Infosys(1 year WORK EX) Vs NITIE (PGDISEM)

Got a call from NITIE in PGDISEM couse …although wanted PGDIM… Currently working at Infosys…with 1 year work ex… Now what say junta what should I do…? Waiting for replies…asap…

Got a call from NITIE in PGDISEM couse ...although wanted PGDIM...
Currently working at Infosys....with 1 year work ex..
Now what say junta what should I do....?
Waiting for replies...................asap................

First things u really want just a PG (postgrad i.e.) degree alongwith ur name or r u really interested in pursuing the environment n safety mgmt. after ur 1 yr. stint at infy...answer this qs. n u ll get to know the answer to ur query...
u r not too old to not give CAt another shot next year...n tho nitie is a gud insti but Y environment n safety mgmt...answer this first!!

NITIE is a good coll for pgdim...but as u said....
check out their contents of syllabus first...mayb placements also.

come on folks...reply to this......last date for submitting fees is approaching....

my 2 pence of advice.....continue at infy....give cat another shot.........if it had been the industrial management doubt...go for it. anyways 1st find the actual placement scenario of your course 1st.
also as cooldexter said r u really interesed 4 the env. safety would be off field after ur IT worex.

all the best

arun01 Says
come on folks...reply to this......last date for submitting fees is approaching....


You've mentioned in your first post that your interest lies in PGDIM. In that case, I would definitely suggest that you continue at Infy, especially since you've completed just the one year. Another year would give you more work-ex and a better perspective as to what you want to do, besides improving your chances at a course of your liking and choice. On the other hand, if this course PGDISEM and the consequent work area is something you want to do and you feel you would enjoy, I would suggest you go for it.

One piece of advice...whichever way you decide, make your decision for the right the sense, make your decision based on which course you want to do and where you see yourself say five or ten years down the line. Please don't decide thinking that this one year working will be a waste of a year or something like that. In the long run, the one year spent at your job so that you could get into a better institute/course could be one of the best investments you make :).


See the courses at NITIE ISEM if u like it dont think twice join NITIE. If u dont like the courses then stick at Infy and write exams next year. Having already made it to a Tier 2 inst u shd end up in Tier 1 or Tier 2 next year unless Infy prevents u from writing the exams by deporting 😃 /deputing u overseas.

Hi Guys,

I am in a similar predicament. I have almost 2 years of work ex with Infy and have got an offer from NITIE for the PGDISEM course now. Thats the only final offer that I've in hand. Not sure what I shud do.

I am not particularly interested in environment safety and management but the fact is that I'm 25 now. Will I be too old to appear for CAT -2004. Assuming I appear again this year in November , with almost 3 years of work ex, by the time I pasout I wud be 28...wud that be too old ? Also I might have onsite opportunities coming my way by the same time.

Considering this, what do u guys suggest. Please pour in ur sugestions .

Also I read in the NITIE brochure, it doesnt explicitly say that PGDISEM is equivalent to an MBA (it says that for PGDIM). the highest salary offered for PGDISEM is 6.5 lacs and the average sal being 4.5 Lacs. If anyone has any inside knowledge abt this course, kindly help.


P.S: arun01: Whats ur Infy Id...maybe we can get in touch!