Indira Institute of Management, Pune (IIMP) [ CET, CMAT based 2015-17 admission queries]

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feb cmat-225 OMS...any chances fr indira?

hii... my state ctegory (nt-c) merit no is 30 n university category merit no is is nagpur....can i get indira..if not then suggest some good clgs from mumbai n pune

State Category No 91 (SC) Nagpur University...

Any chance for Indira...

my cmat state (sc) categ rank- 124

hu- pune

uni categ rank -28

is ther any chance to get in? plz help

CMAT Score (Only the best one): 194

Candidature type (MS, OMS): MS

Home Uni (For MS students): Nagpur Uni

Category (Open, OBC, SC, ST, etc.): SC

State Category Merit No.: 92

Uni Category Merit No.: 16

Any Chance For INDIRA???

HI friends, My State merit no.3352, OHU-not PUNE, Which College can I expect, Plz reply.

CAN I expect Pune's TOP colleges upto Second Round ?

@aamirk CMAT Score = 180 State Rank= 2640 OHU Candidate

what are the chances for IIMP ?

hello, i have got 162 in cmat & 70% in cat. my rank is 3300. can i get admission in indira

uni cat 57 ( obc ) any chance ?

cmat score 174 , state general rank 2772,...what are my chances?

CMAT: 237

AIR: 1065

J&K; Merit no. : 13

any chances for IIMP and PUMBA..??

quite confused...😠

@aamirk my final merit rank is 857 OMS. I've given preferences to colleges as below : 1 ) JBIMS 2) Sydenham MMS 3) KJ Som 4) Sydenham PGDM 5) Welingkar 6) NL Dalmia 7) SIES 8) PUMBA 9)Chetana 10) MET 11) IES 12)Zagdu 13)Lala 14)Rizvi 15) Indira Q 1) can you tell me if the ordering of the colleges is good ? or do i need put any college in this list above any other college(s) ? I want to pursue MBA in finance 2) Are there any better colleges than the ones in this list ?

hi aamirk, what is the fees for OMS student in IIMP?

can i expect Indira's cut off to go down to AIR- 1295 in first round for an oms candidate? 😛 😛 😛

@aamirk Do have any idea about MIT SOM, Pune ?placmnts?😃

I have got INDIRA thru CAP 1, what will be the fees for "ST Category Student"..?

Obc candidates OHU who got indira...plezz share ur ranks both state aand category

@aamirk Would Indira accepT a cheque or cash?
and what is the total amount that has to be deposited to confirm the admission?
@aamirk hey my state general rank is 2706..home uni pune rank 592..score 176.. cap round 1 cutoff was 196..can i convert iimp at this score in round 2? would get mit and imdr in round 2, so should i take the risk to only fill indira in cap round 2? plzzz help!!