Indiana Kelley Full Time MBA Fall 2014 Aspirants

I was unable to find a thread for Fall 2014 aspirants hence starting one. With R1 deadline approaching let us discuss applications, interviews, admits, etc. About me:GMAT - 710TOEFL - 109Work Ex - 3+ ITAcads - DecentEC - Very good

I was unable to find a thread for Fall 2014 aspirants hence starting one. With R1 deadline approaching let us discuss applications, interviews, admits, etc.
About me:

GMAT - 710
TOEFL - 109
Work Ex - 3+ IT
Acads - Decent
EC - Very good


Hey 1212,

I am preparing my essays. Will be putting in my application by Oct 15th.

My profile: GMAT - 680, IELTS - 8.0, Work Exp 8.5 years in IT ďťżAcads - Good, EC -Very Good

Good luck

Hello everyone,

Am hoping to submit the application by 15th Oct.
My Profile: GMAT - 690, Toefl - Results awaited, Work ex. - 3+ years (Sales and Marketing at a Energy major), CGPA - 8.0/10, ECs - Good.

Best of luck to all those Apping!


I also submitted my application on 15th oct. I also got interview Invite. Did any one else get invite?
Actually I am worried about interview preparation.

My name is Aditya.
My profile -
Job: Quality Analyst at Accenture
Experience: 50months
GMAT: 730/6.0 (AWA)/8.0 (IR)
GPA: 3.9/4
EC: Held leadership roles for student organizations and currently working as consultant to a NGO
Post MBA Career: Consulting in Strategy, Operations or Risk Management

My questions to a current student or any aspirants who have below information,
1. I wanted to know how strong is Kelley's program when I talk of Consulting as track and Strategy or operations as electives/concentrating?
2. What is the scholarship amount range offered by Kelley?
3. How many international applicants do get scholarship?
4. What is the average monthly expense incurred by an international student who lives off-campus?

Thanks in advance for your time!


I submitted my application on Oct 15th. I am yet to receive an interview invite

Hi everyone.

I applied to Kelley for the R1

GMAT 710

Undergrad - Engg (78%)

Grad - Engg (3.68)

Skype interview on 11/4/2013. Second Yr MBA student

Hope to see a positive response by December!

Any results ?

I think they will release the decisions during the coming week.
I had sent them an email and they replied saying that it will be out during mid-dec

Good luck everyone!

Hey guys

Am a current first year student at Kelley. Lemme know if you have any questions.

Got a mail just now. Admitted! 👼

Feels Great! Made it to fall 2014.

Just something you can be proud of folks! Phil Powell will teach those of you admitted Economics, in the first semeser (the CORE). Very animated, the guy is awesome. Anyway, check out this article. Its also something you could use in your essays to an extent.

Guys!Got the package. No schol. Highly disappointed.
I have a 710 score . Engg from AN NIT. Work ex 4 + yrs OPS in a automobile giant and post MBA career as ops consulting and entrepreneurship. I have admit from Isb and some other universities.

I guess I have to say good bye to Kelley. Too expensive
@maidenfreak: Any idea if I can confirm from them about the scholarship?

Got the package. Schol + GA! 👼

Hello everyone,

I have created a facebook group for all those admitted. (

We can discuss how to proceed further with curriculum, activities, finances, housing, travel etc.


Got an interview invite today 😃😃. Any one else received it?

Havent received the Interview invite yet. Does in mean im not goin to get one now???. When are Delhi Interviews happening???

Hey guys! Had my interview today with a second year student at Kelley and it was a chilled interview ..

At the start some standard questions and then some back up questions as well for the answers that I provided. Questions included-
--Tell me about yourself and accomplishments,
--why MBA,
--why Kelley,
--leadership/ team managing experience and a couple of back up questions like how I managed a conflict which I had mentioned in my answer and How did I convince the management in implementing the project,
--what cost benefit analysis did I do in the project and the pay back period for the same,
--how did I form and convince the cross functional team again which I had mentioned in my answers, --strengths and how did I use them,
--an area for improvement,
--what I do outside of my professional career

exact 30 mins interview!

..THAT'S IT! ANY QUESTIONS=>> asked 3 questions there and then it ended on a positive note! Now the wait begins!!

Hey All,

I'm second round applicant, Got thru Kelley.... 😃