210 marks So what is it Can some one please help